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Hello, busy people! Hit the bell icon and never miss any update
from me. Yours truly, Mahatalli. The kids are late for tuition even today.
I hope they all pay me my fees today. Hey, Chakrapani. Please, be seated.
– Good evening, teacher. Take out your books.
– I’m done with the home work. Great! Practice math today. Good evening, teacher.
– Good evening. Shit! Teacher..
– What did you forget this time? I took out all my books to study all night.
I forgot to put them back. How could you forget your books?
Didn’t you feel your backpack being light? I didn’t as I was immersed
in the concepts I learnt last night. Cut it!
Go and get your books. Quick! Wonder by when he’ll be back.
By the way, Chakrapani.. I wish all pupils were as focused as you are.
– And I wish you are as focused as he is. Hello, sir. How are you?
– I thought you’d help my son improve in physics. Am I not?
– Yesterday, he unlocked the lid of the cooker without letting out the pressure.
That lid hit me on my face. He doesn’t even know how a cooker works.
– I teach him physics, not how to cook. I wish that was true. Previously, he used to get ‘B’ grades.
But now, he’s only getting ‘F’ grades. There have been no ‘F’s
so far in my family. Family without F
is called as ‘Amily’. Who is that dumbass?
Don’t be friends with him. My name is not dumbass.
It is Chakrapani. Like I give a damn.
– Chakrapani, stick to your books. I can understand, sir. I’ll ensure
he improves his grades. Be seated, Babloo. I doubt that.
He is in grade 10. Still, he doesn’t know multiplication tables.
– Nonsense! I taught them all till 20th table. Is it?
What is 13 times 13? Dad, she only taught us
till 10th table. There you go.
All kids are smart, except my son. Don’t worry, sir. I’ll take care of him.
I can understand you. I hope you understand me
and pay me my fees. I’ve to pay you a 4-digit fees
while he keeps securing 1-digit marks? I won’t pay you a penny,
unless he scores well in pre-boards. That means you won’t pay me a penny.
Whatever! Be seated. Good evening, teacher!
– How come you’re in your school uniform? My school lets us out at 4PM.
I reach home by 4:30PM. I’m hardly finding any time
to change into other clothes before heading here. Unless you wear comfortable clothes,
you can’t focus well here. Hasn’t Gauthami arrived yet?
– You flirt son of a.. Cut it! I’m asking because
teacher is peeling veggies all by herself. I see! I thought you were hitting on her.
– May I come in, teacher? You may come in, Gauthami. Neither does your mom pay my fees on time,
neither do you come to tuition on time. My mom said she’ll pay you by tomorrow.
– Alright! What’s the syllabus for your next test? I’m prepared for my next test, teacher.
What are you cooking? Do you need any help? Of course, not! Peel it this way. Peel it and put it here.
– You mean like this? Good evening, teacher.
– How come you’re so late, Neha? This is a tuition center,
not movies that you arrive so late. I apologize on her behalf.
– Oh, no! Nevermind. I also brought your fees.
Give it to her. It’s no issue if you pay me late.
I never insist on my fees being paid on time. That’s nice!
Study hard, my child. I’ll take your leave then.
– Sure. Hey there!
– Hey! Be seated. Perks she gets
for being the landlord’s daughter. So, what will you study today?
– I’ll finish my home work today. Sure, do your home work.
After all, this your home. Teacher, you said you’d check our home works.
– Are you all done with your home works? Teacher, he didn’t even start his home work.
– Bring here that Oreo pack and your books. Bro, atleast give me one biscuit!
– Hold on. Are you done with the home work?
Give me that packet. Is the home work done? Show me your home work.
Why are you extending your hand forward? Because you cane all those
who don’t do their home works. Yes! That’s correct! Why does your dad say you don’t know
the 13th table? Recite it to me. 13 times 1 is 13.
13 times 2 is 26. 13 times 3 is..
– What is 13 times 3? You don’t even know 13 times 3
and your dad asks you what 13 times 13 is. Go and learn the 13th table.
– Sure, teacher. Shame that you all still don’t know tables
despite being in grade 10. Bunty, show me your home work.
– Well, teacher, I.. Forgot the book at home?
– Exactly! You senseless idiot.
Aren’t you bored of coming up with the same excuse? I’m bored of hearing the same excuse.
You sensless idiot! As a punishment, do the homework 10 times.
– When will I even find time to study then? Neha, did you finish your home work?
– Teacher, I forgot my book. What!
I can understand. People keep forgetting stuff. Why do we get punished and not she
for coming up with the same excuse? She wouldn’t have punished us either,
had we paid the fees. In 15 minutes time,
I’ll conduct a test for you all. I’ll be back in two minutes.
– Teacher, I’ll get this for you. Put it on the dining table.
– Okay, teacher. 5 more minutes to go for the test. Also, the test questions would range
from the entire syllabus. So, be prepared. Teacher, look at him shout.
Bro, answers need to be learnt, not recited. Chakrapani, don’t read out stuff.
– I tend to forget stuff if I don’t read it out. If you keep shouting, I tend to forget stuff.
– If you read it out, you’ll disturb the other pupils. So, don’t read it out.
– Anyway, why is Sin^2+Cos^2 equal to 1? What do you mean why? That is the formula.
– What about the derivation of this formula? Who taught you this formula?
– My teacher at school. Then go ask him, not me. Teacher, I got doubts in Physics.
– From which chapter? From the sound chapter.
– Teacher, I got doubts in Chemistry. From which chapter?
– Carbon compounds. Are you thorough with carbon compounds?
– Yes, I am. Are you thorough with sound?
– Yes, I am. In that case, you both clarify
each other’s doubts. In case you have doubts,
ask me. Time is up, Bunty and Babloo.
Close your notes. Open your rough notes, Bunty.
I’ll give you a problem. You’ve to solve it in 5 minutes.
– Sure. ‘If the volume of the bucket
is 30 litres’ ‘and if the water is flowing
at the rate of 2 litres per minute’ ‘how long would it take
to fill the bucket.’ Solve this problem.
– I’ve a doubt. Which subject is this problem from? It is from social studies.
– I see. It is from the ‘India’s Partition’ chapter.
– I see. You, idiot! That is a math problem.
Where else would you get volume related problems? Don’t you even know which subject it is from?
– Now I know. You’ve become so hopeless.
– Teacher.. What is it you want? I was wondering why you didn’t
go on a loo break yet. Close your books and take out your rough note.
Write down the question. Did you learn the periodic table as I instructed?
– Well, teacher.. No wonder.
Write down the question. ‘Name the 1st 25 elements
of periodic table.’ 25 elements!
– You’ve got 5 minutes’ time. Let me check your answers.
Get me your book. I won’t spare you if your answers are wrong.
– Only if my answers are wrong. Are you sure you didn’t cheat?
– How can I? I was right before you. Alright, recite these 25 elements. H..
HeLiBeB.. Come again?
– HeLiBeB. It means He, Li.. You don’t even know the periodic table?
What in the world is HeLiBeB? Do you even know what chemistry is?
Tell me what we humans inhale? We inhale Oxygen.
– Good. And what is its atomic number? How will I know?
I don’t even know my dad’s phone number. Stop being a smartmouth..
– Teacher! What?
– 3 minutes 36 seconds is the answer. I appreciate your confidence.
But your answer is wrong. Wrong?
– How did you solve it anyway? Well, I.. Such pointless resourcefulness
you all got. Anyway, times up. Let’s call it a day.
– Sure, teacher. Where do you think you are going?
Sit here! Sit right here! Everyone else may leave.
Be here by 5PM tomorrow. And don’t forget to bring the fees.
– Teacher, are you wrapping it up already? Where have you been?
– I went to get my books. It took you 3 hours
to get your books? You, too, go home now. But don’t forget to get
all the books tomorrow. Bye, teacher..
– Listen children.. Either get me the fees tomorrow
or don’t come tomorrow. Hydrogen, Helium..
– Hello, ma’am. Hello, sir.
– Have the children left? Just a while ago.
– My daughter said I’ve to pay you your fees. She said you’ve got financial troubles.
Where is my daughter, by the way? Teacher, here is your cup of tea.
Hi, dad! You don’t lift a finger at home
but, here, you make her tea? You’re clueless about which chemical when reacted
with which chemical gives raise to which molecule but you know well which dal
goes well with what. How could you make kids do your chores?
I’ll lodge a case under ‘Child Labour’ act against you. Mom, I’m done with my tuition.
What is for dinner? Beans fry! Beans fry?
Is she your daughter? Even you know you’re a bad teacher,
so you got your daughter enrolled elsewhere. I know how to deal with people like you.
I’ll teach you a proper lesson. Move it!
– Screw that girl. Hey, guys! So, that was our take
on tuitions. Infact, back in school,
I attended a couple of tuitions myself. I’m sure you all would’ve aswell.
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