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Tung Ho “Leon” Lau – Hong Kong – EF Academy Oxford

Being in EF Oxford, it actually prepares
you for the university life in the sense that a lot of designs of the courses and
how they are contacting the lessons and of course the administrative work is
more or less similar to that of universities. For example, you have got
free periods which you can actually decide on how to utilize your own time
and they are trying to encourage you to participate in a lot of extracurricular
activities which is great because life is not only about studying and getting
you know face valued marks it’s more of being a person. Being in the Student Council is actually a great experience especially as a you know a role of a
leader because actually allows me to you know review the problems actually
existing in the Student Council building up political infrastructures and to
build a better communication channels with the school. One of the greatest
opportunity I’ve ever had in years that I travelled with the school to Peru to
participate in the Global Youth Summit where there are a lot of you know
international students gathering together and discussing hot topics
around the world like globalization and leadership and such topics. It’s
a really great opportunity to travel to another continent to be honest I haven’t
traveled to America’s before not even the state so it’s a excellent
opportunity for me to explore other part of the world as well as gaining some you
know intellectual exchange with other students. The very first thing that I found interesting is that it actually gives me
an opportunity to you know jump out of my comfort zone, my little bubble where I
can stay in you know economics and business and things like that. For
example, English Literature, as mentioned, because of IB the program itself it is
designed for people to build up all of our skills and knowledge and that really
gives me a great opportunity to explore new things and to achieve a level where I personally haven’t thought of before and it’s really

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