Tweens & Social Media: Online Habits Start Early
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Tweens & Social Media: Online Habits Start Early

(gentle music) – I first started having
a phone when I was 11. I’m on social media for usually
five or six hours a day. – The most time I probably
look at it is after school. One or two hours before soccer practice and then probably two hours
at night before I go to bed. – If my phone vibrates throughout the day and I’m not in class, I go and I check it. – You get to scroll and scroll and scroll what people are doing. It’s just like never ending. Goes on forever. (gentle music) – I have 316 followers, and then most of my friends have like 1,000 or like 600. – A lot of my friends create
all these meme accounts that nobody knows who they are, and so you’ll randomly see
pictures of your friends or pictures of your family,
and then all of a sudden you’ll see a random funny meme. – This is someone that spun
their fidget spinner really fast and it looks like there’s
more than three bearings. – I’m on Instagram and I probably have
around 100 or something, and then I’m on Musically, which I think I’m at 500. – It connects people in
a way that you don’t have to talk to them face to face, but you can talk to them through texting. – There’s been two group
chats, I think, this year that’s caused really big problems. Just people being rude or
talking about something that they shouldn’t be, and
then people getting offended. – When people post pictures that usually aren’t appropriate I just think like what they were thinking
when they posted that. – People start changing
their whole personality because they want somebody to like ’em, or they wanna do
something weird to post it and then people get a
bunch of views from it. I feel like people should be themselves, and if you aren’t yourself then why would you be anybody else?

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