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TSP’s College Ka Aakhri Din

Bro! Atleast today you should have
had the breakfast from mess. Today is the… Last day of college. What? Last day of college 4 years of college are over? 4 years of college are over. Nice… I have to pack my bag, need to clear the debts. Complete the assignment. Wait, Which assignment now? Need to go to potty, brush my teeth. It’s the last day of college. Should I bathe? What difference does it
make if I bathe or not? It’s the inner sould
which should be clean. I’ll use the deodorant. They made a fool out of me. Son you should take up metallurgy. there is a lot of scope. What f**kshit Neither am I getting a
job nor anything else. I hope father doesn’t
call me back to village. I should pursue M.Tech! No No.. Which is that field which requires a lot of
fees and lets us do a lot of shitty things. MBA! Yes MBA! I’ll pursue MBA. Or else ill go to Vipasana Then I’ll think what I need to
do in life relaxing at home. After all big things take time. Sir! How do girls manage to look so
beautiful coming to the final year. Oh shit! This is the girl
from CS division. Today I’m definately
going to talk to her. It’s the last day of college. I’m not that ugly. I’ll go with confidence and tell her.. Why is she looking towards me? Oh shit! She is coming towards me. What should I say? I love you… No no…It
will sound very childish Will you be my children’s mother?
What am I saying? No no She is laughing She is smiling. Why is she smiling? What was I suppose to do or say? Ketchup! Don’t know how guys turn d**k
head coming to the final year. Oh, she needed ketchup. I made a fool out of myself. F**k cigarettes worth Rs.3500. It must be Deepak and Vinod They added it into
my account and left. That’s why the bill is so huge. What do you want? you
want these sun glasses. I pray to god that no one
gets these kind of friends. What’s the need to get so emotional? It’s just college life getting over. Infact it’s good, now there would be No assignement submission, No attendance issues, No more eating of the
dirty mess food. And also no more sharing
of dirty rooms. Ill stay with my family and with manners. New job, New place, New life. Everything will be sorted. All good. This is the simplest. So u mean this is coming in exam? Brother this is coming
for sure in the exam. So when will you all let
me know about this. Where is the book for this?
Which subject is this? – How can he even miss this kind of a match.
– You didn’t watch it? – No man!
– You want to watch it? Ohh! Today reaaly is the last day of college. Din’t notice how these 4 years
of college went by so fast. But whatever it is they were
the best moments of life. and they will
always be the best.

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100 thoughts on “TSP’s College Ka Aakhri Din

  1. College canteen ki maggi, lectures ki proxy, hostel ki shararatein…
    Itni saari pyaari yaadein.

    Agar college ko miss karte ho toh iss video lo like kardo!

  2. Mere ex k yaad dila di..Marte dam tak pyar karunga…Don't worry avi shadi nhi kya..keh sakta hu…but ro raha hu..kuch yaad college time ki..dost pyar saitani dadagiri etc..

  3. Life is an lesson but hostel life is an experience and joy where we live like a family cheers of joy and do lots of balchodi, sometime we think to ran away from school but now my eyes felt with tears while refreshing back after watching videos, since school time I am living in hostel….. "backchodi aur pyar jahan hota hai wahi hostel hota hai" still missing the last day of college" thanks for refreshing my memories.

  4. Sala ek baat to pakka sach h
    4 saal baad lagta to h kat gya BC apna
    But hum ab bhi ready h dubara katwane ko🤣😂😘🤣😂
    Best life experience

  5. if you can then please make a video on when last few days left of the college and in the hostel with our bhailog making all a promise not leave each other, I think this is the most emotional moments of engineers untill their graduation. that would be the best thing to give someone a nostalgia.

  6. In my post graduation, I didn't had gr8 hostel friends as we both were far apart streamwies, but my college friends were are my life. After10 years of college, we still are each other's backbone, I remember, we sat in a park from morning till8:00, it was raining but we still sat in a shade as no one was willing to leave. I can still live that phase of my life now 'n' number of times.

  7. @4:58, that was on my last day at the accomodation. I just sat there. With nothing in my room other than two bags packed. And the sound of silence. Mera bhi exactly yehi haal tha. I literally ended up takaing pictures of the emptiness in my room. The empty wardrobe, drawers and table. Everything.

  8. 😍😍😘😘very nice.. Felt the same.. Hahaha.. I was called as BaBa in college.. Even some female teacher used to ask where is Bawa today.. Hahahahah

  9. Are BC…senti kr diya yrr….last day in hostel… everything packed and ready to leave…….
    everything froze….. and college khtm

  10. Hostel chodne ke baad i had PTSD
    bhenchod abhi bhi sapne mei hostel pahuch hi jata hoon dimag se nikal hi nahi paa raha woh time

  11. Such me bhai me avi first year me hu ajj v muje school ki bhut jyada yadd ati h or rona v a jata yrr bo dost bo yade bo bakchodi yrr kya khu or ha bo crush bhai such teacher ki bate rona a jata h or ajj v mai collage ke first year me hu ajj mai yhi sochta ki jindigi ke char sal bche h bus jene ke liye fir to race ke godhe bannna padega

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