Types of Kids at School
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Types of Kids at School

– Hey. What up everyone, it’s
your girl Superwoman. Oh snap, crackle, pop
Super Monday or Tuesday, depending on how late this is gonna be. So a little birdie told me that tomorrow a lot of y’all are going back to school. And I know I already made a
video about back to school, but this one’s a little different. So whether you’re going
to school tomorrow, this will be very educational for you. And if you’ve already been to school and you’re old like me and
you’re just sitting there, don’t know what your life’s
about, eating popcorn on YouTube then hey, let’s take a
walk down memory lane. Shall we? Let’s do this. Now I’m gonna outline
types of kids at school. But this in no way
encompasses all the types of people at school. And you know, I’m not trying to generalize and disclaimer, disclaimer,
something, something. (blows raspberries) Delete comment, insert here. Don’t be mad. Number one, the know-it-all. This kid is probably
the most annoying part of being in class. Like you would think homie
is on a basketball team playing defense the way his
hand’s up the whole time. What’s the population of Tibet? I know. What’s the circumference of Jupiter? I know. At the school dance
everyone is jamming like ♪Ooh, Nana, what’s my name?♪ But boy is like, “I know. I know.” Shut the F up and stop
lowering my self-esteem. Okay? On top of that not only does
this person know the answer to every question, but they
want to sit there and start teaching the class about things. And students that is called a membrane. Oh, miss? Oh, oh, there’s also actually
different types of membranes. For example, semi-permeable
membranes that allow things to pass through via
diffusion or such things as a sodium-potassium pump. Oh, oh, I’m sorry. Let me just, let me just turn
my desk and chair around here. I didn’t know you were
the mother-f’ing teacher. Did you just add more
education into the classroom, by choice? Dude, I’ll break your membrane okay? I got muscles. Number dos, The Older SexBOMB. There are always one or two
older sexbombs in every school. A girl or guy in your school that you know absolutely nothing about. I mean you’ve never chilled with them, you’ve never spoken to them. For all you know they could be Pikachu in a human costume. You know nothing. But whenever they peek at you you got, boom, lightning in your pants. They are so hot! And chances are within a
few days of discovering this older sexbomb you
and your friends will create a codeword to identify them. Now my friends and I, we’re idiots, so we use the word alert. Because that’s not obvious at all. What’d she say the homework was? Alert, alert, alert,
alert, alert, alert, alert. Alert, alert, alert, alert, alert, alert, alert, alert, alert. We are the stupid. True story. And alert, if you’re
watching this, what up baby? How you doing with your fine self? I suddenly have Tourette’s. (laughing) See I suggest more smooth names like sex noodle, glitter bomb, pretty kitty, panty dropper, boxer foxer, squirtle. And trust me my loves,
you will have a daily moment of silence whenever
this older sex bomb passes you. Oh my God, I know. I went to be so late last night and just. I need to go to the washroom. Squirtle. Number tres, The HOT Player. The hottie of your grade, because
he’s sexy and he knows it. (vocalizing) He is Mr Cool, Mr Popular, hair always dead fresh, line up friggin’ dressed to impress. He has a way with the ladies. He is so hot, and he is a
total effin’ douche bag. Everyone knows he’s a player. Honestly, he’s like a tampon. One time use, friggin’ f’s you, leaves a mess and leaves you
alone craving a chocolate bar. What am, what am I doing? Why do I keep doing. Is it the hat? Why do do-. Why do I keep doing this? He’s like a magnet from hell, because every girl still wants him. In other words, all girls hate him but secretly we love his soul and wanna tackle his face
because he’s so f’ing gorgeous. He is the apple from the forbidden tree. But who doesn’t like a little apple sauce? Numero 4, Her Majesty. Hi hun, I think you’re actually
in the wrong place, yeah. Yeah, this is actually
our crappy high school not the Miss World Pageant. Okay, yeah. Chill the f’ out. High heels, fancy purse, big earrings, hair did, makeup did. This girl comes to school every day as if it was her f’ing wedding day. Like, let me know if it’s your wedding. Let me know. Let me know if I should bring a jago, just as soon as you walk
through the hallway. ♪Jagoya, jag-♪ Let me know, like, don’t, I did it in Walmart, like, don’t test me. Like, just let me know straight up. (beat boxing) I’ll be there. She is an f’ing disturbance. I’ll be sitting in class, in the hallway, you know she’s coming. It’s just click, click, click, click, with her damn high heels. Like, hi, hi. Want to hear a joke? Really funny joke is, joke is you, you! Don’t make me feel bad about wearing my same Walmart
track pants everyday. But, you know what? Joke’s on you because when
everyone sees you at prom, you’re gonna look exactly the damn same. But I, however, my hot mess self, yeah. Friggin’ prom day. I’m gonna go from
friggin’ Jay-Z to Beyonce. From friggin’ bum to
bootilicious, right here. ♪My body so bootilicious for you babe.♪ Number five, the A/V Crew. These are the tech geeks. The audio-visual nerds. The people who control
assemblies, talent shows, with the lights and the sounds. In a study I just made up right now, it’s been proven that these
people are most likely to grow up to do the most deranged things. So, be nice to the A/V Crew, because in the future when
they become murderers, criminals, and pedophiles, yeah. For your future children’s sake, you might wanna just, you know, flirt with them very subtly. Just be like, “Hey, A/V Crew. Remember me, twenty years from now. When I’m vulnerable.” What am I doing in this video? I don’t, I don’t know! I didn’t even have an energy drink. Like, I just. You know what? The floor has just been varnished, I’m getting intoxicated with crazy fumes. ♪And they’re making me crazy,
all over the crazy floors.♪ ♪Spaghetti meatballs.♪ Don’t do drugs. Subliminal messaging. Number, I don’t remember. The Water Works. This person is almost always a female, and her cray cray makes me
embarrassed of my vajayjay. She falls in love like it’s nothing. It’s like Cupid has a dart board, and it’s hanging on her face. Pew, pew. Oh my God, I like him. Oh my God, I like him. Oh my, do you not
understand that I love him? You know the song by Taylor Swift? ♪We are never, ever, ever,
ever, getting back together♪ Good song, yeah? She’s never heard it. Never. Always crying, always heartbroken,
always an f’ing hot mess. Tears are just part of her face. Monday. Tuesday. Lunch. Picture day. Prom. School dance. Like, girlfriend please, please, take. Honestly, here’s twenty bucks, take it. Take my twenty bucks, okay? And, go buy some f’ing
waterproof mascara okay? Because I can’t be seeing a horror movie every time I see your face. Like, girlfriend, seriously. Imagine you just have one last
bourke of roti left in life, and you have a whole
bunch of aloo gobi still. Just friggin’, just
friggin’ get it together. And last we have Puberty Parm. Parm can be a girl or a guy. Why not unisex Punjabi names? First year. Parm, who the hell is Parm? Second year. Oh Parm, Parm. I think he’s in my English class. Third year. So guys, what do you think of Parm? Fourth year. Okay, I want Parm to have
my f’ing babies, like. I don’t care if I’m too young, he at least needs to like
father my Tamagotchi. Good old Puberty Parm. The person no one notices until they get a little bit taller, little more muscle, little more facial hair. Stop sounding like Dennis the Menace, have a little more boobies
and a little more booty. Respectively, for their,
for their individual sex. Slow clap for puberty. (claps) Well done. But, honestly, it’s important to remember that although some kids at school a are annoying, dramatic, mean, and cray, they all add to that
unique school experience. And, I promise you, you will miss it. This is just a fun little video for all you going back to school tomorrow. Honestly, don’t go around labeling people and judging people. It’s just for fun! I hope you have a great
first day at school tomorrow. Comment below, let me know which school
you’re going to tomorrow. I might give it a little
shout-out on Twitter or Facebook like I did in my last
back to school video. So, yeah, comment below your school name, and let me know what kind
of kid you think you are. Be honest. Honesty hour, let’s do it. Are you the Water Works? Are you the Water Works? Are you the Water Works? Are you the Water Works? Are you the Water Works? You’re the Water Works. Ah, there is a flying bug in my… New videos every Monday and Thursday, so why don’t you just go ahead and click that subscribe button. Also, if you liked this video, there’s a link in the description. Click it to share it on Facebook. While you do those two things, I’m gonna just uh, talk nerdy to you. I wanna just kiss your esophagus, and caress your epidermis. I wish I was a neural transmitter, jumping through your synapses just from pre-synaptic to post-synaptic, all of the net nervous system. Just like a semi-permeable membrane, letting in what’s good and
keeping out foreign agents. Creating molecular bonds for days. Give you all the ATP your system needs. I wanna feel the ribosomes on
your endoplasmic reticulum. My mitochondria is a powerhouse. And I just, I have a pee pee. ‘Kay, bye! (upbeat music)

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100 thoughts on “Types of Kids at School

  1. I was pretty much a square back in elementary, middle and high school, i didn’t really have many friends…the friends I did have either ditched me, moved schools
    Or they simply just never talk to me..and that was fine.

  2. I remember watching this video 5 years ago and this is video made me want to watch more of hers and subscribe immediately

  3. u look awesome in ur every character whether it is boy or grl or ur parents❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. – Band Kid
    – Smart Kid,
    – Emo Kid,
    – Fandom Kid,
    – Kicks Everyone's A$$ In Tests
    – Drama Kid
    – Music Kid
    – Nerdy/Geeky Kid
    – Really Well Liked In Class

    This is me in school. I'm in everything and I love it.

  5. Im the edgy werid otaku girl.
    I love anime
    I am extremly edgy
    And socially awkward around everyone who isnt one of my friends.

  6. I'm the know-it-all sorry if I'm annoying but can I just say that I won the spelling bee 7 times in a row!

  7. I'm that girl who's clever but isn't really obsessed with homework and also likes music and messing around

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  10. When was at high school knowing it all / her fashionshia if wash good it all even not smart pants school wasn't good gym or math class. But I great at in history and arts class was the boomshell even trouble writing when someone else have I've learning disability homeroom was special aid class.

  11. You forgot the ones that are just there.

    They are just there and does nothing. They go to school waiting for the bell go and then get sits doing the work in class.

  12. I'm in the AV crew. I mean, there are seriously deranged poeple in the crew, but I just program the light, then I let the psycho click "play".

  13. There is this one kid in my class, she always reminds the teacher about the homework
    "Mrs you forgot the homework"
    LIKE OMG 😐

  14. The know it all in ma school told my whole class in second class that i wrote on ma rubber his name i love him and in my head i was like WTF WHO WOULD LIKE U

  15. When she is describing the AV crew, I am totally just sitting around thinking about the group of kids I became friends with in 9th grade, just to find out that they know how to hack the school, and our school used iPads. I still am friends with them, I still call them when I need someone across the ocean to have their phone reset or when some chick is flirtin too hard with my BF. Only thing more dangerous than the AV crew, are the people who know the right people xD

  16. OMG yesss!! I’ve met most of these types of students, except female because I go to an all girls school!! 😅

    7 years ago!!

  17. The second type of kid at school
    My besties had a crush on this one book character, so every time he passed by they would say "Alert Alert Wolf Alert Alert"
    Wolf is from Scarlet by the way.
    It was hilarious how he would look when they yelled "WOLF" across the classroom

  18. I’m the kid who doesn’t show up 45% of the time, never studies, procrastinates till the last minute, falls asleep in class but still gets that 80% average like it’s nothing. #blessed

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