UCF’s Inclusive Education Services Program First Class of Graduates
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UCF’s Inclusive Education Services Program First Class of Graduates

(cheery music) – My dream is to be a knight,
that’s what I wanna be. – A knight means, a college student. I’m proud to be a knight. – I am Elyse Mundelein, a IES student. – My name is Matt Ortiz,
and I’m a IES student. When I was in high school
I wanted to go to college and experience it.
(cheery music) When I got into UCF I felt nervous, scared and happy at the same time. (cheery music) My mom was really nervous dropping me off. I told her, everything
is going to be all right. – As a child he was just
always into different things. He really liked interacting with people, at the same time he
was a shy kid, as well. But it was that learning piece that always kept him behind. In his graduating class where we live there aren’t many options. But I felt like, there’s
gotta be something more. – So we’ve created a
very inclusive experience here on campus for students
with intellectual disabilities. They come to campus, they take classes both within and IES cohort and
also with other UCF students. And they live on their own. They’re learning how to go to class on their own, manage their time. We just really looked
at how any other student progresses through and experiences UCF and wherever possible we
wanted to make this experience for students who are part of IES to really have that same experience that every other student can have. – The meeting is order by 7:12. I’m Elyse Mundelein, everyone, welcome. (cheers)
Okay. I’m really so happy I got
into a nice IES program. It’s a lot, I’ve been doing a lot. Classes and clubs, and RCA, and so forth. – I haven’t really met someone else that has been so involved on campus as much as she has. Doing an internship and being a part of election commission and best buddies. And, the fact that she’s
such a representative of the IES program. No matter how busy she
is, she is just always such a bright light in everyone’s life. (upbeat music) – Elyse is a great friend. She likes to do Zumba. She likes to dance wherever she goes. She likes to motivate people. – When I teach Zumba, I feel wonderful. This Zumba class is a
very high-intensity class. It’s a part of, Zumba songs
is like my songs basically. I like dancing. I like Zumba, it’s fun. I like to enjoy myself. (cheering and applauding) – I’m looking forward to stating my journey after graduation working with kids and teaching them, kids with disabilities. The kids make my day every time. – It’s huge, it’s huge. I mean, I think it’s
a parent’s biggest joy to know that their children
are doing something that they’re passionate about. That would ’cause them
to get up in the morning and feel excited about it. As a parent of a child with a disability you’re never quite sure
what that picture’s gonna look like for them. He’s been blessed enough
to have found something that he’s good at and somebody’s actually willing to pay him to be
able to sustain himself and that’s the biggest thing for me. – I want to welcome IES students, UCF faculty, staff and
friends of the IES community who are joining us here today. (applause) This is our first group of students to successfully complete the IES professional services
credential and we’re trilled to be able to celebrate this wonderful accomplishment with them. – [Announcer] Matt Ortiz.
(cheering and applauding) – I’m feeling a little sad
because I’m going to miss UCF. – [Announcer] Elyse Mundelein
(cheering and applauding) – I will cry, for sure, because I just don’t wanna leave
and I like to be a knight you know, that’s my dream. – [Adam] The students really
grow in self-confidence. They can get jobs. They can be successful
in those experiences. I’m really excited to see where life after graduation’s
gonna take each of them. (cheering and applauding) – I’m Matt Ortiz, and I’m a UCF knight. – I’m Elyse Mundelein, I’m
a UCF knight, charge on.

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