U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo kicks off International Education Week 2018
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U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo kicks off International Education Week 2018

Hi everyone, I’m Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. American diplomats go to work each day to represent the United States all around the world. American students studying abroad also play a key role as citizen ambassadors. They tell the American story and demonstrate American values and ideals to the entire world. Nothing can replace the people-to-people connections that happen when our young people study abroad. Let’s work together to provide more such opportunity for Americans of all backgrounds. This is also the third consecutive year that over 1 million international students are studying in the United States. We’re consistently the number one destination for foreign students and we’re pleased the young people from all over the world want to experience for themselves the American Way of life. I call on all American universities, businesses, civic groups, and NGOs to promote international education and spread the word about the world-class education that American campuses have to offer. International education should be part of every student’s academic career. Education exchanges- whether it’s Americans going overseas or foreigners coming to the U.S. are among the most important tools in our diplomatic arsenal. They maintain America’s competitive edge and preserve our leadership in the world. The success of our foreign policy priorities depend on them. This International Education Week, let’s encourage American and international students to study abroad.

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