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Types of Tuition Teachers | MostlySane

The other day I was having a conversation with my friends the other day More than being depressed about going to school was going to tuitions after school These are your knuckles This is a tuition class not a football stadium Who comes wearing shorts to tuition classes You know everything now, should I ask you questions now? Sit down, sit down Get closer, get even more closer with each other, let her sit on your lap Get closer, get even more closer with each other, let her sit on your lap How much do you want to score in your finals? Aren’t you a little too ambitious? That much you will score You should always keep a low target, its easily achievable You shouldn’t keep a crazy expectation like 75% Neither yours nor mine 50% See you will never understand Trigonometry so keep this as an option What is the use spending so much time studying this Keep Pythagoras theorem as an option as well, you won’t be able to do it After 10th you are planning on taking up commerce, you will never be able to do it. You rather prepare for today, at least you will achieve that Anyways your dad will have to pay a hefty sum for you to even get admitted in a college Even if you get admitted you will fail; what’s the use? I suggest you take arts What will you take? Science? If you get 60% or above I will distribute sweets to everyone in my building I will shave half my moustache off You study as much as you want to but you wont be able to do it. I saw you and immediately figured out that you are stupid and aren’t good for anything You are a jokester What is the matter? I didn’t get what Simar just said Now I’ll have to see it at night again What did you not understand Who? What are you saying? No, No, No, No I am free, I am taking tuitions only Oh man, she is so unkempt Can you guys keep quiet Now should I chop tomatoes or teach you geography Do you know algebra completely? You’ll get 100% in the exams Write this formula 100 times now, we’ll do geography later Sangeeta, what ya, you can’t take holidays everyday Who will do the dusting and mopping You took a holiday yesterday and again tomorrow you’re taking a holiday Hey you study Go now Are you done with the tables who all haven’t Yes this is Ms. Prajakta speaking, you haven’t sent the fees again You pay the school fees on time, don’t you? So you will have to pay this fees on time as well Yeah the fees has increased this year, the course too has increased If you want more marks you’ll have to pay more fees Your mother messaged me that she has sent the fees Sourav’s mum I had told you to before as well that I need the fees by 3rd of every month It helps me do my accounting Sourav you go home today How much is her monthly fees? Can you ask your mom Come on come on quick your hour is about to get over Tell your mother to pay more fees if you need more than an hour Come on quick They didn’t teach you this in school What did they teach you in school? You don’t have notes? Show Do the next question till then Yeah just wait one second See this What happens in Target is Hey Sheila you taught something about Target in your class or what? What did you teach? Yes I am taking tuitions Okay, send me a voice note, I’ll play it for the kids directly I’ll just tell you what this is It’ll be there, open your text books, it’ll be written in it Read it out and tell me You have 6 semesters or 4 Not 6? Then who has 6? You are in 6th grade right? Yeah okay do it How many days to go for your exams? But next month I am going to Shimla Why didn’t you inform me earlier Your name is Akshay right? Then what is your name? Then who is Akshay? Is there any Akshay? How much are you done studying If you study like this then you will be at it till day after tomorrow I have marked the important points in green, study that and you are set Which school are you in? Okay cool… I’ll message… Be sure to do the third chapter your exam is at 11:30 right? Come here by 7:30 and do a final revision Dont worry ya, I am going to correct your paper Now I teach you in college and then you guys come over for extra coaching We will sit together and correct the papers Why do you guys take so much tension Just send me the fees on time Come, Come, queen bee Your top is so cute, where did you buy it from? You bought this on your birthday right? I remember, how was it? Where were you partying? I saw it on Instagram? It was your cousins birthday wasn’t it? Had fun? Forget all that, your teacher wore the same green saree again? She wears the same sarees everyday I am not going to wear this kurta for the next 3 weeks You have a crush? You have a crush don’t you Tell me who is it Studies will keep happening, this is the kind of relationship a teacher and student should have I am going to fly to Shimla for a vacation I’ll send pictures Are you all on Facebook, what’s your name on Facebook I’ll post all pictures on my tuition whatsapp group So how did you like it? The funny thing is that some of you are going to refresh these memories today So when I make more videos like these Please tell me which of these tuition teachers have made you go crazy Let me know in the comments sections which kind of teacher is your favourite and least favourite

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100 thoughts on “Types of Tuition Teachers | MostlySane

  1. I was having the lazy and gossip one and she didn't teach me and just do her house work
    If you agree then reply

  2. My hateful teacher is Priya mam


  3. My tution teacher is really very tough and strict and he just IRRITATE s me .
    The reason is that I don't take interest in his subject and he ends up irritating me 😡
    He is my……….

    Maths teacher….
    Next is my bio teacher and he was good before but now when his coaching business is soaring high he doesn't takes interest in teaching at school ..all he wants is that all of us join his coaching…

    I think that problem is our school teachers who start taking tution classes and then force the children to join their coaching…

  4. 0:34 till 1:41 what a nightmare… Hahaha, this is the best!!!😂. This definitely requires a part 2. Keep up the good work…

  5. Before leaving my class, I told my teacher I scored 90 in boards. He was like 'only'?? Yeah only how much u taught me.

  6. This lady seems to be a REAL TUTION TEACHER. No jokes.



    They only want CLEVER STUDENTS.
    Clever students, any one can teach. Teaching a dull student and giving him courage and confidence to do better is a real tuition teacher.


  7. luckily all my tuition teachers were amazing and I still love them all.. I was a good student too.. 😀 but nice video 😛

  8. meri beti ka tution teacher bhi always phone me lagi rehti hai. bahut sare bachhe lete hai phir time bhi nehi de pati hai yar

  9. I hate teachers more than schools and tutions class if teachers don't come at those 2 places I'll go there everyday😂😂😂

  10. Main do saal ke liye gayi hoon tuition unme se ek saal mere teacher aise kuch bhi nahi the. Bahut accha padhate the. Pehle saal waali ek dum clueless waali aur woh paise mangne waali ka mix thi.😂😂

  11. prakjkta can u do a video on types of tution students plz plz plz
    i love your videos and you so much plzzzzz do a types of tution students plzzzzz apiiii

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