UCHICAGO College Decision Reaction 2017
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UCHICAGO College Decision Reaction 2017

You probably can’t see shit right now that’s
because it is 2:00 am, it is December the 19th. 5:34 am Less than half an hour… It’s currently 5:50 am Um it’s 6:00 and I look like shit. Actually just woke up actually no I didn’t
just wake up Anyhow I’m going to check my results I don’t know if the video works when
I turn the page away because I only have one camera (my phone) I’m going to have to Think I finally got it to stay put in like
the perfect place ever 6:06 am now (uncool dance moves) Got my computer Going to check now Quick disclaimer: Not trying to show off these
trophies are like I was like in eighth grade (what am I doing) I’m going to like slowly reveal my screen
to see what the first word is and if it’s not Congratulations I’m going to like Logging into my email What “Your application decision is now available
in your UChicago account” *rolls eyes* It’s literally like 6:17 am now People have
been wechatting me, but I have been like No I don’t want to hear it I don’t care what
you have to say As of now I can’t find it Oh oh Your decision results are ready okay I see prospects.uchicago *GASPINGSCREAMINGSTUFF* AAAAAAMom! Wake up! I got in My knee hurts Do you see— Let me show you Do you see that! Do you see that! I might just be like dreaming Can’t even talk right now It’s like Ohhh I can’t believe it ohhhhhhhh It’s currently 6:50 am so results are already
out This is my UChicago decisions video I applied for Early Decision which I know
is legally binding And yeah

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25 thoughts on “UCHICAGO College Decision Reaction 2017

  1. Were you in NHS in high school? I’m just worried that if I’m not in it that it would affect my chances. Also I’ve heard that they focus on extracurriculars, were you in any? or is there an amount someone should be in? and congrats on getting accepted!

  2. Wow that’s amazing!!11!1!! When do you start? I am going to North Campus, How about you??? So excited to meet you :::::)))))

  3. Hey y’all! I’m Gerrin, a rising 2nd year at Uchicago. I’m an intended double major in Econ and Public Policy and I’m so happy to all of you coming in this year! Congratulations on being a maroon🎉🎊 Lol… anyways, if you guys have any questions about first year I’d be glad to help as I’ve just finished mine and can tell you my personal experience, the good and the bad, as I’ve had some great successes and many failures lol. Add me on snap @gta1011 if you wanna ask questions cause I keep it real 24/7… Hope to see y’all next year!

  4. I'm applying here through as a Questbridge Finalist through Early Action this year. The results are probably going to be released in exactly a month from now and I honestly don't know what to expect. I'm a first generation Colombian American and I'm going to be the 2nd person to ever go to University. This still is my top choice, and I am interested in their molecular engineering major as well as philosophy. Idk if I wanna become a medical engineer/ researcher or even a doctor, but this seems like a great place to find out. I hope it works out in the end.

    Congratulations Chloe! Hope the best comes your way!

  5. I remember my heart beating out of my chest when I got the email from uchicago and then I saw "Please log on to your status page to view your updated application status". That really adds to the thrill, doesn't it?

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