Types of Teachers at School
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Types of Teachers at School

– Whaddup everyone,
it’s yo girl Superwoman you know once upon my
life, I was productive and I went to school, and honestly, although it’s been a few years, I will never forget the teachers that took the time to educate me. Those teachers that put in that little bit of extra effort to help me succeed. The teachers that recognized
my special skills, and encouraged me to succeed. The teachers who picked
me up when I was down, and I didn’t believe in myself, but most importantly, I will
never forget the teachers who annoyed the f-in’ crap outta me. You Mr. And Mrs. What’s yo face? Guess who’s on YouTube? Just kidding. No part of that was a joke. Hold me back yo, hold me
back, hold me back yo, so sit back, relax, grab
yourself some popcorn, and get ready to relate to to
types of teachers at school. Disclaimer: This is not meant to generalize all
teachers or be offensive. Superwoman does not endorse
making fun of teachers. Any similarities between characters shown and people in real life
is purely coincidental. No teachers were harmed in
the making of this video. Editing makes me hungry. I like pizza.
I’m going to order some now. Rainbows. (banging)
Ow. Number one, the Lazy Bum. Honestly, this teacher stopped being a teacher a long damn time ago. Is usually found with a fountain drink or eating snacks during class. Nothing exciting, nothing
new, noting educational. On Sumanth if education was taste this homie’s class would be a rice cake. Alright good morning
class, how y’all doing? You alright? Alright, today what we gonna do is we gonna read chapter four, okay, when you’re done reading chapter four, eh listen here, when you’re done reading chapter four, you’re gonna make five
challenging questions, okay, when you’re done your questions I want you to swap with your neighbor and mark each other’s questions. You see? After that I want y’all to silent read. Okay? Ya homework, make a summary
of whatever you silent read. Any questions? Good.
(snoring) And honestly, F any teacher
that does peer marking. You see me? I’m in a class with my ex
boyfriend, five girls who hate me, and that kid over there that I
accidentally stepped on okay? No matter what my answers are, I’ma fail. Straight up, the class could function with or without the teacher there. Teacher! Teacher! What happened? He put gum in my hair. Man, can’t you just ignore him? I’m trying to prepare
you for the real world. Everything, teacher, teacher. What are you going to do in the real world when someone puts gum in your hair? You gonna call me? Oh hold up, easy, god damn homie, please don’t strain yourself. In fact, the next time you go on strike, I’ma hold your damn sign for you. Teacher, I had a question about this problem. Oh my god, thank you so much for preparing me for the real world. The next time I’m in a job interview I’ll silent read my way to success. you right here. Fuckin’ laying the smack down on you. Number two, the French Frizzle. And this is the French teacher, in fact, any second language teacher that’s just hella strict
for no damn reason. (speaking French)
Um, Miss. (speaking French) miss, sorry, can I please
go to the bathroom? (speaking French) Miss I swear to God, call me Neil Buchanan right now ’cause I’m ’bout to make an
Art Attack on this floor. (speaking French) Oh, okay (speaking French) Like honestly, what the
hell do you want from me? Uh, (speaking french badly) (speaking french badly) hole the bum. Like, (speaks French). You wanna play like that? Okay the next time you want
me to do an assignment, why don’t you ask me that in Punjabi? And honestly, I feel like if you’re gonna teach me a second language,
okay, you should teach me things that are important that will help me. If I was ever stranded in
France, okay, and needed help, I would have no idea how to ask for it. But ask me how to order a pizza? I’m your person. (speaking French) I need help? Someone’s chasing me? I’m dying. Not a single clue. A cop’s gonna come up to me and be like, (speaks French) and my response is gonna be, (Speaks French badly) Way to go education system. (Speaks French) Number three, the Kid Eater. Story time. A man and a dog went to the park to go play catch with a stick. This woman was apparently
standing too close, when the man threw the stick, it somehow landed in her bum hole, and she’s been horrendous ever since. You gotsa stick up your booty. This teacher’s just straight up rude and hates kids. Her life goal is to
embarrass her students. Y’all stupid? (crying) My name Miss Kelly, okay, Ion take nuthin’ from no one. When I’m talkin’, you ain’t talkin’. When I’m talkin’ you ain’t talkin’ okay. (sneeze)
Wha I just say? You rude, you rude. You see me up here talkin’? Yo momma didn’t teach you better? No she didn’t because you rude. You rude like dat at home? Is you rude like dat at church? Is you rude like dat to yo boyfriend? No, and no one rude like
dat to they boyfriend. Why? Why? Because you want some valentimes. How many of y’all have Valentimes? Raise yo hand if you have a Valentime. Yeah, put yo hands down! February 15th final exam. Maybe y’all shoulda studied yo
books instead of each other. Okay? There ya go. Ya nastys. And then in the middle is the plot. And so with Shakes because, Yo Sandra. Yo Sandra. You see me up here talkin’ Sandra. I’m up here tellin’ you
somethin’ and you in the back texting Sandra
No I’m just, Why am I up here Sandra? You better pay attention
to me, okay, you hear me? You got this wrong last test. You remember last test, when you fail? When she failed the last
test, you remember dat Sandra? You know why you gettin’
20% on your tests Sandra? Because your phone batter on 20% ’cause you’re always using it Sandra. Okay. Class Sandra thinks that
Temple Run gon pay the bills you think Angry Birds gon pay the rent? Sandra?
(crying) I’m up here tellin’ you something, Sandra. Number four, the Cool Cat. This teacher could be male
or female but honestly it don’t even matter because they’re the coolest teacher ever. They make learning fun and
you can relate to them. alright class so check it, the reproductive system, let
me break it down for you okay. Beyonce sends JayZ a text,
and the text is all like, (singing) ♪ tonight I wanna dance for you (laughs) and Beyonce gets excited,
her hormones start releasing you know what I mean? Her body starts reacting
but she ain’t the only one because her hole text back and is like, give it to me, uh, give
me dat sweet, dat nasty, that good shi stuff, and now JayZ’s body starts reacting, everone’s reacting,
everyone’s getting exciting. Beyonce texts back and is like, (singing) ♪ I’m feeling sexy, ♪ I wanna hear you say my name, yeah ♪ and that’s it, JayZ is making
it rain, he’s making it rain but he ‘aint makin’ it rain dolla bills, no, no, he’s makin’ it rain Oxytocin. So now JayZ drinks dat purple drank, Beyonce brings the fire, now
you got purple, you got red, what happens when you
mix those two together? You get blue, bam, baby girl, DNA class. There you have it okay. It’s not only up to Beyonce,
JayZ also has the blueprint. Teaching sex like a boss. Whaddup t-shirt reference. Number five, AB Teachers,
aka autobiography teachers. This teacher teaches
for about five minutes and then turns the rest of the
class into her autobiography. Like hello, my parents
emotionally scar me enough at home okay, I don’t need to come here and hear about your damn problems. The rice gets imported from India, class, how many of you have been to India? Yeah I have been to India, It was about five years
ago, I went to India, I went with my husband. You know, that was before
we had kids as well, a lot changes, you grow apart, but when I went to India, When I went to india, I remember I rode a rickshaw, a rickshaw, has anyone been on a A rickshaw is basically a wooden car and a man on a bicycle takes you. I was terrified of the
rickshaw and of the man, but my husband gave me his hand and I was a little bit less
scared, you know, but now, we don’t get to go to places
like India so much anymore, you know, he’s always busy
with work and the drinking, and I’m busy too you know,
I’ve got my the class the students, and the gambling, so. I’m sorry do I have hair on my head? Okay? Okay, so I’m not a black man. Okay so I’m not Maurey? Okay. And honestly unless your husband and your kids are on that damn exam, shut your face, ’cause I know
I’m gonna come in tomorrow to that exam, look at the
paper, it’s gon be asking me what importing and exporting laws and F and all I’ma be thinking about is your damn family matters, so. Number six, the Weirdo. This teacher just appears to be crazy. You can just see the crazy in their eyes. You ain’t sure if you in history class or Texas Chain Saw Massacre. (chain saw) They usually makes no sense,
no one understands them. And they’re like a weird
mixture of like, serial killer and sexually frustrated. Everything they say sounds
creepy and perverted. okay class, war.
(playful music) Many wars, very bad. Bad thing. Fighting. Lots fighting. Blood.
Everywhere blood. You see. Fighting with big guns, fighting. What kind of gun, big gun. Very big guns you know, you know? What guns say? Boom. Boom. What they say? What do they say?
Boom. Like that, yeah. It looks like they had
a mouth transplant okay, and their donor was the Grinch. They make you feel
straight up uncomfortable, and chances are, years from
now, you’re gonna see on Facebook that they were arrested
for some deranged crime. To make matters even worse,
they’re usually really monotone but with this like,
slight sense of horror. It’s like, they sound like
Siri, being kidnapped, it’s weird. Homework okay, do in your home. Where you gon do?
In your home. I’m going to come and check in your home. If you’re doing my work. Okay. And there you have it,
types of teachers at school and if you like this video,
make sure you rate, comment, and click that subscribe button. If you haven’t subscribed yet then what the F am I straightening my hair for? You don’t even click subscribe, and stuff? I make new videos every
Monday and Thursday, my Facebook and Twitter
links are in the description, so check those out too, as for me, that is a wrap. One love, Superwoman and zoom. Whaddup bumboclaat it me, wha ya do, listen ‘ere okay, you like mandem, mandem have gyal dere okay, man gyal go to get a like bati what da bumboclaat you
want wit dem (mumbles)

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100 thoughts on “Types of Teachers at School

  1. Lol my teacher that applies to number 1 doesnt even make us do work, literally once a month and legit didnt care who skipped, as long as someone brought him food, also i used my medical seizures as an excuse for sleeping and getting drinks of water, also number 3 applied to my teacher aid in elementary and middle school, 4 is my psychology teacher or my sociology but less dramatic, 5 is my 2d art, 6 is 100% nobody because i was freckin lucky, man forget this i just have every teacher in this book

  2. I swear, if I had a dollar for every time my english teacher told us all the countries she’s been to, i’d be the richest person alive….

  3. The teachers who are missing the majority of the year then the teacher asks why the whole class failed.

  4. Meanwhile my teacher..
    "Now if my little Timmy acted like that! (Grabs one of those bins that teachers have) I would take his console with his Fortnite and! (Throws basket across the room)"
    Yeah, he was our schools Cool Cat

  5. Some times the auto biography teacher is good because of they waste telling a story and it's math class!? HECK YEAH

  6. Red + purple = blue
    Well good job cool teacher looks like you can teach science but you failed art class when you were a student 😂

  7. My history teacher just gave up in the middle of our exam year, we spent the Social Change topic talking about her life story. She got her first microwave in 1982 and that's all I remember

  8. What about those teachers who are weird but in a I'm-bored-of-teaching-let's-all-talk-about-some-random-unrelated-subject-for-the-rest-of-the-lesson way?

  9. My math teacher straight up told our class that if we're at this public school we're probably not getting into private university. I just thought "Screw you my mom went to public school and got into 2 private universities"

  10. At my school we have a substitute that is always the first to be called when a substitute is needed. She’s really old and her son is one of the P.E. Teachers. She has this thing where she yells “Me Time” louder than your little niece with tons of energy can. I honestly don’t know how. During “Me Time” she tells stories, or rather, a story because there is only one. It’s always the same one, always. One of my classes was English and History, which was taught by the same teacher and was back to back. When she substituted for that class, we had the first period to do two periods worth of work and the second period was “ME TIME”. And the worst part, when she was giving directions, we weren’t allowed to dig into our backpacks to get out stuff, and she explained everything a lot slower than she needed to. There was one time where we had to get out our history text book and open to page 325. It took two minutes for her to say so, and she blamed it on us “rambunctious kids”. And by the way, she never hesitates to bring up “The good old days.” She once talked about the Colonial days in Virginia once, as if she was in it. She got some facts wrong too. Seriously, why? Just why?

  11. 1:54 : I can relate because there were girls in the back of the class and one that sat next to me that I hated my guts for no reason at all

  12. They’re was a teacher and he was really creepy he wasn’t like a regular teacher he was a subsitute and worked in the computer lab one random day he said doesn’t ur uncle go to blank university and we were surprised how he knew bc my uncle didn’t even know him. And another thing he did was, he weirdly talked to the girls and they were complaining about him and I had left the country and then I moved back and realized he got fired for stalking the girls.

  13. LillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLillyLilly

  14. I can freaking relate to these teachers especially in middle high school 😂 I actually like the AB teachers 😅

  15. Yeaaah my school was like preparing us for high school with just 8 F years, they were arsholes who didn't even let me go to toilet every hour!! I mean I just needed it!😭
    Also, I had plenty of teachers…I mean obviously, but the ones that told us that we were the worst class ever and also picked the worst students to "solve" problems in the F board
    PD: I was aaallways one of them 😎

    Thanks god or whatever there is for making those teachers get retirement…they wont F up more childrens lives 🤙

  16. When your teacher hits you with the "pay attention, you got this wrong on the test" that's when it hurts 😔🤚

  17. This one teatcher that everyone hates without any reasons to it at all. Probably because the teacher is much more strict than the others, but just as good! Respect your teachers! xoxo

  18. I remember my 4th grade teacher Ms. Cane, I was always the first one to get done with tests, and she let me sleep, I told her, “my little sister doesn’t let me sleep, she likes to wake me up a lot” but the reason is, I had and have depression and I couldn’t sleep because of it, she was the nice helper teacher who doesn’t get mad that often

  19. I like you changed because you tell the truth, and you don't lie to us… And base things off of your own experiences instead of just using stereotypes.

  20. Don’t forget about the teacher that can’t pronounce your name ~ My name’s Alika and you pronounce it (ah~LEE~kah) but some teachers ACTUALLY call me (ah~LIE~kah)
    And then I’m like ‘Caught in a lieeee~’ (Where my ARMYS out there?)

  21. AB teachers were the best to have on a Friday lmao. Talk all you want so you can't cover enough material to give us homework this weekend 😂

  22. I only go to school for three hours because I’m in an area for kids with mental issues and I have a cool cat teacher

  23. Now that I'm finally in a real school (I was homeschooled for EIGHT YEARS, BRO) I can identify ALL the teachers, and interestingly enough the cool cat teachers are the Biology and Algebra ones

  24. How the ‘lazy teacher’ somehow still had their job but your favorite teacher leaves the school or gets fired

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