University classroom fosters learning community using Microsoft Teams
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University classroom fosters learning community using Microsoft Teams

[David] UNSW engineering is the largest
engineering faculty in Australia we have about 17,000 students and we’re
producing about 30 percent of Australia’s engineers, with that comes
the responsibility of delivering a really fantastic learning experience for
the students. When I first introduced Teams I was really trying to get my students to communicate with each other more frequently and to get a better
interaction between them and their tutors and demonstrators. Teams is basically a communication platform there’s a different channel for every
topic that we go throughout the semester and that’s really the communication hub [Michael] Sometimes if you wait 5 minutes 10 minutes students start popping in
answering questions on their own and really the best way to learn is for
students to help out other students because that means they understand the
content so much more. [Student] Whenever I’m stuck on a question I know
that there’s always an answer to be found on Teams. [David] After three weeks the number of
posts was about 900 percent of what it had been the previous year. The way I’m using it in teaching is delivering course material, lecture
material. [Student] I can sit there and listen to him and not need to worry about writing
down every little thing he says. [David] I don’t use a blackboard or whiteboard anymore
I use digital ink, that gets synchronized to the students own notebook and it’s a
click away on that Team’s environment. [Student] I can really think about what he’s trying to say instead of trying to rote learn. [David] Live streaming of videos to help
students who aren’t on campus engage and interact with the lectures. [Student] I don’t have to think as hard about how I’m going to find the answers and panic about missing a lecture because I know that I can always find the content. [David] We’re actually one big learning community we’re one team all working towards a common goal
which is everybody gaining competency learning and Teams is definitely an
integral part of that.

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