Types of Student | India
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Types of Student | India

Zoparmawi Zopar This song we are are about to sing is dedicated to you It’s all out of tune Let’s sing another song Sir, that homework Good morning Sir Rosanglian, why don’t you stand up? Say it by yourself Say it properly Thanga, do not laugh Say it Say it again How dare you! Say it again! You will regret!! How’s it? Sleeptight Pawn D5 Knight E2 Bishop E7 Shall we bunk? Shall we bunk again? Bunk! Bunk! Don’t bunk What was he saying? What did you just say? What was he saying? He said don’t bunk! Your pen just bunk away from you What shall we do to him? Pull his ear Pull his ear His ear? I’m gonna pull your ear He piss himself! Turn to page number 63 in your textbook Then, in the first para Zoparmawi, stand up What are you eating? Nothing.. You know what to do. Put it up So, you should study the first para Then, those who don’t learn… Zoparmawi? You still dare to misbehave?! Lalchhandam! You too, why are you laughing? Stand up! BZ, can you present on my behalf? imm.. Thanks BZ, can you please present on my behalf again? OK Thanks. Bye BZ, me too immm.. Respond to roll-call Don’t make noise Where’s your home-work? Sir, I didn’t do my home-work Why not? Why don’t you do your home-work? Sir, it’s a girl’s problem She hesitated to explain I do not tolerate such an excuse! Knee on the desk!! You didn’t do your home-work. Don’t you? None of you finish you home-work?>A love so beautiful (OST English Version)

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  1. Kan ngaisang ltk che u vawinah poh kn class ka rosangliana ang khian ka thianu nen kn ti ve a sir in Pon ah min ding tir char2 mole

  2. At last moment I saw your comments n turn on the captions and then i watch it again……. N I understood what they are saying🤣🤣

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