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Types of Students At College Fests | MostlySane

Bro I told you to check everyone’s bags before sending them in. This is my responsibility Sir you are safe with me. You don’t stress about it The celebrity wants privacy I told you no selfies Bro I told the security volunteers to be at the gate Now when the crowd comes how will I control the crowd I told you I want someone here The principal will come and yell at me This is my responsibility. I am the security head Nobody listens to what I say Now send a security volunteer over here asap In our canteen we only get Amul milk If you haven’t had Mahanand milk then what have you done? Milk Milk Milk Milk, wonderful milk Milk is nice in every season Drink Milk for healthy reasons You will live past 99 Milk Milk Milk Milk Drink a whole glass Sir our college fest gets 36,000 people a year from various colleges They come from all over the world if you agree to sponsor us, we will put up 3 big banners in the main college campus We will even give you a stall in the campus A lot of celebritites are coming. Ashmit Patel is coming, Upen Patel is coming We also accept cheques. It is very simple. I’ll even write it down for you The money will come to our account Is Vada Pav available? Vada Pav isn’t available Ma’am. Would you like to have anything else? Would you like to have Samosa Pav? Even Samosa Pav isn’t available ma’am Ma’am why don’t you tell us what would you like to have Bread Omlette? Of course Ma’am Acha oh ya we only serve vegetarian food in the college Actually the Pepsi in our college is very famous. Can I get it for you? Room temperature or cold? Oh cold Pepsi isn’t available will room temperature do? I am your friend and host Prajakta Why are you guys not making any noise Why is the crowd so quiet, did you guys not have breakfast? And if you guys don’t know me then you should know more about the college Hey why are you yelling in an empty room I am just rehearsing Who has come? Some celebrity? Who is it? Is it Ashmit Patel? Come lets go see When will the War of the Dj’s begin? I have been waiting for it since morning Hey come come come its started There is a singing competiton? Come lets participate I’ve never done Pot painting but let’s try it out ya I am registering Hey come lets go for the poster making competition I need a partner for it Hey you need a hand for your mehendi competition Should I come with you?

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  1. I laughed so hard while making this video because it is SO RELATABLE! Also, don’t miss the blooopers in the end!
    Kaisa laga Video? BATAO!

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