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Ufi: Bolton College – Ada

Ada’s been a real revelation to us here at
Bolton College. What we’re finding is that teachers are being
able to spend an awful lot more time focusing on the needs of the learner rather doing the
routine administration of asking quite frankly routine questions. So it’s been a real bonus for us. From the pupil’s point of view, from the student’s
point of view, they’ve got an instant access not only to finding out basic facts but actually
a way of communicating that we’ve not had before through all the different mechanisms, through the app, [through] now voice control,
and indeed on the website. So it’s proving to be a really really useful
tool for us. The problem was that teachers found it hard
to get hold of information to support teaching and learning assessment, and students found
it hard to get hold of on demand information to support their studies. and that’s where Ada came in. [Beep] What’s my timetable? I have got all the information. So we created a chatbot which enabled easier
access to campus-wide data. In 2016 when I first started, Ada wasn’t here
yet but now we’ve got Ada I find it an essential tool for students to track their assignments
and their studies. Since I joined college Ada’s got better and
all the students they have Ada in their phones and their hands as well. When we creating Ada we had to make sure it
worked for both students and teachers. When Ada is used by a student the responses
coming back are much less data heavy and more informal than they are for teachers. Students are asked to use Ada when they join
us from day one at the college. When I was designing the user interface I
took into consideration calm technology, minimalistic user interface, and with accessibility in

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