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100 thoughts on “Trump supports arming teachers with guns

  1. It is the only solution given by far that can dramatically lower mass shootings in schools. To say it is a bad idea is saying it is a bad idea to have armed guards at schools, which is the same thing. I just don't understand why the left mocks the idea. If they truly cared about stopping mass shootings in schools they would support it.

  2. ..and on the day an armed teacher goes on a shooting rampage..what then?

    Today a teacher barricaded himself in his room and fired a shot when thw Principal tried to get into the room.

    Any actual THINKING ADULTS on the hill?

  3. Just talking about a teacher packing a gat around my baby girl ….makes me feel dumb …how do they not feel like assholes

  4. my social studies teacher makes smarter remarks. this guy is just making up random ideas while he’s brushing his teeth. i don’t think he even cares, he’s just saying stuff to make sure he doesn’t seem more ridiculous than he already is.

  5. Is this man crazy! Arming tachers will only raise the possibilty of school shotings in America. WIth or without wepons teachers would not be able to shot down one of their students, talking in the situation of the florida school shoting, Donuld Trup should not make armed teachers a law that is just stupid and puts the lives of the studants and the teachers in danger

  6. So you give teachers guns and a teacher goes on a shooting rampage…Solution give students guns… Then a student goes on a shooting rampage … Solution give teachers semi automatics …
    And on it goes more guns is the solution. What a stupid man

  7. Good thing I don't have any teaches with guns or even police with guns otherwise I'd just pee my self every time I see those guns

  8. 1) What's the firearm training program going to look like? These teachers better be really skilled with these firearms before you let them into a classroom with kids. Where's the money for this going to come from? Who will be training all the teachers, and are there enough qualified people to do this quickly?

    2) Teachers already have to be instructors, disciplinarians, and in some cases, babysitters. Now you want to add 'security guard' to their job description. Usually when you add responsibility to a job, you have to pay that person more. So, are we increasing teacher's salary to compensate for their new responsibility?

    And here I thought that conservatives hated frivolous government spending. You aren't conservative if you support this plan, because this isn't a conservative idea.

    Public school teachers get their salary from taxpayers. Why are you giving a group that works in the public sector access to guns? Giving power to actors in the public sector is also not a conservative idea. You're supposed to be against giving the government power over you.

    America doesn't have real conservative thinkers anymore.

  9. Great…I am pretty sure the SWAT team will give them some "metal of honor" when they bust through the door and see a person holding a firearm.

  10. This is madness! Come on Americans……you have a school-shooting, then you decide to allow more guns into the school? Can't you see how stupid that sounds?? Teachers with guns is the worst idea i've ever heard… I would not feel safe if there were teachers with guns all around me… Whos to say, that one of the teachers cant go nuts? Well… even some of you police force are (going nuts), from time to time. And if there are plenty of guns inside a school, whos to say a kid wont find one ? You should be focusing on getting the guns OUT of the school. Start with that gunlaw of yours, which is letting people have easy acsess to firearms. Civilians should not have guns ! Especially not semi-automatic firearms. You dont need atumatic firearms to hunt a deer.

  11. When teachers are armed, nobody but the black youth will be killed bottom line and the WHITE youth will be examined for mental illness.

  12. How about these schools start in focusing "metal detectors" police/ security officers inside and outside the schools. I went to a public school and we had both and it has lower the school shootings in the cities. Not trying to bring race in this but truth be told, alot of these schools with a larger percent of white students do not in force this which is why they target most

  13. I live with a teacher who is trained, armed, and licensed, but prohibited by school policy to carry. They are more to be trusted than law enforcement. Will Ainsworth says, "When you look at the response times normally five to twelve minutes for law enforcement and the average shooting only lasts three minutes."

  14. The only reason you have found to object arming teachers in our public schools is that you have great security that surround you and you have no fear what so ever. How about you removing the same protection you are denying our children from the capital building? That is off the table right! Your protection and the protection of the bureaucrats are more important than the protection of our children. How about offering a solution with your opposition? That would make you seem helpful instead of arrogant.

    If you don’t want to arm teachers then what do you propose? We have had gun free zone signs posted on all our schools for years; how well has it worked? We have drug free zone signs as well and still the problem persists. The only individuals that had the courage at Stoneman Douglas High School were teachers. If Aaron Feis and Scott Beigel would have had guns that day the death count would have been less. They were the ones with courage, the Broward Sheriff Officers didn’t, the F.B.I. didn’t, democrats don’t; now you want to prevent my child to have a chance at living because you as a democrat have to follow your party’s agenda “what ever that is” and have our schools open all willy-nilly to any shooter.

    You should be looking into protecting our children not banning teachers from protecting them as best they can. If Aaron Feis and Scott Beigel would have had a way to protect them selves and others against the shooter and the shooter would have known that the school was protected by armed teachers and he would not have ventured into the school looking to kill. Gun free zone tactics are only good for law-abiding citizens. Terrorists and cowards love gun free zone. Democrats also love gun free zones, but they are not terrorists.

    How about instead of you focusing on the frail agenda of your party of removing guns from law-abiding citizens you start by removing bulling from the schools, illegal aliens from our cities, and drugs from our streets. We as a nation have many problems to solve to have to solve the problems of demobrats.

  15. No mother fuckers take all the vets who can't get a job and make them the armed guards at all schools in the country and they'll do the job given.

  16. Trump:Does anybody like that idea?
    Every Student and Teacher in the United States: Nooooooo!!!!! You dumbass guns have no place in the classroom

  17. And what if the shooter was a teacher, what should we do? Easy, arm the kids with guns so they can start killing each other

  18. Teacher: kids get the fuck down!
    Covering fire!

    Kids: you got the shooter teach! You killed half the class too but you got em!
    Yay guns! Yay guns! Yay guns!

    Teacher: shut the fuck up and get back to silent reading! 💥💥💥

  19. Arming a teacher is insanity. Go sit in a basic public school classroom and observe for a few hours. Teachers are liberal nut jobs these days. The liberal agenda stems from 1st grade through college. America is really screwed up because of them and most parents. No culture, no class and no common sense.

  20. Teachers to this day sometimes have to buy classroom materials with money from their pockets. According to him, the teachers will be armed. If so, how many teachers will be armed? How is he going to decide which teachers should be armed? Can he guarantee that none of the teachers will freak out and shoot himself, a kid or the police? When the police comes inside the school… There will be one active shooter and how many teachers with guns? He will give incentives to the teachers who carry guns. So, who will pay the training those teachers need? The ammo? The gun? And this incentive has to cover ammo for the rounds of practice. How many training sessions? After they are done with those… No more? just a teacher with a gun with obsolete gun training.

  21. Go to hell!!! You want to heal violence with violence!!!! What the fuck is wrong with this guy! What kind of 'president' is that!!! I can't believe what I just heard! CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL HIM TO THINK WITH HIS FUCKING BRAIN…IF HE GOT ONE…just disgusting 😤🤮🤮🤮🤮 I'm so sorry for AMERICA.😭😭

  22. What I think is that we need police man to go to every school and with a trained dog and they should be prepared for a shooter and we need dogs to smell stuff like weed and guns we could fined

  23. See look all Donald trump is trying to get money cause the gun men gives him money and I think we need to banned guns only give guns to the armeys Donald trump doesn’t care about kids getting shot because he supports the gun mens

  24. If teachers don't want to do it. We the Parents can volunteer to be the school Marshall . 2 or 3 parents one a week ? I'd do it.

  25. Lets be honest here arming teachers is not a bad idea but it has to be done right for example we only give 3 teachers guns in a school have them lock it it a safe and if that safe gets open the police are automatically called

  26. Almost got it right but teachers can't afford guns so the right thing to do is ARM THE STUDENTS. Hey, if you can give 'em each a laptop, why not a Glock? They used to arm teachers with rulers. now they just have a laser pointer.

  27. Criminals will always have guns and so will the government! Don't even think about infringing on my right as a human to defend myself from either of them! You libtarded sheep are depriving teachers and students the one thing that would level the playing field! What law could you possibly pass, that would have made a difference to any criminal who has ever decided on a mass shooting as a course of action?!? NONE!!!!!! " I was going to kill a bunch of people today, but after getting past the laws against murder, I see that my magazine capacity exceeds the legal limit, so I'm going back home now to watch The Price is Right and try my hand at basket weaving" !!!! WTF!!!! I think not!!!! Idiots!!!!

  28. They know poor people are gonna commit crime and because the Laws of the Injustice system are bias on cops killing people , kids that shoot up schools,churches,movie theaters, terrorist who shoot at at police and still get brought in alive when other so called citizens are killed for traffic stops,and the list goes on and on is the epitome of hypocrisy for the so called Free World which there is nothing free about it. The laws don't remedy the problems of America because the Pink Ass Devils that write the Laws let's the killer go and doesn't defend the victims of crime.Crime is allowed even though the Laws say it will be punished but is not. Fuck your voting,and justice systems that is tied to your monetary system that has nothing to do with justice.

  29. Hey Trump one of those teachers you want it to allow to be armed just got arrested for leaving his gun in a bathroom ! What could it happens if he would leave it in the bathroom at the school ! BY THE WAY HE IS ONE OF THE TEACHERS FROM THE SAME SCHOOL WERE 17 PEOPLE GOT KILLED IN FEBRUARY !

  30. In my opinion, If we do arm School Staff,, We should do it a certain way.
    Buy Certain teachers that are willing to take a gun training course every so many months new desks equipped with a gun safe built into it, And have the Gun Safe Connected to the Schools alarm systems. So the only way the gun is accessible is if there is a Campus-wide Active Shooter Alarm that has been activated by the head Staff of the school. And once the Alarm is Activated, It Activates the Gun Safes to open ONLY when the designated Teacher Uses Their THUMB PRINT… That way the Teachers do not even have Access to the Gun unless the Alarm has been tripped, And even then, Only the Designated Staff Member who's Thumb print is the only one that can open the safe.

  31. What if a teacher gets angry and shoots a child. You implement this Trump's policy and this would be the next event.

  32. People who say it’s a bad idea okay have fun with your blood bath at school. While an armed school wouldn’t even come to mind.

  33. Your argument is flawed… We're not "arming unwilling teachers" but simply allowing those teaches that are licenced and trained to legally conceal carry as they do everywhere else. Allow them to protect their life and the lives of their students by not stripping them of their right of self defense. If I were a teacher I would feel obligated to protect my students whether it were legal or not!

  34. This is an excellent idea. All of you people scoffing at it really aren't taking any time to think about the realities of gun violence and shootings

    16 million Americans already conceal a handgun on their person every day and these people are NOT the ones committing the crime

  35. People act like we can just fix all these problems, but we can't. Programs cost money and barely even work. We have already tried programs and they do not work. You cannot trust predict wich kid could shoot up the school, and that is not including just crazed people coming to the school.

  36. Who here wants the teachers armed? I mean we have all had some nutty teachers who had no business being responsible for kids in the first place and yet that WAS their business! I think the kids will have better odds with unarmed teachers.

  37. Very bad idea. All it takes for a teacher is to be even a tad bit upset to used a gun on 1 of their students. We all know how some of these white teachers feel about black kids so it wont take much for them to get angry where they might pull out.

  38. A dishonest unlawful argument needs rebuttal. That lethal force isn't self defense is correct. The laws grounding? The antithesis. The law and legislative bodies dishonestly have tried long enough to provide justice for those who have been murdered, an act of homicide, by the hands of another. We live in a fair and just society in the year of 2018 and can depend of a law, police person to handle a crime scene. These laws need further clarification, or until a joinder of all parties not considered by law as to which specific, precedent and law allows an educator solemnity? I want answers before someone is killed or injured. I will not allow my future child, with rights, to salute a dishonest nation, without allowing the petition level of United States people to be considered. Before catastrophe and red tape takes a victim, I want clarification. I live in Texas where penal code 30 exists alongside of chapter 46. I will not be lied to. If a teacher has a right to execute before fair trial takes place, who is next? I will not tolerate these acts of tyranny. The law, recognizes that conspiracy to commit murder, homicide, occurs when 3 or more third parties discuss such a violent act. Students graduate a college environment every year. I will tirelessly involve myself in a learning environment that allows a crap educator to say they want to execute a visitor before fair trial. I will involve myself in your daily life as long as you pollute the media with ideas that violence is an answer? Not to any question!

  39. Why do you bring more guns inside a school…. How can you gaurentee that someone won't steal guns…How many misfire accidents will we have?….Armed teachers WILL create more problems…In fact if you arm teachers, they'll be more guns in the neighborhood. Solving a gun issue with more guns is pure retardation, period.
    NRA must be paying hella lots for TRUMP to say stupid shit like this.

  40. I don't support the teachers carrying handguns and I am a BIG 2A supporter. I hate to say it but schools have the same problems that a prison does. We would never let prison workers carry weapons in prisons because it just introduces a weapon into a population where a kid could assault a teacher and take their weapon. What I would prefer is "active shooter" kits placed around the school and have trained teacher be able to access these kits in the event of an active shooter. I could contain a ballistic vest and an M4. Then the weapon wouldn't be unsecured in a classroom but available to trained staff to respond to an active shooter situation.

  41. Unbelievable BULLSHIT
    Teachers babysit the public cast off children every day for SHIT for wages NOW CAPTAIN DUMBASS want teacher to do the job of worthless coward LEO

  42. Why would anybody ask Trump is opinion on something real life especially serious as this when he's never even ever done anything in real life it's all bulshit he's never even had a job he's never worked a day in his life and he's never been in the military the only time he's ever done anything is to play dress up like as a chef or in the academy he's just a little boy of privilege he has no idea what it is to be a man

  43. I want teachers with Concealed Pistol License’s ASAP! Gun Free zones are a Bad idea! I support Trump on this issue!

  44. Unfortunately the USA (certain states) has it all back to front. The only sensible answer to it is ban all guns for the public. Of course, it's way too far gone for that so the only answer now really is to arm teachers. Even reading that sentence sounds utterly crazy but I can't personally see any other way of giving students extra protection. Unfortunately there is no guarantee the teacher isn't going to get annoyed and shoot a student…. Just a matter of time before that happens, then what? It's such a shame it's ever reached this point in a civilised country.

  45. Personally I don't fully agree with what Trump said I know I wouldnt feel safe with my teachers having guns just because the shooters that are going into the schools their goal is just to kill like what the florida shooter had said his goal was to kill atleast 20 people and if a teacher had a gun yes he could save the situation from going any further but that shooter wouldve still killed students before that teacher could get to him so I fully agree with having metal detecters and more security around the building.

  46. As a teacher, this guy's a total insane clown in chief when he proposed teachers, coaches to carry a gun. What's next? He can shoot someone for disagreeing with his view?

  47. CNN please do a video about how protected the schools are because we had to deal with tons of school police and tons of shooters. Also teachers armed with guns is a stupid idea because there were teachers that shoot their own students and bullet proof armor and bullet proof robots are better anti shooting ideas.

  48. UK is better than the USA, period. Ok so we haven't set foot on the moon but at least we can get something as simple as gun control right. And we don't tend to profit of someone's illness either.

  49. If you're going to arm teachers, arm them with the right tools.

  50. Lol, I love how at 3:21 they say "Concealed Carry," like they aren't sure it REEEEALLY exists… XD

  51. so he wants to put several loaded guns in classrooms filled with rowdy children and teachers who probably don’t even try that hard at teaching and probably no idea how to use a gun. Well I don’t see how could go badly 🙄🙄🙄

  52. 12 states allow this. How man teachers have gone nuts and killed everyone? Zero. Now instead of talking the shooter down they can throw lead back

  53. stupid liberals!!! what if you were in the room with the shooter and your school refuses to arm teachers… just think about that. I hate trump, but this seems legit…

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