Trumpist College Students Are SICK OF Social Justice Warriors
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Trumpist College Students Are SICK OF Social Justice Warriors

Let’s go next to our caller from the six zero
eight area code. Who is calling today from six zero eight. Hello David. This is Jack. Hey Jack, what’s up? Okay, so there’s this thing. I would go to
a college and I’m a liberal in my college and I see a lot of Trump supporters in my
college and it seems the reason for that is because they hate the regressive left and
they don’t really understand much about other issues and they just get droven driven further
to the right because of the left end. They’re a social justice warrior. You know how that
is. So I just wondering what are your thoughts on that and how can I talk to a Trump supporter
that just hates the left because of that and want to offer them a new perspective. So listen, here’s the unfortunate reality,
and I addressed this a couple of weeks ago, a little bit when I did an audience question
about what happened to the, uh, anti S J w movement. Because the reality is that there
has always been a sliver of the left that is obsessed with identity politics to an unhealthy
degree, for example, right? Or whatever, whatever you want to talk, like whatever slice you’re
referring to, that people at your college are sick of, that has existed for a long time.
They became a target of the outright and of so-called free speech movements on the right
for a little while, and they got some traction from it. And then it sort of started to fade
and then it became less of a thing. So I think the most thing in my mind to engage with people,
uh, on, on the right is show them that the people that have been out there fear-mongering
about so-called SJWs are, uh, are lying to them. They are not honestly representing that that
is a tiny fraction of the left that does not represent the big ideas of the left in any
way. Um, and try to get them to see that they’ve been bamboozled by whoever it is that came
to the campus or whose videos they watched on YouTube that convinced them that this is
a big problem. Is it a problem? Sure. I mean like, it exists and I’ve spoken out against
it, but they don’t have a controlling stake in the left at this point in time. They don’t
have a controlling stake in the narrative. And, uh, it’s, it’s, uh, it’s sad actually
that a lot of people get sucked into these echo chambers, um, when we’re really talking
about a very small sliver of the left. That’s the reality. Yeah. And I actually liked, I talked to these
people that say they’re conservative and they seem just to hate SJWs. But when I talked
to them about individual issues, they’re liberal, like they’re liberal when it comes to gun
control, when it comes to healthcare, when it comes to, when it comes to foreign policy,
it’s just that the fact of those, those SJWs is just make them go right because they just
can’t stand it. Yup. Absolutely. Yeah. You’re pointing this
out perfectly, which is an issue on issues. There’s no reason for them to be supporting
Donald Trump and it’s a, it’s a horrible propaganda campaign that worked pretty well for awhile,
but I have to tell you, I think it is starting, its effectiveness has started to wane and
hopefully we’ll continue to. All right David, that’s really all I had to
ask you about. Um, all right, very good. Thank you so much for
the call. Yeah, I appreciate you calling in.

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100 thoughts on “Trumpist College Students Are SICK OF Social Justice Warriors

  1. The progressive left is so embarrassingly bad at politics. When you have a radical sliver in your group, you don't downplay it to your critics. If a right-winger was talking about how crazy SJWs are, you should say "I agree" then they would see you as more reasonable and be more willing to listen and possibly believe in your moderate progressiveness. If you don't agree that SJWs are bad, then the right-wingers are actually correct about how radical the left-wing is.

    Your political affiliation has made itself so unpopular that people who don't care about politics are getting into politics just to vote against whatever you do. Some may try deflecting, maybe by claiming conservatives act like SJWs, or saying that progressives have no power, but you are part of the problem if you aren't willing to agree with your opposition that the radicals are an issue to be taken seriously. Probably the worst deflection is just calling conservatives idiots and uninformed, if you were actually as intelligent as you think you are, you would be able to manipulate these supposed idiots with ease to your cause. So you are no more smarter than they, and your ego is driving even more people away from liberalism.

    If you actually think radicalism in your political ideology is a non-issue, why do you think it is not an issue when you convert people to Trump supporters by either being apathetic to SJWs or being an SJW yourself? I guess you want Trump to win?

  2. I’m sorry David, but I have to disagree with you. I agree that those obsessed with identity politics make up a microscopic portion of the left, however I think they do have a controlling stake in leftist objectives. They are catered to everywhere from academia to the democratic debates. For example, a focus on reparations, immigration, and trans rights will guarantee a republican president (possibly Trump’s re-election). Yet these are talking points during the democratic debates. Also, people obsessed with identity politics make themselves vastly more visible than their liberal (non obsessed) counterparts. This is seen everywhere from Antifa to student protests on campuses. The left refuses to call these people out. That’s not right. We saw a monumental problem in the Catholic Church when church superiors rather than calling out misbehavior of priests, just covered it up. By the way it was a microscopic portion of the priesthood and everyone who was Catholic should have just ignored it and kept donating money and going to church. NOT. Liberals, right now more than anyone, have a duty to police their own. That is if we want Trump out of office, or we can just say “it’s a microscopic percentage of liberals” and guarantee Trump 4 more years.

  3. The right has just as many justice warriors as the left, the difference is that while the left has people who are advocating for traditionally marginalized groups in the US and take it too far, the right sobs about the plight of people who have no right to cry about anything; Christians, white people, the rich, big business, etc

  4. I’m not a Republican but I do know some sjw that are wayyyyy over their heads, one thing is fighting for something right and that helps people other is being just dramatic for something. One example that comes to mind was that reporter that got fired for slurring a word and they thought he said the n word, even the African American community said he didn’t used the word and he got fired

  5. If your biggest "issue" is college kids that are too idealistic and/or politically correct you can fuck off. We have actual problems. College kids aren't one.

  6. I remember college and the Christian witnessing that went on relentlessly with the little tracks they use. I wonder if they were what we now call conservatives, I think so.

  7. David is downplaying the prevalence of SJWs on college campuses. They are fascist scum who attempt to silence anyone who disagrees with their radical views.They do this through shouting down speakers, intimidation and violence. Their political views are abhorrent and repulsive beyond words.

  8. The whole "SJW' Thing is mostly narrative projection of the right,far right in particular who create something to fixate upon and justice their hatred. The problem is the rightwing not the left,we don't have feminist uploading manifestos and going on massacres,we don't have gays sending bombs like like the Maga bomber or Austin bomber the fringe elements of the left are minuscule compared to the mainstream insanity of the right with their Q-Anon/militias and neo-nazi movements and their proxies in government which push their radical rightwing agenda constantly like Trump. The left needs to actually fight for its values instead of apologizing constantly for them

  9. I'm a progressive liberal social democrat and I haaaaaaaaaaaaate SJWs and political correctness. These tards are holding us back with their petty bullshit.

  10. A news commentator once said tRUMPers would follow him over a cliff. On their behalf, I knew most were just ill-informed. Now, it’s like watching a group from the ‘Walking dead’ of tRUMP-inbreds heading straight for that cliff because they refuse to acknowledge facts!!

  11. That name calling is becoming the PC attitude of the alt-right. SJW are the leftist equivalent of the alt-right for that matter. Their mastered YOUR tricks to kill any discussion. Now that's what I call karma. It sure is a bitch now.

  12. These same people that call us SJWs are descendants of the same people that tried to stop Martin Luther King Jr. and the civil rights movement

  13. Hey David,
    Big fan, but I was pretty alarmed to see you used my image for the thumbnail of this video. Can you please remove it? Thanks

  14. From the 608? That's either Madison or Rock County U…. Maybe White Water. There are few and far between and they are angry douches just being edgy.

  15. Er… why is so much of the comment section rushing to the defense of so-called SJWs? I get that a bunch of stupid, racist far-left college students are a MUCH less important issue than our stupid racist far-right cult leader president, but you don't get anywhere by defending the crazies on either side.

  16. The funny is that they become the whiners themselves. Fake news tirade is a form of sjw. The "what the media doesn't tell you" is another one. "They want to destroy white men" is plain "snowflakism". They love to play the victim.

  17. There is no regressive left. This is a Karl Rove trick. You take your faults (Regressiveness) and claim your opponent suffers them. The Nazis invented it and Rove perfected it

  18. The problem with these SJW here, is that even while they are very small minority, they are very loud and flashy, and often in a position (small news journals, social media) where they broadcast their views freely, and ban anyone who disgree.

    Also, anyone who disagrees with them publicly (be it from left or right), runs the risk of getting targeted by their insane followers on defaming, doxxing and personal threats. Sometimes they even try to get them fired from their jobd on made up accusations.

    So while they are an extremely small minority, unfortunaly, they are the loudest and most visible part of the left to many young people, especially gamers and movie fans, which the SJW efforts seem to be fully focused on

  19. It's a f*ck¡ng lousy excuse!
    "You said something I don't like, so I have to radicalize myself in the opposite direction"
    No "buddy", you just needed an excuse for your pisspoor behavior!

  20. I get college neocons. Money, power, war. But what makes a college student support Trump or a Trump supporter go to college? Why college when a meth habit and cheap improv classes more than prepare them to be the next Donald?

  21. Ex grad student, so I don't count I guess. Also I'm to the left of Trotsky, so again not sure I count. But, I too can't stand SJWs. they are anti equality. They judge people by their race, gender, ethnicity, and religion. It infuriates me when they hijack the search for true justice with their bastardized ideology. It's just KKK crap turned anti white male, with a left flavor, and thanks to this hypocrisy even more vile. True justice helps individuals not groups. Anyone who need help should be helped based on their individual need not on their membership on an involuntary category. no one should be penalized because you imagine they have a "privilege". its racism and sexism pure and simple. You could show that some people have privileged lives, and statistically being white makes that more likely, but it is no guarantee. A trailer park kid in rural america needs as much help as a black ghetto one. Being a female does not make you a reliable witness over a male one, thus unless you have actual proof, I don't believe you. Our legal system says I believe the accused until the accuser brings overwhelming evidence. And laking that, the accuser should be put in prison for lying, in my book for a mandatory min sentence equal to the max their victim would have faced. On LGBTQ though they are spot on. But I appeal to all people put some clothes on, even if it is pride week. unless you have the body of a supermodel, no one needs to see your pudgy fat back side. Seriously ever visit Ferndale MI during Pride? the bears walk around in green speedos dancing in the streets. Nauseating.

  22. I have plenty of friends who are feminist and pretty left wing (I'm in Scotland, our centre is the US's "hard left"), and a lot of them would be labelled "SJWs" by socially conservative people. However, there are hardly any who are actually unreasonable in their words and actions. Perhaps the odd one, but not enough to justify turning to anti-feminism and voting for socially conservative right wingers. People who do that really just seem to be looking for any excuse to justify their own ideology: "oh, I would be with the Left, but a person called me racist one too many times so I decided to go vote for the right wing populists instead".

  23. The truth is those Trumpists know it is just a sliver of the Left that has taken the social justice issues too far. It's not absurd to demand civility. Those Trumpists are in reality very much on the Right on social justice issues and constantly pointing to that small fraction of the Left is their tactic of diversion to take people's attentions off of the real problem which is Trumpists supporting Donald Trump and the consequences from their childish tantrum.

  24. You need to use the Socratic method on people like that. With regular people you can have a debate and if either side makes a solid argument you stand a good chance of them coming around to that opinion. Not Trumpists. Really they are just fundamentalists. Instead of religion though their god is their political views. The only way to get through to people like that is to encourage them to question their own conclusions. You can't do anything to convince them. You can only help them to question their beliefs.

  25. For Trumpists… There are very few who can think, but every man wants to have an opinion; and what remains but to take it ready-made from others, instead of forming opinions for himself?


  26. Is it only "Trumpist College Students" though? I would claim that a great majority is sick of them. Social justice is one thing, out of touch SJW drones indoctrinated by ideologues that teach unscientific garbage another.

  27. Did see a few program's lately,how they always had to laugh at trump but now also seem to be on the influence of repeating things over and over..Now saying ,yeah,it's difficult to follow the news,all is fake news,you don't know who to believe anymore…Repeating lies,false statements,it seems to work..the end of it all..Believing the lie..

  28. I've seen a few clips on the internet of SJWs being annoying, but I've seen far more videos of right wingers telling malicious lies, attacking people with non-white, non-straight, non-male identities over a period of Centuries, and I've seen far more reports of right wingers slaughtering innocents based on their identity then I have of SJWs even trying to harm anyone.

    Annoying SJWs exist, but the fact we've allowed that to become a talking point instead of the glaring utter insanity of the entire right wing disturbs me right to the deepest recesses of my mind. How easily our minds are manipulated and hijacked.

  29. I actually had to look up this new term: "Incel". I have probably seen or heard it before, but it went right by me. At first, I had thought that "Incel" meant Inbred or some form of Inbreeding, not that there's any scientific evidence to back that up, just an observation on my part. I don't know what made me think of that, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!incel – Wiktionary › wiki › incel CachedSimilarincel (countable and uncountable, plural incels) … a mostly online subculture of people (typically misogynistic and straight men) who define themselves by being …

  30. Many in the comments are doing much of the same thing the right does which is blatantly ignoring there does exist problematic groups on their side of the aisle. Yes, I know SJWs are a marginal group, but the unwillingness to at the very least aknowledge them as well as their toxic identity politics will only hurt the left in the long run and only gives Trump more support.

  31. I'm neither left or right. I'm a Black man. I don't know why they got my group on the left because I like to be our own entitie. I don't pander to lgbt feminism immigration and other leftists agendas because they undermine Foundational Black American issues. I hold no spite towards these other groups but I am a Black man first and foremost. Now that's out the way. To me if they are "anti-sjw" concerning Black people its because they want to maintain White dominance via police brutality and other things. The support of police from the White collective is racially motivated. Just because they want to frame themselves as not being racist doesn't mean they aren't and the right has their voices drowned out on college campuses so they feel alinated. Well I feel if they are challenged to look at it from a perspective of they could've born Black marginalized and potential victims of police brutality and unaccountability maybe that will help them think different. If not then they are just immovable in their racism.

  32. The Allied forces were just a bunch of SJWs trying to virtue signal everywhere. That’s why Germany went far right, they were just poor victims trying to rebuild their country by reclaiming their historical lands consisting of most continental Europe. (/s)

  33. "There has always been a sliver on the left" obsessed with identity politics…Girl you need to get out more…Them Snow Flakes be crazy as shit…

  34. I think this caller points out something I too realized. I'm also in college and the few people I talk to about politics who are on the right always bring up SJWs and the "feminist cringe" complication videos. I tell them that just a trivial and nonsense issue but they are just so bought into the idea of "owning SJWs" it's impossible to talk real problems with them.

  35. 25% is the Left/25% are Socialist (not Social Services) friendly and the remaining 50% are Democrats, of which a portion are Classic Liberals who DO still support the First and Second Amendments; UNabridged! Many of the last group will either remain home in Nov 2020, or vote anti-Socialist/reluctant Trump. Your thoughts are welcome; both civil and ad hominem. Prefer Civil from serious minds, thanks.

  36. It’s not a sliver of the left. The calls for “reparations” for slavery are coming from AOC and others who are virtually mainstream. This is introducing a level of bigotry that is unhealthy for everyone. It’s way more than a sliver.

  37. There is no way that the "sliver" is as small as you claim but still effecting so much. You have to know that is bullshit.

  38. SJWs bother me mostly because they are hyper focused on the tiniest of minutiae. It's like spending hours trying to get a door to stop creaking while a building is crumbling. If we fix the big problems, you'll find the little problems, the identity politics problems, tend to vanish rapidly. Not only that, it drives centrists and moderate Democrats further and further to the right as the Republicans use them as wedge issues. If we're more focused on corruption in the system, taking money out of politics, and returning to real issues, the Republicans can't really use that to fight us, and we'll drag that Overton window back to the center where it belongs.

  39. I'm really annoyed that there is little to no pushback against the idea that colleges are totally overrun with these fringe turbo SJWs that sargon has dedicated his life to fighting against. These people practically don't fucking exist on college campuses. Most students are too busy getting their asses handed to them by midterms/finals to really even give a fuck about being "woke."

  40. Remember that these people only criticize the style of so called SJW's. They have nothing to say for the substance of what any particular SJW has to say. What the right really is doing is fascism. Reflexively bashing someone for their astetics is part of Nazi propaganda. Make no mistake that the right and the Nazis are in 100 percent agreement on the so called SJW menace. Even David used their typical thumbnail that's been so overused it's actually it's own meme by now. I'd rather be an SJW than an anti-SJW. An anti-SJW has to follow their own dogma and cannot have a non-reactionary take on ANY issue. An anti-SJW's philosophy is just anti-left so they can cover all basis. If you always just take the opposite opinion you rarely have to think for yourself. I never got fooled by this proto fascist movement. It's a total grift.

  41. "They (social justice wackjobs) don't have a controlling stake in this point in time" – dave pakman
    Really, sjw don't control Hollywood (film/tv/pop-culture), twitter, patreon, paypal, youtube, geek/nerd culture, college, universities, high-schools, legal court systems? That's not that big enough of a stake for you, but a small segment on the left? Instead you say and try to sell it as paranoia and the "Alt" Right is pushing this paranoia. You're (david pakman) is either extremely ignorant and sheltered or you're lying/intellectually dishonest to what's going on around.

  42. why is it that when people are ready to swing right or left, so many people swing to the extreme end of the spectrum? Trump supporters and SJWs share a very fundamental thing in common: they both accept hook, line and sinker, ideas that have already been decided for them. It's a lack of curiosity, a lack of historical perspective and lack of motivation to be honest. Sorry but most real SJWS always talk about being honest but in the end they are the most politically corrupted. At least Trump supporters can just be described as just cultural, moral savages.

  43. These are the same people who call MLK Jr. a race baiter and call those who protested against the Vietnam War criminals and guilty of treason… Let's not forget who coined this term "Social Justice Warrior" it was neoconservatives with an assist from neoliberals.

  44. David, I love your show, but that answer was completely moronic. You are following right wings talking points. There is noting bad in being Social Justice Warriors. Abolitionists, Anti-Abortionists, Christian Evangelicals, Martin Luther King, people stacking the Supreme Court, right wingers who dont want Transgenders on in Stadiums or Locker-rooms are SJWs. The only thing different is they have made it seem as if left-wing SJW is bad, but nothing wrong with right wing social justice issues.
    You should have told him NOBODY on the right ever complains about right wing social justice warriors fighting against Gay Marriage, Abortion, fighting to discriminate not baking cake for gay marriage, Christian Evangelicals, White Identity politics: WCWM (Working class White men), stacking the Supreme Court with social justice judicial activists, transgenders, the alleged war on Christmas, etc so why should the left?

  45. SJW (to the extreme) will always exist.
    Identity politics happens on BOTH sides
    Aren’t there white nationalists movement too?

    The left isn’t a monolith.
    You don’t have to agree with everything the left represents but it doesn’t mean the left have no good ideas

  46. Go to any of these Trumpists peoples fb timeline guarantee they are conservaturd sjw's and don't know it because they are so stupid and have different things they care about and post the shit out of.

  47. I am sorry I love to bag on Trump supporters as much as the next guy but if you support him just because you hate the other side then you are not a Trump supporters Trump supporters genuinely worship the ground he walks on they have absolute unwavering faith in him both of you support the same monstrous behavior but when judgement is passed at least the the Trump supporters can say fought for what they believed

  48. "Regressive left"? Does the regressive right actually believe they are forward thinkers when the majority of them want to turn back the clock on all the progress that has been made?

  49. Where are these scary SJWs? I've never been targeted or harmed in any way due to social justice. I have heard a lot of complaining about SJWs tho

  50. I’m sick of Trumpists and SJWs.
    It might be a tiny fraction, but it is a fraction that gets people shunned and fired.
    It’s just wrong to say that SJWs have no control, they sadly have.

  51. SJWs are the left's Achilles
    It blows some conservatives minds when I tell them I dislike SJWs too but generally vote blue

  52. Just like not all liberals are sjw’s not all trump supporters are racist far right wingers, this is what is causing such a divisiveness in the country is this pre conceived notion that all people who don’t vote the same as I do are bad

  53. David, I don't want to say this cuz I wish it wasn't true but you're wrong. Guys like Ben Shapiro are going around college campuses again and making " Ben Shapiro DESTROYS SJWS" videos. They're getting millions of views on Daily Wire

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