Trying 9 FUNNY SCHOOL PRANKS! PRANK WARS!!!! By Crafty Panda!
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Trying 9 FUNNY SCHOOL PRANKS! PRANK WARS!!!! By Crafty Panda!

– Hey guys, how you doing? My name is Robby. This is my craft corner and today my buddy Johnny is over. And, the last time I had him over I pulled a few funny pranks on him. So this time I’m gonna pull some more but I have to be a little bit
more cautious when I do it. So let’s do this. ♪ This is the place ♪ ♪ For all there is to face ♪ ♪ I couldn’t help them if I tried ♪ (yelling) – Okay guys, so here’s our Coke. Let’s just go ahead and
open that up really quick. Okay cool. Put that off to the side. Here’s our Mentos. Our needle and thread. Let’s just get one of these guys. Ah ha! Put that through here. It’s a little harder than I thought. Hope I don’t stab myself. Here we go. Yes! We did it! Okay, cool. Cut the string. Boop! Okay now we have to carefully put it inside of this without
dropping the Mentos in. Let’s see if we can do it. Ready? Awesome! Let’s go test this out on Johnny. Be really careful with this. One wrong move and this could explode. Oh Johnny Glover! – Oh, hi Robby. – Oh hi Johnny. I see that you are uh, cleaning my grill and I truly appreciate it. – Oh, no problem. – Would you like a, a refreshing Coca Cola for helping me uh, clean? – Oh, that would be amazing. That sounds so good right now. Robby! Robby! Robby! – You’ve been pranked! – Why would did you do this?! – Take that! It’s good? Do you like it? Oh no! Hahaha. – It’s pretty good. It’s pretty good. (glugging) – You’ve been pranked! – Thank you so much. This is so good. – Well, have fun. I’ll see you later. – Can I have a new one? – Oh no no no no! See you! Goodbye Johnny! (instrumental upbeat music) (yelling) – Okay so, this was the only hollow chocolate I could find. It’s a giant Ferrero Rocher. Not sponsored by the way. Instead of using mustard, I think I’m gonna go ahead
and use barbecue sauce. That way he can’t tell the difference. Okay, so I’m just gonna go ahead and uh, take this off I guess. Yes! Then we’re gonna go
ahead and get a drill. Drill the bottom. Here we go. Wish me luck. Hope this
doesn’t get everywhere. (drilling) Oh crud! (drilling noises) Yes! Okay yeah looks good. Now we just get our barbecue sauce and put it in there. Here we go. Oh man! This ……. is going to be awful. Okay so I put about half
the bottle in there. I’m not sure exactly how I’m going to seal this up. I didn’t think about that. Maybe if I use some of this tin foil, that’ll work? Let’s go ahead and hot
glue some of that tin foil. Well, I have to wait for this to heat up. Awwwwwww. Dang it! Okay, yeah,
let’s glue this puppy on. Okay, just uh, put that on there. Slap that on. Ow! Man that’s hot! That looks good. Now I’m just gonna hot glue
this back on. (sound effects) Yeah looks pretty. Ow! Okay, I’m gonna go
ahead and let the hot glue cool down a little bit. Then we’ll try it out on Johnny. Hey Johnny! I got you something! – Oh, what is this? Would you like to try it? – Uh, is it chocolate? I got you this giant chocolate! – Oh, sweet, yeah I’d love this. Open it up! I want to, I
want to watch you eat it. – Okay, how do I even open
this? Is it a prank that I don’t know how to open it? I don’t know. I’ve never
actually had one of these before. – Uh, oh, wait, I got, I got it! Ahhhhh! Uh…Do I need scissors? I think you might need scissors. – Alright. Oh! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! – Whoa! Why is it all golden? That’s crazy! Whoa! God! I guess it’s stuck on the bottom. Here, maybe, how do you open this thing? This was a lot more
complicated than I thought. – I know! Give me the chocolate. You’ve got this chocolate! You can…. – Ohh…oh gosh! Oh my gosh, this is so hard! Why, why did they make
this so hard to open? – Yeah, um, I don’t know. Wait, wait, wait, is this… (yelling) Okay, I got it. Okay,
that should just pop off. – Whoa! Yeah! Yeah, I know! Isn’t
that a lot of chocolate? – That’s a lot of chocolate. Holy crud! – That’s a lot of chocolate. Wow! Here, take a bite! – I just, just eat it? Just take a big ol… (sound effects) It’s good? – I mean, it’s fine, yeah…. Is it? – Tastes kinda weird… What’s in it? (yelling) You’ve been pranked! – Oh, there’s sauce on it! (ahhhh!) It’s sauce inside of it! What is this?! You would have never known! – Eeeeeew! I got you! – There’s sauce inside the chocolate! It’s barbecue sauce! – Ahh….that’s really gross. You gotta it right at
like, the peak area too. – Ahh, it’s all over my mouth! Mmm, the actual chocolate is pretty good. – I think I’ll have some more. Yeah? You want some barbecue sauce? You thought it was
chocolate sauce didn’t you? – I thought it was like chocolate sauce. In his defense it does kinda look like chocolate sauce. Well, guys, I guess we can say that this one works! You’ve been pranked! – That was gross. (upbeat music) – Whew! Okay guys, so
here’s our plastic wrap, here’s our duct tape. Let’s go ahead and put this on here. I don’t think Johnny
will ever suspect this. (sound effects) Here we go. Plastic wrap is so hard
to use. Oh my goodness! Here we go. (sound effects) Okay, yeah, it looks pretty good. You can’t really even see it, so let’s go ahead and
test this out on Johnny. ♪ Oh, Johnny Gerber!! ♪ – [Johnny] Yeah? Can you come out and play? – No. (suspenseful music) (door creaks open) You’ve been pranked! – (chuckles) Why’d you do this? Because I just love pranking you! – You got me. You never saw it coming. – I like it. Can you do
this to all the doors? (both laugh) Well guys I guess we could
say that this one works! (upbeat music) – Alright you guys, so here’s
our frog, I just gotta unwrap it really quick. Aha! Perfect. We got
ourselves a chocolate frog. Here’s out string, it’s kind
of invisible so you can’t really see it that well. Anyway,
we just uh go ahead and tie this onto our frog, just like this. (sound effects) Wow! That really sticks! Dang! It kind of looks like
a jumping frog, wow that’s pretty realistic actually.
Okay! Let’s go try this out on Johnny. (whispering) Okay guys, so
Johnny’s just chillin over there so that gives us the perfect
opportunity to prank him. Let’s do this! (sound effects) Hey Johnny Gilbert! – [Johnny] What? How are you doing? – I’m fine. Just chillin. Would you like to go somewhere,
like on a walk maybe? – We can go on a walk. Let’s go! – Okay. Whoa! Holy shhh..oh my god! Oh my god, is that a frog? Oh my god! – Whoa! Whoa! Johnny! Johnny it’s
chasing after you! Johnny! Grab it! Johnny grab it, it’s a
frog! Oh my god, oh my god. Johnny, here, you want
to pet it? It’s fake. – It’s fake? You’ve been pranked! I got you! – Is this gonna be everyday?
Is this my life now is just getting pranked? (laughing) Hey Johnny. It’s everyday bro. (upbeat music) Okay guys, I’m currently in
the guest bathroom right now, we got our glue, let’s go
ahead and try this. So, I think they kind of just, open this
up a lot, ohhh this is harder than it looks. With one hand,
okay, we just go ahead and get our hand and pour a
bunch of glue on there, and currently we just kinda shove
it all in there. Just like that. I don’t think Johnny will
ever see this coming. How am I supposed to wash my hands
off now? I think the real prank was on me ’cause now my hands
are all gross. Anyway, let’s go test this out on
Johnny. Oh Johnny Gilbert! – [Johnny] Hi! I bet your hands are
really dirty aren’t they? – Uh, yes. You should go wash them right now! – Okay, I will, I will! ( sound effects ) You need to wash your hands
’cause they’re so dang dirty! – Yeah, that’s a great point, uh Oh wow! That didn’t work at all! – Why is it so milky? I originally put glue on it. – What was it supposed to do? It was supposed to, here I’ll,
I’ll show you really quick. – Okay. It didn’t do that at all! – Yeah, that didn’t happen. Well guys I guess we’re gonna have to say that this one doesn’t work. (upbeat music) Okay, so luckily for us, Johnny
just kinda leaves his phone everywhere. So, uh, (hehehe) too easy. Okay so we have Johnny’s phone,
here are the rubber bands, now we just gotta put all these bad boys on
there. I don’t think Johnny will ever see this coming! Yes!
All these rubber bands! (sound effects) Okay! Yeah! That looks pretty
good! Let’s go ahead and test this out on Johnny. (whispering)
Okay guys, so Johnny’s hanging out right down there
playing ukulele. Let’s go put his phone back. Okay guys, now we just
have to call Johnny. Oh my god Johnny! You’re
phone is going off! – Robby.. How are you going to answer it now? – Oh Wow! Uh….ahh! Hello? Oh hey Johnny! How’s it goin? Muahahaha! What are you going to do Johnny? Are you
going to take them off? – Robby, this little rubber
band, this is your project why don’t you take them off? How about I put more on? – No! No! No! No! No! Uh, I
can, I can do it. I got it. No, I insist, I’ll put even more on there. – No, no I think I’m good
Robby, I don’t need ya to put more on it. Uh, just get away from me. No trying to come back, gimme
your phone! No, gimme your phone! (sound effects) Whew! Okay guys now it’s
everyone’s favorite part of the video, we grade the thumbnail! WHOOO! Oh my god! That’s my favorite part too! Yeah! It’s everyone’s favorite part. Get out of here! (sound effects) Okay, now that he’s gone,
here’s our plastic wrap. Now, I need someone to help
me put this over my face. Victoria Brandsky!!! I’m gonna go get her. K Toria Brandsky, um, and I
need you to do this without like, you know, suffocating
me, if, that, that’s like preferred, if we can do that. – We need to make some
little nose holes then. Exactly. Oh! I also
need to change my shirt. (sound effects) What were you doing? – Nothing. What were you doing? – Nothing! Toria Brandsky, I need to
know what you were doing? Ohh god! – (laughing) Oooooo, this is really
dangerous guys, don’t do this at home! – Ohh, there’s like no good
way of doing it without suffocating you Robby. Oh god, that’s so scary.
Getting a little claustrophobic here. I think we’re getting to
our ending right now…stop! Stop! No, we’re good. – We have to finish this side. (mumbling) okay, we’re good, okay, okay. – (laughing) Ohh… – There you go. Is that good? I can’t tell. – Oh, it’s beautiful.
You look great Robby. Okay, uh, can you help me take the photo? – I’ll try. I can’t even see. – (laughing) (sound effects) Okay guys, thanks so much for
watching the video, if you liked it, make sure you give
us a thumbs up right down there. If you guys liked this
video, you guys wanna watch me do even more fun live hacks
crafts and pranks, I have a whole playlist taken of me
doing them right here. If you guys are new make sure you hit
that subscribe button, if you guys wanna subscribe to Johnny,
you can click right here. Okay guys, love you so much,
I’ll see you guys again real soon! Peace, love and wifi. Okay, bye! Ahhh.

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