TYPES OF TEACHERS | #Bloopers Funny Video | Aayu and Pihu Show
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TYPES OF TEACHERS | #Bloopers Funny Video | Aayu and Pihu Show

Tomorrow is sunday and holiday Are we in a class or a fish market? Finger on your lips WELCOME TO AAYU AND PIHU SHOW Pihu…. stand up and read chapter No.9 Ma’am, yesterday only I read chapter 9 I said FINGER ON YOUR LIPS. Reading chapter… FINGER ON YOUR LIPS. FINGER ON YOUR LIPS. Have you seen your numbers ??? I don’t want to talk to you… Go and call your mother Ma’am my mother has came. What have to taught your daughter ? I don’t want to talk to you…Go call your mother What my Mother? OK Ma’am, my grand mother came Greetings Ma’am What have to taught your daughter ? I don’t want to talk to you…Go call your mother My Mother……….OK Yes My Child… I don’t want to talk to you…Go call your mother What my Mother… You have to go to heaven to meet her… Ok we will go tomorrow…… What did you say ??? How are you kids?……Good Morning Ma’am Sorry sorry You…..read the chapter Ma’am principal sir has arrived ohohoh…..I was teaching you question no. 9 Have to learnt it… Good morning students Oh…why are you standing up….Please be seated Hello teacher, how are you? Ok, now everybody take out your homework Madam, I forgot to complete my homework Not an issue…will you complete it by tomorrow Sure madam, promise Very good Yesterday I told you that today is your test Take out your copies, I will give you questions Teacher, I forgot to prepare for test as well. Madam, can I give my test tomorrow Naughty girl I will take your test tomorrow, be prepared. Thank you madam ok Teacher, I dont want to study today Can we play songs game – Antakshari Antakshari song- Baithe Baithe kya kare, karna hai kuch kaam Let us play antakshari, with Madam Madam, it is your turn, SING A SONG FROM M Hindi Song Today a new teacher is going to come I have heard, that she is very very strict Oh…she came… Good Morning Teacher Which chapter teacher ??? Teacher…which chapter ??? Cant you read by yourself? Kids laugh Why are you laughing I will punish you. Go out of class Today we will learn…. No madam….. Today we are reading SNEEZE oh…what are doing… Why are you wearing helmet in classroom Take it out SNEEZE AGAIN That is why I was wearing helmet… Students, today we will read chapter 8th. Pihu stand up and start reading.. OK TEACHER READING CHAPTER madam, I have read the chapter Very good, chapter finish Madam, questions….HOMEWORK True & False ….. HOMEWORK Fill in the blanks…….HOMEWORK Madam, I have a doubt in this question How many time I have told you…………..HOMEWORK May I go to washroom Madam ??? HOMEWORK WHAT ??? Madam, I have to go to Toilet…. WHATTTTT ???? Lunch time…. Wow…Aloo ka paratha (Indian snack) Oh…Pihu, what have you got in lunch box today.. Let me taste a bit Yes. Madam Take it madam.. Hmmmm…Aloo Ke Parathe Madam, what will I eat in lunch Dont worry child..it was very small You can eat these toast I dont like bread toasts Anyways I am on fast today… Mummy my class is about to start, pls do not disturb What are looking at??? In future we will not have classrooms We will study from home only.. Shhh….. New teacher is about to come Good morning Students… What My name is Professor AAYU He is a small kid…what is he doing here ? I am your new Maths Teacher Here… I have sent home work on your mail… Mummy was right…She always told me to study properly Now… 4 year old teacher is teaching us… I am just 4 years old…But I have done my PHD Thank you BYE BYE Dont forget to send your homework on email… Laugh…Giggles We made this video for entertainment only… I respect all my teachers and afraid of a few My favourite teacher is Richa Madam Please comment you favourite teacher’s name… Come lets watch BLOOPERS Madam I have a doubt Toiiiiii GIGGLES…. Can I throw it… I became professor at 4 years age… PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE IT WITH YOUR FRIENDS Thank you BYE BYE

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