TVJ Midday News: Education Sector in Mourning –  July 30 2019
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TVJ Midday News: Education Sector in Mourning – July 30 2019

it’s Tuesday July 30 good afternoon I’m
Herman green with the midday news a special welcome if you’re watching
online at one spot Mediacom the education sector is in mourning
following the murder of a female teacher of the Chevy and Preparatory School in
Port Antonio Portland she has been identified as 29 year old Latoya Hill
otherwise called Trish of David Lane Port Antonio it’s understood that she
was killed sometime between midnight and 3 o’clock Tuesday morning reports to our
newsroom are that neighbors heard the woman crying for crying and pleading for
her life shortly after a man who was identified as her common-law husband was
seen dragging what appeared to be a female body along the roadway from his
hosts towards a vehicle according to the neighbors the man made several attempts
to put the body inside the vehicle but it proved futile her body was then left
along the roadway while the man drove away in his vehicle
the police were summoned and the body of Miss Hill was found with what or rather
with a wound to the forehead a member of the community spoke with our news team
following the incident the guy was somebody where you see a lady I know
somebody we I see you’re hard listed him so when I know what he said about him we
don’t know odeon lifestyle and we know we just – listen I’m fine hot or no did
me and Sol speak with him say they panel loose so it was one leave I see now what
a clear spot this one could be easy for the police to solve the family of 17
year old Wynalda live in stunner Seaford High School student is still trying to
come to grips with his death it reported that Livingston disappeared after he
went swimming at the Marlin Bay fishing village Sunday afternoon members of the
fishing village launched a search for him however his body disappeared into
the ocean his body was recovered Monday morning one of the fishermen who aided
in the search told TVJ news that they spotted what they thought was a floating
object and upon getting so discovered it was the 17-year olds
body livingston drowning comes only a month after a similar incident in the
parish in which a twelve-year-old boy also drowned another member of the
campaign in support of people’s National Party leadership challenger Peter
bunting is reiterating that it’s time for a change of government according to
a chairman of the rise united camp and MP for South st. Andrew mark golden the
level of corruption within the Andrew Holness led government is tainting the
success of the country he contends that if Peter bunting is elected in the PNP
presidential runoff in September there will be a brighter outlook T V J’s or
Shane masters tells us more South st. Andrew member of parliament mark
according addressing constituents at his constituents s annual conference on
Sunday evening he says the present administration which
is being led by Andrew Holness has been marred by corrupt allegations mr. Gulen
contends that it’s time for the country to get a government which is trustworthy
in the meantime mr. Gordon says the last general election showed how disorganized
the PNP was despite the significant strides which he claimed had been made
by that administration and as a result some bad decisions were made tactical
mistakes and we lost that election bill and we are paying a price with comrades
because the wicked that we live has been set and a girl is reaping the
fruits that they didn’t so it was the same for PNP presidential aspirant Peter
bunting he says it has not stopped as persons are criticizing him for running
against dr. Peter Phillips but mr. bunting is adamant that is the words
being hurled at him and his campaign will not stop them but both mr. bunting
and mr. Gordon conceded that once the internal race is over on September 7 and
if a president elected the healing process will have to begin masters TVJ
news in the meantime mr. Golding is criticizing aspects of the physical
developments been undertaken by the Holness lead government he says not all
areas will receive the benefits of the improved infrastructure we need to return to office so that we
can have a program that is focused on uplifting and empowering people who are
not in the top Ameri side of society but who are the tremendous talent and
potential to rise now campaign director for the rise united camp dr. Angela
Braun Burke says it would be trouble for the party if PNP presidential aspirant
Peter bunting is not Crone victorious on September 7
the polls show us know that if they don’t then we would have a problem the
truth is that the entire how I look at it because I am a peon I know we know
what the PNC stands for the two men actual good men I believe Peter bunting
is the better choice at this point near the People’s National Party I am hoping
that in terms of the movement that he has started that there is no reversal of
that we lose our jaw dr. Braun Burke was appointed as campaign director yesterday
she was speaking this morning on power 106 FM’s morning agenda the Jamaica
Constabulary force jcf appears set to finally receive the remaining used cars
do under the controversial contract with a brand’s international car sales and
rentals this after a two-year delay National Security Minister dr. Horace
Chan told TVJ news that our brands began clearing the vehicles from the wharf
yesterday that’s the process that you know after love this goes to the lawyers
I think their work sorta with you Alden somewhat came up the mediation
involvement of getting them on the right track so I have exactly go system over
and over the kid they should be carrying all the pickles by tomorrow dr. Chang
says all the vehicles should be cleared within the next 28 days the contract was
issued to a brand in 2016 the matter was placed before mediation after the
company failed to supply the vehicles however despite being given several
deadlines to deliver the vehicles as agreed during mediation the jcf is yet
to receive the complete order the government had threatened to sue the car
dealer and we don’t take a break here on the
midday news but please stay with us we have more stories when we return welcome back continuing the news
following a damning audit report regarding financial mismanagement at
Dunn’s River Falls and Parkinson’s and the Urban Development Corporation UDC
is reporting that significant progress has been made in addressing some issues
which were identified the issues were highlighted in the audit into the
operations of the UDC subsidiary scent and development company published in
January 2019 the UDC says since the implementation of new measures they have
been improved management of sales and revenue financial systems information
technology and governance at the attraction according to a release from
the UDC the measures also yielded results including increased revenue for
the first quarter of the 2019 2020 financial year it also noted that an
image scanning solution which allows for tracking and recording of each ticket
purchased was implemented to monitor discounted local sales since February
attempts have also been made to enhance the at the location enhance security at
the location to increased use of cameras training and monitoring now Tourism
Minister Edmond Bartlett says he is in the dark about the planned takeover of
the problem plagued flight Jamaica Airways by a team of investors the team
which includes Jamaican aviation veteran Glen Logan assumed control of the
airline last week from Guyanese operators Paul and rocks and reefs TVJ
news source a response for mr. Bartlett during a news conference yesterday we
haven’t gotten that information yet we read it in the papers like everybody
else so we’re not able to react as yet but if indeed what is written in the
paper is true then that’s good news the new owners of the airline say flights
are scheduled to resume in September there’s a new wave of investment in the
Jamaican trucking industry as a deal between tank well Jamaica and
national partners has produced a fleet of brand new trucks in the island
speaking at the announcement ceremony on Friday Minister of Industry commerce
agriculture and fisheries Audley Shaw applauded the effort of the partnership
and mentioned the opportunities it now creates for Jamaicans operating in the
trucking industry trucks of different sizes different capacities can fit into
different opportunities across the economy of Jamaica the partnership
includes Chinese investors Chapman and dis funded by JN bank the fleet of
trucks includes several brands such as Chapman which covers a wide variety of
heavy-duty vehicles for the construction and transportation
Audrey Shaw added that entrepreneurs should make the best of the opportunity
and embrace the responsibilities that accompany it every entrepreneur embrace this
opportunity get new equipment protect your equipment be productive happy to be
profitable in your business the second tranche of the technology advancement
program tap was launched this morning at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in Kingston
the first phase was launched in 2017 the program seeks to create employment
opportunities for unattached and vulnerable youths through the use of
information and communications technology training and work experience
at Tuesday’s launch ceremony Technology Minister favoured Williams explained
that the new phase of tap has been bolstered through a collaboration with
another government program this time around the initiative has been joined
with the government’s training and apprenticeship program Housing
Opportunity production and employment the Hope program together the lives of
some 600 young men and women we’ll be transformed as they gain skills
and experience they will need to actively participate in a digital
society the first phase of the program saw some eight hundred and ninety
participants who either did not complete secondary school or had challenges
transitioning into the workforce of that number 667 completed the program and
were successfully placed in jobs under the on-the-job phase of the program it’s
anticipated that more participants technology from the new phase is in
keeping with the USF’s mandate under the Telecommunications Act 2012 to support
ICT programs that specifically target vulnerable groups including youth and
disabled persons this program goes to the heart of our efforts to create a
digitally inclusive and a digitally literate society we go now into news and
sports with nomination for the presidency of the Jamaica football
federation set to close in two days time a veteran and former president is
seeking to enter the race Tony James says he has been approached to challenge
incumbent Michael Ricketts Tony James has been there done that and he’s trying
to do it again if he can get the sufficient nominations ahead of
Wednesday’s deadline er the former jmf president who served between 1985 and
1992 is looking to make a late run after being called out by football interests
were not willing to sponsor the current jmf administration Shauna one of these
people wouldn’t help to support the youth program but he needs a vibrant
youth program he needs to have accountability it doesn’t want his money
been sorted away because he has spent a lot of it and year seen nothing much for
his investment and he wants to make sure that if he’s going to help finance youth
program that these things are in place at age 67 James could be considered too
to be seeking officer gana but he says the younger people are afraid to
challenge the incumbent more than one term less than that to restructure
football a Desilu in for more than one term because they are younger people
much brighter than me yeah people existing in the GFF who should putting
himself forward before you have to have respect to the senior judge those have
kept the game going and it’s not just age that could be
against James but the time in which he has to launch his Challenger James says
the current voting system which sees only parish presidents casting votes is
flawed as women’s football representation has been locked out
James was speaking on hits 92 FM’s current affairs program Sports Grille on
Monday Karen Madden TV Jays sports and that’s
the midday news I’m Herman green remember to join us at 7:00 for the
prime time news package on behalf of the newsperson production teams good

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  1. I'm tired of these waste men murdering our women and children. The government need to send a strong message.

  2. Pnp telling people what they gonna do if they win election, things they never did the last time they were in power….

  3. My father is the biggest labourite he gets upset that i think Manley was a great man and that Pernell Charles was also good people who loves only one party and don't see that they are being used are folks like my father

  4. Dear, Mr. Golding. You are no longer talking to the undereducated or colour voting generation. We know the JLP is not the most corrupt government Jamaica has ever had. Please don't insult our intelligence. Instead of talk about who's more corrupt you should focus on what your party will do to make our lives better. Thank you….

  5. Jamaicans need to lower those high walled off yards and houses that they have adopted from our colonizers. People don't know or communicate with each other. These high walls were instituted by the Europeans/British who lived behind these high walls and did not want to have anything to do with the black people. We have continued this practice to our detriment. When you go home behind those walls people in the neighborhoods don't get to know one another and learn to care and look out for one another.

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  9. Mark Golding, I believe the two cases of corruption being highlighted are unfortunate and unacceptable. That said, AH actually got rid if both… overtly or covertly!
    Now, what happened to the PNP politicians that were engaged in alleged corrupt practices? They were never dismissed! Some remained in the background while others are so brave and dry-eyed to remain in the foreground! Reflect on these few great names names: Kern Spencer, Richard Azan, Omar "run wid it" Davies, Bobby "chicken feed" Pickersgill (Trafigura), Phillip "youthful exuberance" Paulwell, PJ "I shall return" Patterson, Former Lucea Mayor…etc!
    Mark Golding, remember the financial institution you, Perter and Chris ran? Did you guys benefit from FINSAC Assets after Omar Davies caused that astronomical collapse that ruined many lives and businesses!

  10. Social barriers broke down!! Come on blessed citizens let's choose our friends and mate carefully and prevent yourself from being the next victim!!

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  13. What about the neighbors, there is unwritten agreement of society, you rescue your neighbor, you hear people calling for help, you come out one by one, two by two, to protect each other. It's is shame to see a woman crying out in distress, and no one came, that's a national disgrace.

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