Types of Parents in the School Pick-Up Line
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Types of Parents in the School Pick-Up Line

Ok, load ’em up! Alright: Aiden, Brayden, Caden, Jalen, Kayla, Makayla… If your name rhymes with “aiden” or “ayla,” get in the van. Hey honey! How was your day? Did you eat all your lunch? -Ok now buckle up, alright?
-Did you get that quiz back? Let me see. C minus?! This can’t be right! Uh, Mrs. Mitchell? Great! Great. Now you’re talking to the teacher again. What on earth do you have to talk about?! It’s a carpool line. You pick up your kid and you go! In the name of all that is good and holy MOVE YOUR CAR! Hi. Can I help you with something, Miss Phyllis? No. I’m just waiting to pick up Anna Beth after school. Um… …it’s 10:30. It’s ok. I brought my lunch. I’m sorry. We don’t usually let people line up until 2. Well… I did bring an extra sandwich… And I have these fresh baked cookies I did just this morning. Was there something you wanted to tell me, sweetie? Um… Have a great day, Miss Phyllis! Alright. School gets out in 5 minutes. T-ball practice starts in 2. We got this. (rock music) (engine revving) Ooh Marco. You didn’t! He did! Continue watching? Oh yeah! (snoring) (horn honks) Aw man. Yeah, I’ll be there soon. I just have to pick up Cindy. Yeah, it’s gonna be so much fun. Save a place for me. Ugh. This line… Hang on. I’m just gonna go around. (horns honking)
-Oh get over yourself! So get this: Rick wants to buy a boat. Who are you here to pick up? Carson Williams. I’m his dad. Sheila had an appointment go late. Well, I don’t see you on the list here. Did you call ahead or send a note? No… Ok, then. I’m going to need to see three forms of I.D., a birth certificate for both you and Carson, and I’m gonna need you to take this DNA test before I can allow Carson in your car, sir. What?! I should be on the approved list. Can you check again? It’s Carson Williams. He’s in the third grade. Oh. Third grade? Oh, you’re in the wrong line. This is the preschool line. Please circle around and get in the K through 5 line. But he’s right over there. Hey Carson! Circle around, please. Should’ve homeschooled… We hope you enjoyed the video today. If you wanna see some more, click here. If you wanna subscribe so you don’t miss any of ’em, click here. Oh, lordy! School’s gonna be out in 2 hours. I gotta finish this puzzle! Bye!

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100 thoughts on “Types of Parents in the School Pick-Up Line

  1. So happy I don’t have to deal with pick up lines this year! Living across the street from my kid’s school is a life saver🙌🏻

  2. And the ones at the drop off line in the morning that have to hug and kiss their precious for three minutes or more. And the ones that have all the stuff in another seat or the trunk or something. Kids have to get out, and then go to another part of the car to get their stuff.

  3. “You’re gonna need to give us three forms of IDs, a birth certificate for both you and your child, AND a DNA test before you can pick up your child.”

    If that isn’t accurate, than idk what is.

  4. The parent that’s super late to avoid the line… *cough cough* my dad… I can’t wait till I get my license next year😂

  5. My parents are the one that have no patience it’s actually really funny to watch them through the car window when they are waiting

  6. You missed the:
    1. Parent who pulls in 10' from the street to drop off their kids at the first hallway instead of pulling all the way up so little Suzie doesn't have to walk an extra 30 feet.
    2. The late-comers to pick-up who think it's ok to block in the legally parked drivers who got there early by either parking next to you along the curb in the only exit lane out of the parking lot, parking in a fire zone impeding the exit lane, or parking in front of you perpendicular IN the exit lane so you can't get out of your spot.
    3. The people who use the bus lane to pick up and drop off their kids.
    4. The do-nothing admin's who aren't out in the parking lot to see what is literally Thunderdome.

  7. The parents who form their own line so they have to turn Left to get into the school.I have also seen easements that are blocked off so vehicles can't park &wait for their children to be picked up-this would apply to houses very close to the school.

  8. Why is this a thing? I walked home most of the time and had tutoring or extra curricular after 3 so my mom didn’t have to get me till 5… only from the first grade till 5th then I would just walk home, it’s safety but it’s too much

  9. I've never seen anything like that, I lived in France and the UK. In France there was just the parking lot and park out of the school, the parents waited in the park outside their cars and the teachers just let us out and checked quickly on who picked us up. They stayed in case a parent didn't show up. In the UK similar but parents waited for their kids in the playground instead

  10. I loved tha multi-tasker and the way she said "Oh man". She would be me if I ever have kids. 😍. Maybe I would homeschool my kids or at least paid some private teachers to do it.

  11. In the Netherlands at my school there is a parking place only for picking up. It is not verg big cuz everbody goes by bike. And there isn’t a school bus.

  12. As the uncle who has to help out unexpectedly, I'm always the rookie in these type of school situations. So frustrating.

  13. What about the one that the kids put their backpack in the truck instead of at their feet. Then they mosey around the back and get in the car and the parents turn in to the slow ones then decide to leave.

  14. And then there’s the one that parks and walks up to have them call their kid. The person calling names then misses 1-2 cars in the line and this holds up everyone. They then get their kid and get back to their car and hold up the line once more trying to get out of their parking spot. Gotta love the parents that can’t just do the car rider line like they’re supposed to.

  15. At my old school the lady who called out the names memorized all the cars and the kids that they belonged to. It was pretty cool.

  16. Where I’m from parents just wait in the field and meet their kids. Kids 4th grade an under wait with their teacher until their parents come.

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