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TRY NOT TO LAUGH – Best BACK TO SCHOOL Fails Compilation 2018 | Funny Vines

*multiple people talking* “Turn faster Megan” “MY GOD” *screams* “OH HO” *wheezing laughter* “KEHKEK KEKEK” *multiple people speaking* *vulture scream* “OHHHH OOHOOHOOHOO” *screaming laughter* “He said number 2!” Oh he hops on the rail? OH YEAH! Ohohooh *CRASH* “ohhOH” *muffled* “Oh Jesus…” “dOn’t fALL MekAYLa” OH MY GAWHD “I’ll be damned” “OH! my god” *whimpering screeching* some kid in the backgrond: “what the fuck?” Teacher: We need more books, it’s gonna hold! *happy screaming children* *horrified screaming children* Teacher: you need to point to the words. k? Teacher: Luke I’m going to clip you down. Teacher: Stop. *Girls singing* dude in background: He actually put a hole in the floor *crowd roars in excitement* “OHHHH FAIL!” “no fucking way” “HELLO AND WELCOME” “TO MAYHEM CIRCUS!” *auditorium bursts in laughter* “testing” “one two” “oh damn” “I didn’t do anythi-” Teacher: are you okay?
dude: yeah. “GWRLTFORBO AHHHH” “Kay so, my son took a nap. *small laugh* “It’s 7 o’clock and night” “and he thinks it’s 7 o’clock in the morning” “he- he woke up” “and got ready for school” “Kiam.” “What’re you doing?” “Kiam” Kiam: what? *laughing* “what’re you doing?” Kiam: what do you mean what am I doing? “What are you doing right now?” Kiam: *irritated* waiting for the bus! *mom giggles* *entire class starts screaming* woman: *laughing* are you okay? “Oh my god!” other person: “ohhhh” You’re scared 1, 2, 3 “LET’S GO!” “AHHH” “DO IT!” quiet dude: I’ll stay right here “ANTHONY HEY ARE YOU ALRIGHT? *cheering/singing* *laughter* Teacher: Hey knuckleheads! Teacher: knock it off *laughter continues* child: drop it in three t-
Teacher: wait, w-w-w wait *child laughing* “okay ready? ready, set, go!” “Y’gotta break it Drew” Parent in back: Let’s go! ready? BREAK! Parent in back: HAUGH! everyone: ohhhhh… *single note playing* “w-w-w-w-wait!” R- GO! AUGHHHH daaaamn “think that’s the principal” “awww” “he did it on purpose! *robotic voice* And Andy is going to touch that door *robotic voice* hinge thing with his head So, one! two! alright ready? set go! 2,3,4,5,6 YOU RETARDED! ow fuck woaOah! *clapping and laughter* HUEHEHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA “oh shit” “hit me we’ll be called chumps too many chopped woods such” standing woman: give me audience good madam! “he can’t even stop it” ah! “ARGH!” other dude: holy fucking shit *toddlers singing “heads, shoulders knees and toes” HEY THEARE VICTOOOOOOOOORIAAA MAHHH HEAD ON THE PLANE Well, you can finish after you start my final You’re on my time now Alright, you need to separate *airhorn/whoopie cushion* *students burst in laughter*
What the heck was that? hurry up! “are you okay?!” *singing happy birthday in Spanish*

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