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Try Not to Fail Challenge #2 | Back To School Edition

– I don’t do well
under pressure. – (FBE) Yeah.
And 25 seconds. – BAH!
– What’s 16 times 16? This is so [bleep] hard.
– That’s not right. Jeez! ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) We are going to be doing
a Try Not to Fail challenge. – I fail at a lot in life.
I’m not good at most things. I don’t know why I’m so excited.
I actually really liked the last one. – (FBE) We’re going to be
presenting you with a series of tasks, and they will all
be back-to-school themed. – Uh-oh. (chuckles)
– Yup, definitely gonna fail. You’re choosing the guy
that dropped out of college not once, but twice.
– Wow! I haven’t been back to school in, like, half a decade,
so I’m definitely gonna fail at least some of these.
– (FBE) We’ll present you with a series of school-related tasks
that you must not fail at. When you fail, you’ll be out
for that round, but you will come back for the next thing,
and you will get a strike. The person with the least strikes
is the winner. – Okay, cool. I’m curious
to see if it’s all gonna just be like math and just problems
or if it’s gonna be like, “Oh, you have to pack a bag.
You have to fold your laundry” and stuff.
– (FBE) Well, are you ready? – I’m a little nervous now. My anxiety’s just
shooting up right now. I’m hoping they’re easy,
but knowing you guys, I’m pretty sure there’s
gonna be some weird [bleep]. (chuckles)
– (FBE) For your first task, this will be based on dorm life!
– Ooh, okay. I never lived in a dorm.
– (FBE) So, for this first round, we’re going to see if you can
fold all of these shirts in one minute.
– What? – I literally leave my laundry
in a basket for the full week until it’s pretty much gone.
– This sounds so lame. I love folding things,
so this is great. – (FBE) Your time starts now.
– Typical college kid. I guess I’m doing this sitting down,
’cause I’m lazy, huh? – (FBE) All right. So, I remember
you gotta fold in– I’m trying to do the Hot Topic method.
You gotta do this, and then you gotta fold the bottom,
and then you gotta fold it over. And that’s a [bleep] T-shirt.
Don’t look at how straight the edges are.
– See, I’m a very just, like, if it fits in the drawer,
it’s fine kind of gal. (chuckles) You can squeeze it.
You can put it in a ball. Especially if they’re T-shirts
like this, like pajama shirts, let’s just shove it
in a drawer. It’s fine. – Oh god, oh god,
oh god, okay. Eh! Two.
– Are these are all FBE shirts? – This is really confusing.
Buy our merch! – Just keep it nice
and clean on the edges. Who cares what the middle looks like?
– And then I could always toss it in the dryer if it’s wrinkly,
get it a little bit wet. That’s what I do.
– I’m super OCD too, so I’m like, “I have to do a good job,
but also, there’s a time limit.” – This is stressing me out,
’cause I’m not folding them right! – But that’s fine.
It’s all gonna go in a hamper anyway. This one’s already folded.
That was a cheat right there. Let’s go.
– Hey, actually, this is not looking too bad.
I’m proud of myself. – I don’t do well under pressure.
– (FBE) Yeah. And 25 seconds. – BAH!
– (panting) Heavy breathing.
This is a workout. – Oh my god.
My arms are tired. – Pffft! – Gotta take some time on that one.
– (FBE) You did it with five seconds left.
– (sighs loudly) I don’t like that at all. – (FBE) And you did it
with three seconds left. – Oh, crap! Oh my god.
Why am I shaking doing folding? – This is the most workout
I’ve got in the past week. I’m not even gonna lie.
– (FBE) Damn, son! You did it at the last second.
– Oh, for real? – (FBE) Three, two, one!
(buzzer) – NOOO!
I had two left! Oh! Why?!
(buzzer) – (FBE) You were so close.
– Almost there! (laughs) (buzzer)
– I think I got a D-. For some students,
that’s good enough. And I’m one of those students.
(buzzer) – (FBE) All right.
So, these next two challenges will be based around
English class prep. – Okay. I’m pretty good
at English. I can English. – I speak English,
so I don’t know how bad I could do. …How poorly I could do?
– (FBE) This all gonna be based on things you definitely
should’ve learned in high school or probably relearned
your first term of college. (chuckles) – That’s great, because I dropped
out of high school and college. This is great.
– Texting has ruined my ability (laughs) to speak proper English.
– (FBE) For this next round, we are going to give you
some sentences with missing words. You’ll need to fill in
the proper usages of there/their/they’re,
your and you’re, or its and it’s.
– Okay. You know what? Tumblr days, people really made
this a thing, so it’s gonna test my knowledge
and how I good took lessons from those days.
– The brown dog loves… – Oh, would it be
its bone or their bone? – The dog’s bone,
so it’s going to be a version of their,
but it’s not they are. – T-H-E-I-R.
– (FBE) That’s incorrect. (buzzer)
– T-H-E-I-R. – (FBE) There is only
one dog in this sentence. So, it is “The brown dog
loves its bone.” – That’s stupid.
(buzzer) – I-T, apostrophe, S?
– (FBE) That is wrong. (buzzer).
– It’s not “it is bone,”
so it’s just its without the apostrophe.
– (FBE) Correct! – See? (snaps)
– The brown dog loves its bone. – (FBE) Say which its?
– The one without the apostrophe. – (FBE) Yes!
– I-T-S, no apostrophe? – (FBE) Correct!
– Okay. (chuckles) – I-T-S.
– (FBE) Yeah. – The brown dog
loves its bone. – The dogs lost…
their toys. T-H-E-I-R.
– (FBE) Correct! – See?
– T-H-E-I-R? – (FBE) Correct!
– Okay. – T-H-E-I-R.
– (FBE) Great! – T-H-E-I-R.
I almost spelled it wrong! (chuckles) That’s not even grammar.
– The fox stole… is this “your sock”?
Y-O-U-R. – (FBE) Correct!
– Y-O-U-R? – (FBE) Correct!
– (sighs in relief) – Y-O-U-R.
– (FBE) Great. You did it!
You passed! – Okay. See, I’m not the smartest,
but I do know the difference between there–
When people bully you for being wrong,
that’s how you learn. – Dogs should be considered “their.”
That’s all I’m saying. “Its” is derogatory for dogs,
’cause they are souls. – (FBE) All right. So,
for this next round, we will be giving you
one-sentence descriptions of books, and you will have
to guess what book we’re talking about.
These are all books you should have read
in high school at some point. – [Bleep]. I didn’t
read any of ’em. (chuckles) I just watched the movies.
– God. I hope it’s the one book that I have tattooed on me.
“Stay gold, Ponyboy” from The Outsiders.
So, there’s a chance that I have been studying.
– “Man creates new life, abandons it, and must live
with the horrific consequences of his actions.”
– I might just throw out a random book that I remember
being out there. The Giver? – (FBE) Nope.
(buzzer) – Is it Of Mice and Men?
– (FBE) Nope. – I never read that book
to be honest. I was just hoping that it’d be
the one book that I didn’t read in high school. (chuckles)
(buzzer) – Sounds like God to me.
– The Bible? – (FBE) No.
– I didn’t think so. (buzzer)
– I don’t know. Frankenstein. – (FBE) Yup.
– Oh, really?! – Oh. Is this Frankenstein?
– (FBE) Yes! – Okay. Cool.
– Frankenstein? – (FBE) Yup!
– Ah! – That makes more sense.
Okay. Dammit. Wow. (buzzer)
– This is how you get through college
and high school: guessing. – “Man throws lavish parties
to win back the woman he loves.” The Great Gatsby.
– (FBE) Yay! – It’s my favorite book.
– What is– The Great Gatsby? – (FBE) That’s right!
– He-he-hey! – The Great Gatsby.
– (FBE) Yup! – Ah, so good at this.
I didn’t even read that. Told you. I just watched the movie.
– (FBE) So, for the next two rounds, we’re gonna have you do
two different math problems, and you only have
one minute per problem. – Oh my god! Oh my god!
I’m so bad at math. – I just failed a statistics class,
so I’ve got this down. – (FBE) Your time starts… now!
– Okay, PEMDAS. I’m honestly gonna have
to write out PEMDAS, ’cause I can’t just
keep referring to it in my brain.
– Seven plus two… That’s times, not X, right?
Okay. – Eleven minus five.
All right. You gotta do parentheses first.
So, eleven minus five. That’s six.
– I did the parentheses already. Exponent? No exponent.
Multiply? Okay. But– [bleep].
I did division first? – That means
multiplication next, right? Two times six is… 12.
7 plus 12 divided by three. – So, it’s gonna be seven plus four.
This is gonna be 11! – (FBE) Correct! – Is it 11?
– (FBE) Correct! – 11.
– (FBE) Correct! – Nice.
– Okay, seven, eight, nine, ten… eleven.
– (FBE) Yeah! – 11?
– (FBE) That’s correct! – Seven plus four.
Is it 11? – (FBE) That is correct!
– Oh! Tommy, mathematician over here!
– I’m gonna use my fingers, ’cause they told me–
oh, wait. Just kidding! – (FBE) All right.
You lost. You’re done! – Seven plus–
– (FBE) You failed! – I forget about the timer.
(buzzer) – Take a good, hard look now,
’cause that’s the only math question I’m gonna get right.
– Do you have a sticker by any chance? I would really appreciate
a sticker on this. (ding)
– (FBE) This next one, we’re gonna be testing
your geometry skills. – Oh! I failed geometry.
That’s when my counselor pulled me in high school and said,
“Hey, maybe you should drop math.” – I didn’t take geometry! – See, I passed with
a low A in geometry, and my teacher was so bad
that me and my best friend at the time had to
teach ourselves. – (FBE) We’re gonna have you find
the hypotenuse of a right triangle. – Okay.
– (FBE) Your time starts now. – Okay, this is easy.
– Oh my god. I forgot the formula.
I think there’s a formula for this. – Pythagorean theorem?
Yes, okay. – A squared plus B squared
equals C squared. But I [bleep] forget
how to square [bleep]. – 12 squared plus 16 squared
equals C squared. Okay, so this is 144, I think.
– So, I think it’s 144 on the side, and then 16 times 16.
Oh my god. What’s 16 times 16? This is so [bleep] hard.
– Okay. Wow, this is bad. I’ve suddenly forgot
all the math skills I’ve ever known in my whole life.
– A equals 12, and B equals 16. So, 12 plus 16?
– Let’s just… 16 plus 12. All right-y. 28? Is that a number
that can go somewhere? – This not right. Jeez! – 16 times 16 equals…
Six, three, nine, zero, six. I haven’t multiplied in years.
– 144 plus 256. – Really? 256? What?
I don’t know what the square root of this is.
Oh, [bleep]. This doesn’t look right. (chuckles)
– There’s a formula that I’m not remembering,
but if I had the formula, I’m pretty sure I would
be able to solve it. Yeah, I don’t know the formula.
– (FBE) That is time. – Yeah.
(buzzer) – So far, I’ve just added A and B.
I’m gonna go with 28. – (FBE) All right. That’s wrong. – I’m sure it is.
(buzzer) – I’m just gonna guess,
because I messed up my math. 18?
– (FBE) Oh, you got it wrong. (buzzer)
– 400? No? What’s the square root of 400?
– Oh! Da, da, da, da, da, 20? – (FBE) 20 is correct.
– 20? – (FBE) Yup!
– Is it 20? I’m just gonna take a guess,
’cause I think I’m out of time. – (FBE) That’s right!
– So, 400. Square root of 400 is…
a number. 20! So, it’s C equals 20!
– (FBE) Good job! – Yeah!
– (FBE) You did it! – This is fun!
God, they should turn this into a video game or something.
– Oh my god! My brain was literally working in overdrive.
You know that meme of the girl with
all the numbers around? I felt like Bradley Cooper
and just took a limitless pill right there.
– (FBE) All right. So, you only got one strike today.
– I did, huh? I’m proud of myself.
What the hell? That’s it? – Damn. I’m disappointed,
but you know what? That’s fine. I did good on math.
I need that A+, bro! – (FBE) So, you got
four strikes. That’s an F. – It sounds like real life, honestly.
I know it wasn’t gonna go good. Once you said “back to school,”
I was like, well, there it is. – When you’re out of school,
you kind of forget nine of the ten subjects
that you learn in school, and you kind of just focus on one.
And that becomes your career for– that’s all that you do
for the rest of your life. School kind of gives you
this overarching knowledge of all these subjects,
and then you don’t use ’em for 10 years, and it’s kind of
cool to go back and try it out to see what you know.
– Proud of all of you. Graduation ceremony at 12.
We’ll see you all there! WOO-HOO! Are we still gonna be friends
after graduation? – (FBE) No.
– Ah, [bleep]. – Thanks for watching me
try not to fail on the React Channel. – If you like this episode,
then hit that Like button. – Subscribe for new shows
every week. – How do you prepare
to go back to school? Let us know in the comments.
– Bye, guys. – Hey, y’all!
React producer Blythe here. Did you like the T-shirts
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