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Umbrella Academy Powers | The Umbrella Academy | Netflix

Our world is changing! Has changed. There are some among us gifted with abilities far beyond the ordinary. If only Sir Reginald could see us right now, huh? The Umbrella Academy. ( did we mention he’s
part ape? ) Real men throw knives! I heard a rumor… that you’re really tired. and you want to
go to sleep. I heard a rumor… that you shot your
friend in the foot. Hey dude? what the hell?! Three more hours. No! Don’t leave me.
00:01:14,520 –>00:01:16:000
Go away! Go away! He says to say thank you. You’re 58? No. My consciousness is 58. Apparently my body is
now 13 again. (but kind of alive…) Sorry.
Liar. Drop dead. Low blow. I didn’t sign up for this. It’s him! Ben. I’m afraid there’s just nothing special about you.

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100 thoughts on “Umbrella Academy Powers | The Umbrella Academy | Netflix

  1. Strong to strongest of them all is from 1 to 7. Vanya being the strongest and Luther the least. Oops! the dumbest id say.

  2. Sooo excited for season 2. I do wonder if they are going to continue to follow the comic throughout the season or start doing their own thing. That tends to happen with popular show like this.

  3. It was all good until all the ending was sad, out of the two couples that was together you want to see fall in love someone dies out of each couple which is very sad don't want to see no more of that.

  4. Thank goodness I havent seen this video until now. I just finished those long episodes. Its weird and I like it.

    All I can say is that, Hazel and Agnes has a wonderful love story ending in this season. Pretty smart! Lol

  5. Luther: Super strong!

    Me: Super dumb😒

    I really can't get what exactly in his mind. Vanya came to explain and apologies about what she did but he just lock her in, at the place that really had a bad memories of Vanya! Why don't you just talk to her and make her calm down. She need her family's love to support her. Just because 'I don't wanna lose someone again' , whatttt how about Vanya? I can't imagine how sad Vanya childhood was😣 plus I only see Allison interaction with Vanya when they're kid. Other I don't think they care about vanya, they just busy became an hero of the day. The thing is, if only he could just talk to her…..

  6. Did it never occur to you how their dad found all of their ability in the first place? It's weird though

  7. I just thought about it.. but if Allison can't talk anymore, does it means she lost her superpower or what?

  8. So, basically, a King Kong, a Naruto, a Hitoshi Shinsou, a Raven, a time stone, a tomb, and…Raven fusioned with Tetsuo that takes on the form as Deku!

  9. Klaus is stupid ! ,His power is fucking stupid!,this show is so fucking stupid at times! ….but it's worth the watch

  10. I think their number represents how powerful they are. 1 being the least powerful. Luther is the weakest of them, supposedly he has super strength but Hazel can pin him down. Where is the strength? Number 2 is kinda okay but his power is kinda weak too… Number 3 maybe has a good ability but it’s very easy to counter… I think the powerful start with Number 4 but he’s power is kinda scary specially if you’re a kid that’s why he didn’t able to use it to it’s limit but still has a lot of potential… Number 5 is definitely a bad ass! He is one of my favorite. He is smart and a survivor. But he’s power still has a limit. I think Number 6 is a really powerful one. But he is dead. Maybe the reason he died is because he self destruct, that’s what people with the most power do when they can’t control it. And finally Number 7 as the most powerful of them all. She just need control.

  11. Luther : Has super strength * I want him to be faster with his attacks and more *

    Diego : Controls anything he throws * I want him to be able to duplicate the amount of objects he throws *

    Allison : Manipulates peoples minds * I want her to be able to manipulate using her mind too *

    Klaus : Brings dead people into battle/or for fun * I want him to be able to bring the dead back to life, not just ghosts *

    Vanya : Destruction or telekenisis with her mind * I want her to be able to use her power to reset everything "

    Five : Teleportation / / travel through time * I want him to be able to teleport objects and people, not just himself *

    You're welcome.

  12. This is the worst Trailer I've seen in my entire life. It's basically a grand spoiler of all major or other plot twists/dramatic moments of the first season. Why drop something like that as a "Trailer" on the Official Netflix Channel? Allison manipulating her daughter, Vanya having Powers, Luther getting drunk and partying, Ben fighting as a ghost and in that way also showing off Klaus's true Potencial. And them all using Five's Power and Vanya attacking Lennard. What to watch the show for when these Dorks give everything away? Sorry, had to get that one out. Been bothering me for days…

  13. I kind of wish Vanya became the villain for season 2
    When I saw the title for the last episode of season 1 "The White Violin," I thought that would become her name

  14. Yeah I did wonder about number 1 I thought he was super strong but then when he had that fight with Hazel – who I believe is just a human – he lost in a fist fight, so I doubted if he had super strength for the rest of the show

  15. looking forward to the other 35 super children but id have liked to see Ben summon Cthulhu, though being able to communicate with the dead offers an unlimited amount of intellectual and existential  ability. '""I heard a rumor"" UN general assembly that you convinced your leaders to launched all nuclear missiles under Yellowstone caldera.

  16. Netflix:Which powers would you want if the apocalypse was happening?

    No one:
    Literally no one:

    me: I'd be FIVE

  17. The show basically cut down two-thirds of Klaus' powers. TBF, if they don't work when he's not sober, it's completely possible we'll see him begin to float in s2. Imagine one of his siblings trying to wake him up and finding him eight feet above the ground.

  18. Luther: Super strength, ape body, jerk
    Diego: Throws knives with 100% accuracy
    Allison: Mind manipulation
    Klaus: Sees and talks to dead people
    Five: Time Traveling Assassin
    Ben: Tentacle Boi
    Vanya: White Violin

  19. Yawwnn!! Another boring cliche wherein the girl with magical power and the guy with super strength is the weakest. I'd like to see the opposite. In fact, their numbers are reversed except number 5 is higher than number 3 but I'm not watching this show because it's boring and uncreative so..

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