Unicorn Slime & Mermaid School Supplies! Unicorn Toys Giveaway
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Unicorn Slime & Mermaid School Supplies! Unicorn Toys Giveaway

hi guys today I’m happy to announce that
we have a mermaid and Unicorn themed giveaway now today I’m having a look at
a range of stationary slimes pocket-money toys all available from a
store called the works here in the UK so let’s start with this mermaid notebook
which I must tell you is super fluffy we have this beautiful mermaid on the front
here and when we open it up it says scribblicious and we have loads and
loads of lined pages to write whatever you want and then we have our unicorn
notebook which has all of these adorable unicorns all over it
and it says where I keep my imagination next we have these unicorn sticky notes
which are absolutely adorable these are the kind of sticky notes which are
perfect for marking out a page in a book and the good thing is they’re super
cheap now the works sell a super cheap range
of school stationery and here we have our mermaid sticky note booklet this is
awesome so here are all our sticky notes and I think you have to agree that these
are super cute to go with your notebook we have this matching mermaid pen and I don’t know if you can tell that this actually has the same design of the notebook and
the sticky notes which is awesome and it comes in one of my favorite colors aqua next
up we have this pack of four glitter unicorn gel pens and my favorite this
light up unicorn pen let me just show you how to work this boing how awesome is this now sticking with the Unicorn theme we have this Twilight Sparkle eraser now
let’s get onto the good stuff well it’s all good stuff but we have
slime now today we have three slimes and kinda like this unicorn poopy key ring
kind of thing let me just show you this here so it looks like a normal unicorn
and then you turn it to the side and squish it and the sparkly poop comes
out which I have to say it’s very like sticky I mean it’s a bit crazy but it is
a lot of fun and we get really really cute unicorn out of it you could put
this on your school bug okay so let’s move on to the– slimes now i have one
for me to show you and one to give away to you and i’m gonna give you this one
because it’s got a pegasus inside of it whereas this one’s got a unicorn and I
think the pegasus does look a little bit cooler so I’m gonna open this one and
show you what it’s like so this is the unicorn gel tubs
I wonder if this is gonna be like a runny or like a gloopy kind of slime
guess we’ll find out interesting whoa not what I was expecting to be honest let’s
get our unicorn out so here’s the unicorn and I was kind of expecting it
to be like plastic but it’s kind of rubbery which is really cool and here is
our slime which isn’t runny or sticky
it’s kind of just like your typical clear slime it does break quite easily I
guess it’s just one of those kind of slimes really fun though I’m just gonna
work this slime a bit so we can get it into a nice stretchy kind of consistency
this is quite a thick slime so you have to pull it really slowly otherwise that
happens and once you work it it does get a little bit stretchier to you
as you can see super sparkly though right let’s get this back in the tub and
move on to the unicorn poop now what should I go for the unicorn poo or the
unicorn poop now again there is a set for you and also one for me to show you
so I think I’m going to start off with the unicorn poo and I wonder if this
one’s gonna be sticky gloopy runny I wonder what kind of slime is gonna be
only one way to find out this one’s quite thick it’s this really nice
pastel pink color with like purple glitter inside whoa stretchy definitely a lot
stretchier than the first slime and it’s a clear slime which is super cool now
on to our final slime which is the unicorn poop sparkly magic and you can
squash it stretch it roll it and shape it so it’ll be interesting to see what
this is like and then after that we’re going to have a look at this grow your
own mermaid what let’s open this up and by the way guys the works does sell a
really good range of super cheap slimes so I definitely recommend you check them
out but for now let’s have a look at our unicorn poop again what do you think
this is gonna be like kind of like thick gloopy sticky whoa looks a little bit
different to our last slime oh it’s a lot runnier this is my kind of slime this reminds me of my bubblegum slime
although it’s a lot more sparkly so cool so stretchy now on to the final item
grow your own mermaid now I’ve kind of had stuff like this before and mine is
over here in a bowl in some water and it’s been in there for a couple of hours
so I think it’s kind of like activated now and I always think these are really
cool and they’re like really cheap pocket money toys so let’s see what our
mermaid looks like now I believe all you need to do is just break it apart so
let’s give it a try oh oh woah so you have our jellyfied mermaid yeah kind
of what I was expecting to be honest oh there is so much jelly so here’s the
mermaid super jellyfied and I’m pretty certain if I left this in the water longer
it would grow even bigger because it’s quite hard at the moment so I’m gonna
pop that back in and this shell it’s pretty cold be honest oh I broke the shell so here is the
mermaid after one day and as you can see it’s got pretty big now and also here’s
the shell and this just breaks in the water so as you can see it just like
crumbles apart so if you’d be patient you’ll get yourself a pretty cool
mermaid so it has been my little look at some affordable the works slime
stationary and toys tell me down below what you think of it and if you’d like
to enter today’s giveaway to win all of this here’s what you need to do number
one like this video if you love the works number 2 subscribe because all of
my giveaways are for subscribers only so remember to hit that red button until it
turns grey and number 3 all you need to do is comment down below what is your
favorite item and if I have to choose one probably that little pooping unicorn one so thanks for watching I hope you
enjoyed remember to comment down below what you think of the works and if you’d
like to see some more affordable slime stationery and toys go and check out my
Instagram and keep up to date with some new giveaways coming very soon but for
now thanks watching and I’ll see you all later bye

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