TVJ News: Education Minister Ruel Reid Resigns (Midday News) March 20 2019
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TVJ News: Education Minister Ruel Reid Resigns (Midday News) March 20 2019

good afternoon and welcome to midday
news I’m Milton Walker a special welcome if you are watching on one spot Education Minister who will Reid has been sacked a statement from
the office of the Prime Minister this morning said mr. Reid has resigned from
the cabinet and the Senate it said the Prime Minister Anja Holness met with mr.
Reid regarding certain allegations in the public domain
mr. Holness says in keeping with the principles of good governance he
requested and received mr. Reid’s resignation he says mr. Reid’s
resignation will ensure that any investigation into matters of concern
will not be in any way impeded by his presence or oversight of the ministry
all functions of the Ministry have been transferred to the office of the Prime
Minister which is to start its own review TVJ News had received information
that all was not well the government Minister following allegations of
improper actions regarding the employment of persons at agencies
falling on the that Minister mr. Reid has been on secondment from Jamaica
College we was the principal TV genius saw comment from the board chairman of
Jamaica College Michel Bernard however we were told that he was in a board
meeting you know TVJ News has been informed that a counterterrorism and
organized crime division and a financial Investigation Division are investigating
allegations of impropriety at the Ministry of Education on Monday
opposition leader dr. Peter Phillips called for the Auditor General to
immediately investigate allegations of breaches and misuse of public funds
involved in a ministry of education and the Caribbean maritime university which
falls under the ministry and the parliamentary opposition the PMP just
moments ago hosted a media briefing on the resignation of the Education
Minister well read or a porter Herman green was there and joins us now on the
telephone Herman what can you tell us about the meeting hello Herman good
after you’re the opposition leaders press
briefing what can you tell us what came out of that media briefing Herman Herman
can you hear me Harlan can you hear me all right
meanwhile the opposition will get back to Herman Greene shortly you know the
opposition spokesperson on education Ronald sweets expressed disappointment
with the events leading to the sacking of the minister can only set back the
cause of education and it points to the need for avoiding political appointments
to surround a minister and it is emphasized again the need for John Chow
and collaboration between political forces and as institutions which have
been named future of the cabin merit and university and other institutions whose
names have been mentioned in connection with the present episode are cleared so
that all young people can continue to benefit from the opportunities they
offer any Education Ministry of spokesmen and education ronald waste
debates about the review of the labor laws is intensifying the opposition
leader raised the issue of benefits for contract workers among other issues in
his budget presentation recently we have more in this report it’s press briefing
opposition leader Dr. Peter Phillips called for the government to address
labor law issues the main issue the high number of contract workers
being employed without benefits this phenomenon
of the spread of contract work into mainstream employment in fact does rub
the workers of benefits that have been won by the trade union movement over the
year according to general secretary of the union of clerical administrative and
supervisory employees john levy the issue is so grave that it may be
considered a national crisis speaking on our jaws beyond the
headlines last evening mr. levy gave examples to people working in an entity
doing the same job one is permanent why what we call open in the contract and
the other one is on a fixed term conger but one gets more peer than the other so
the world principle of equal pay for equal work is showing through the window
if you have benefits the two people doing the same job again one of them
gets a meal allowance because there are many contract employee and the other
employee doesn’t get a meal allowance and they are doing the same job part of
the city mr. levy says it also extends the
pension benefits and redundancies it’s why he has endorsed the call for
legislative changes however also speaking on beyond the headlines
president of the Jamaica employers Federation David one said he does not
support that call there ought to be an incentive for people to use more people
on staff for example because I think that negative incentive of legislation
is only going to make it worse because some people will then reduce their
workforce etc etc because you know legislation don’t think is the answer
just like you have employment tax credits right now and you’re incentivize
financially to have people on your payroll
tomorrow mechanism can be found in central and people seems more full-time
staff but this there needs to be a legislative guarantee that prevents the
exploitation of the Jamaican worker in this way Herman green TVJ news the
political Ombudsman has ordered the government to stop roadworks and other
projects no other way in eastern Portland
what Member of Parliament for the neighbor in Portland Western Darren VARs
so that won’t stop the JLP from winning the
seat we have more in the support 30 years of full support what do you have
to show for that question from Member of Parliament for Portland Western Darrell
Vance at a GOP campaign meeting last evening his wife the candidate for the
Portland eastern seat anne-marie vos was absent and so mr. Vaz took the lead to
convince constituents to elect her he also responded to concerns about
roadworks and other projects being done in the area ahead of the April 4
by-election this is a community effort to do and finish this field Mr. Paz
argued that the JLP is not the only entity doing work as part of campaign
activities I know MWC a politics and anybody water and I know me what guess
what we have a party no but by the political ombudsman ordered the jlpt
stop roadworks and other projects which could influence the outcome of the
by-election but mr. Vaz believes doing so won’t prevent at the GOP from winning can you know me to put my motor on Antar
and ruinous an Ann Marie vos and Jamaica Labour Party nice Portland is
unstoppable machine masters TV genius and we return to the story about the
parliamentary opposition’s meet a briefing which concluded just moments
ago they held a briefing on the resignation for sacking rather of
Education Minister will read or a port to Herman green joins us now Herman what
can you tell us that came out of this press briefing by the opposition leader
yes thank you well first of all the opposition is again blasting the Andrew
Holness lead administration about what it says corruption in this government as
it relates to well they pointed that this is the second minister been sucked
in this manner as it relates to the Minister of Education issue they said
what they have heard is just the tip of the iceberg but other agencies including
the Caribbean American University the National Education Trust and the HAR
trust which was subsequently transferred to the office of the Prime Minister have
all been implicated in this web of corruption
this is the second senior minister of government that has been forced to
resign in less than a year the shadow of corruption affecting for which they have
been responsible no there he also blasted the idea of putting mo e under
the OPM again but what is calling for mostly is for the Auditor General and
security forces to leave no stone unturned in their investigations as well
as the security agencies including the Constabulary force the financial
investigation division to fully investigate the allegations which have
caused the minister so we continue to track this and we’ll try and get some
more info from the opposition as released it is for primetime news back
to you okay Armand thank and of course Herman
green and that much more in primetime news later
also the opposition spokesman a national security face Jackson has commanded that
you make a constable Air Force to jcf for its efforts in tracking down the
perpetrators of a recent brazen attack and robbery in st. James he noted that
due to the efforts of the police three suspects were held at least five illegal
firearms were also seized and 1.6 million dollars in cash recovered mr.
Jackson noted that the swift action of the lawmen sends a clear message to
criminals figures from the tourism ministry have revealed that a tourist
arrivals into Kingston a day before the Buju Banton concert more than doubled
when compared to the same day last year the ministry has said a concert held at
the National Stadium on Saturday was a huge economic boom for the corporate
area and Jamaica seen as strategies in the ministry of tourism Dalarna steve
wright says this included increased tourist traffic so
two international airports well on Friday we saw at least two thousand four
hundred plus arrivals coming to Kingston only through the Naaman man
International Airport and that is about one hundred and forty three percent
increase over the same day last year coming through the normal man
International Airport so that you had one thousand visitors coming through
Norman Incheon Airport in Kingston on Friday and for this year was 2,400 mr.
Sebright says data from the Jamaica tourist board also show that seven
thousand three hundred and eighty nine foreigners arrived in Montego Bay on
Friday on Friday the day before the concert four months ago but of course
higher and also for the entire weekend were registered over 50% increase in
arrivals for overall numbers according to Kingston the ministry says the second
annual jamaica bluemountain coffee festival and inaugural Jamaica Rum
festival which were held this month also brought many visitors from overseas and
here’s a preview of what’s coming up in this evenings House report if the next
edition of the health report we look at a common cold we advise a lot of fruits
and vegetables and honey honey is one aspect Konya been shown in some way
along with lemon juice to help industry in terms of recovery what honey must
never be used in children below one year that’s the Health Report this evening in
primetime news and now for today’s healthy living tip wash your hands
thoroughly and off with soap and water clean kitchen and bathroom countertops
with disinfectant especially when someone in your family
has a cold wash children’s toys periodically sneeze and cough into
tissues discard used tissues right away then wash your hands carefully and don’t
share drinking glasses or utensils with other family members in sports the
regular season of the red stripe Premier League will come to an end today with a
biggest piece of business to be completed being that of who will join
Radio Reno as the next relegated team we’re now the brown reports it now seems
that only mathematics and a defeat for Don beholdin can save former champions
Montego Bay United from bidding goodbye to the big league the allegation of
Cavalier using an ineligible player against Montego Bay United On January 9
was not discussed at Tuesday’s PFA Jay meeting which means any points that
Montego Bay United could have picked up in the board room are now at the window
it now means that Montego Bay United must beat Waterhouse and hope homer
united get the better of Dom beholdin sounds simple but it’s not
one or both games would have to produce a goal feast in favor of Montego Bay
United who have a negative 23 goal difference compared to Dumbo Hollins
negative 7 and a three-point advantage Don beholdin will visit the prison offal
where they will meet neighbors former United Montego Bay United will play a
way to Waterhouse who must avoid the feed to remain second thus securing an
automatic 7 final spot should Waterhouse lose this will open the door – mom
present Football Academy who are two points behind and will play a way to
fifth place you WI there’s also the likelihood that Mount Pleasant could
play you WI again on Sunday in the quarter-final elsewhere
Arnett Gardens could sneak into fifth place with victory over Harbor View
where they could set up a playoff date with fourth-placed cavalier cavalier the
meantime will be at home to Tivoli Gardens who have already made seventh
spot there whom relegated Rina will get the chance to bid the fans goodbye as
they close out their season at home to Humble ayan Renard a brown 40 VJ sports
and that’s the media news I’m Milton Walker join us at 7:00 for primetime
news we will have much more on the resignation of today of Education
Minister will read what would happen to him for example as caretaker in
Northwest st. and and some of the other issues which flow
obviously from this story on behalf of the news sports and production teams
good afternoon you

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35 thoughts on “TVJ News: Education Minister Ruel Reid Resigns (Midday News) March 20 2019

  1. vaz and him woman sound and act like scallawags war boats.
    the whole party soon full of wife and husband minister of goverment.
    you soon see a next wife put up for parliament.

  2. Need to have Parliament jobs no more than two terms….with that they will have no choice but to ensure they institute long term plans.and not throw food as if they are feeding SWINES./ HOGS..

  3. Ever hear a Fisherman utter that his Fish SMELL? Neither the market woman…..She's already missing Meetings during her interview for the JOB…can you imagined if she did have the JOB….🙄🙄

  4. People don't fool yourself if you think the PNP party is no better. At least man a resign now when that party was in government nobody resign so don't pretend as if you guys are stupid. Do what you have to do Mr. Holness

  5. Peter Phillips is trying to get brownie points. Too bad the country doesn't know the corruption in your own ministry. The irony of life

  6. Mi nah wait fe second term. Teck all wa yuh cah get. They learn from experience. That you take what you can get now, because second term is not guarantee.
    They remember how them pants use to drop off a them.
    Here present the real thief and corruption in the Island. Not Police or others. If the head/ leaders tink the bottom must tink.
    It will get worst with the practice of family members becoming MP.
    By the way anyone seen them gun on tv the police them find from Mobay Sunday Robbery? Normally the find would be shown on tv. Or them stop that.


  8. The country is trying to establish itself, then overtime it can perfect the bumpy part out. Stop trying to throw a wrench in the little progress that is being made. What have you done for over 30 years. What s bunch of evening wolves, they need to cut off these thieves hands. This is the to ypes of thing that blight the future / destiny of Jamaica.

  9. I want to know where some of them people came from talking bullshit about about the PNP party, it is not the PNP makes minister of education doing wrongs. They must go to prison for taxes payers money, some of you Jamaican people fool,fool. The same JLP party government who is not for education, if it wasn't for the PNP government who came in with common entrance in 1955.Many of you idiots who is backing the JLP party government, does not have any form of ambition. Since the JLP party government came to power there are changing the test, to making difficult for the children. Most of the JLP party government supporters, they does not want nothing in life,more than tracing off people. Everytime that the JLP government dismantling one of the program for the poor people, it is causing internal inflation. The minister of education was suspended by the PM Andrew Holness, because he forgery Ruel Reid signature, and 4 more other of his colleagues. To becomes the opposition leader ,and he turned around and .Suspended all 5 of his colleagues from the party, because they challenges him about forgering their names.The matter have To be taken to court for them returned, back to the party. Ruel Reid only gotten that position as compensation for what Andrew Holness does to him.Those guys is stealing taxpayers money left right, and center. Because there is no accountability in the JLP party government, they are running the country to a wreck. I am looking forward to see more JLP party government MPs resigned in a very disgraceful manner, because there are several of them. Is taking away taxpayers money which was to do works in their communities, and some of them and. The PM at war from a longer time, but time is going to catch up with some of them.

  10. bout fucking resign,,, a prison uhnu fe go start teach lesson corrupted politicians must get at least 15 years Jamaica uhnu start hold politicians accountable. the same goes to rapist murders etc mi bc a so Jamaicans backway. citizens you are the ruler of your country you just put them in to guide certain things my my

  11. Mr prime minister please get rid of all the criminals out of Jamaica, from the top to the bottom. Until these public servants start going to jail they won't do better. Thank you Mr prime minister.

  12. Can you see how quickly the JLP party government MPs are resigned in a very disgraceful manner, there was a major shakes up.When there was a major shakes of corruption in the JLP party government, when the PM Andrew Holness. After even goes as far to demoted his minister of finance, because there was a major conflict about the opposition leadership .I am looking to see more minister's leaving offices,because there are a lot of internal conflicts with the PM. The only reasons why the 5 MPs didn't resigned long time ago from the party, because they are encouraged by their wives,and families members, also some of their loyal supporters. Who encouraged them to stayed on for a while, to see if Andrew Holness will changed his dictatorship ruling, or style.When Ruel Reid starts talking, about all who are involved in the JLP party government corruption, they are going to be falling like a pack of dominoes. Marked my words if you really doubt me,when the police having Ruel Reid into interrogation room.He is going to start calling other names, I am going to called upon comrade Dr Peter Phillips to get a stop order from the court. To take away Ruel Reid passport, because he is going to try and runaway to the United States, or Canada. When the investigation started to get very close to him, or he is going to runaway before the investigation. The government of Jamaica was blaming the scammers for wrong doing, and they are entrusted with taxpayers money and. They are stealing it right in front of your two eyes,how bad it can really get.

  13. The whole parliament need a Purge from Top to Bottom, to much old fart, old foot sit down a wait fi collect then resign.

    The whole parliament is a Bus of Clowns, real Comedy Bus!

  14. #TVJQuickAccess
    0:21.1 Ruel Reid resigns.
    4:08.4 Government address Labor Law issues.
    13:43.1 Health report.

  15. The minister of education is being investigated. Proof has not been found as of yet; the claim of the PNP has not been proven.
    I ask all persons to wait and see before making comments, without substantial evidence to your screams of corruption.

  16. Busta sell we fi bread and butter daddy Manley thief npp and mek pnp none of them good Jamaica house is a big casino the parliament is the set of gangsters the people are use as chips who can afford to run will run what about the ones who can't

  17. Most of these politicians in Jamaica is behaving like they are Gods,because the people is worshipping them. I am not saying that you shouldn't giving them respect, but they must do their job what they are getting paid to do. It is not something that you are begging them to do,you have voted for them to representing you in any circumstances. If they failed to worked, or to delivered to your satisfaction. All you have to do is, voted them out of office and. Showed them who have the real power, is only when you put them in office. They can exercise their authority, without the people don't voted for them. They are nothing, so don't trying to disrespecting Jamaican people intellectually, like the minister of justice. He really needs some anger management classes, he is so rude .by the way he is talking bullshit about black people in general. We as black people in general started to living in Jamaica since 1516,not like his generation came to Jamaica in 1885 just the other. So the PM must have a talk with him that he cannot be talking to the people liked that, because he is just a servant of the people and. He is getting paid from the people money who he is serving, so he must showed some form of respect. Our forefathers fought the colonial dictators masters from England ideologies laws, where was his generation during those days. They were not around to fought those pirates,we as black is no more slaves.So those that types of unbecoming behaviour must desist,against black people in general. I have watched several videos of him using some very insulting towards black people in general, I was watching a video with some black was fined by the court and. They were blowing their horns leaving court,and he was complaining that the court should charged them more money. Also talking bullshit about all types of nonsense, he does not respected the constitution of Jamaica. If he does not agrees with the court decision, he has two choices. He can resigned from the post,or asked the PM to assigned him to another dept.But don't tries to over throwing the courts decision at all, he must restraint himself from ignorance. He must showed some form of self control, and don't let his egos over shadows his performances. I hope he will got this message, and try to change his obnoxious behaviour for the betterment of Jamaica.

  18. Workers' rights I must say in a problem all over the world, in this Jamaica is not unique because this is the strategy of the employers – neoliberalism (deregulation and dismantling of work forces through precarious employment). You see the employers federation man talking about no regulation. I have a lot of research evidence that that is false. Employers will never support more regulation. I don't even trust the PNP to do anything about it because it has been an employers market for so long. They using it for campaigning but when the business people talk governments jump, that has been the law for so long. Labour was strong in the 1970s and since then is pure down hill.

  19. Buju come outta prison and contribute to the country and di wan dem deh dat supposed to a build it a thief…when will justice be done?

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