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100 thoughts on “Trump Claims He Would Have ‘Run’ Into The School

  1. So if there were a school shooting mr. Bone spurs would run in there even without a weapon who the f*** does he think he's kidding I mean I know that marijuana is legal in a lot of places but I don't think anyone's that's stoned!

  2. I'd pay to watch that fat fuck run… Run off at the mouth maybe. As for a one on one with a crazed killer… Joke of the day, pissed myself laughing!

  3. I agree with President Trump! We NEED movie ratings. I picture something like, say…"G" for a General Audience, and maybe "PG" for movies where parental guidance is suggested. Maybe like "R" for movies that would be restricted to certain ages. This is why Trump is a business genius. It's these ideas that just come to him, and he makes millions from them, because of his brilliance. After all, he is a very successful businessman who became a highly rated television star and won the presidency on his first try. A very stable genius.

  4. We should have a rating systems on movies???? What a fucking idiot. What's worse, is Americans should be ashamed and embarrassed, and only half of them are. SMH. Wow. Like, seriously – fucking WOW.

  5. I am all for less-violent-commercials, but to hear Nukey Nuke-Nuke suggest that thát is the problem, is more than just laughable.

  6. OH my God… More stupid than this crap narcisist is his supporters…if you are a TRUMP supporter…. Do human kind a favor and put a bullet in your head!

  7. You know there is a reason why Twitter is restricted until the age of 13, not because they are not tall enough to reach the keyboard, but because children under that age are not considered mature enough to handle a Twitter account. I think people who log in to twitter are supposed to answer a question like "Will you be using twitter to rant about anything that comes to your mind and disrespect gold star families?"

  8. The moron in Chief draft dodger liar n cheat has an old decorated vet named Mueller putting his pals in jail n soon maybe old Donald Trump himself will be wearing an orange jumpsuit .

  9. I can't say this enough times: I did MMA with cops for almost a decade. And the easiest thing on earth is to fantasize about beating up a bully. The hardest thing is actually doing it.

    Fear shuts down huge chunks of your brain. People in martial arts constantly say "I would just do [insert extremely complicated move here]" and freeze up the second their opponent fights back.

    Guns are that on steroids. I've never been in a shootout, thank God, but it's not hard to imagine the pressure of both saving your own life AND saving a classroom full of children would seriously impair your judgement.

  10. Hahahahaha! He wants to turn school into supermax facilities. The POTUS couldn't even do the quarter mile to be admitted into the FBI or CIA!

  11. How the fck the old hags in the GOP are not utterly horrified and embarrassed by this DUMB FCK shows you the character of republicans. Listen to Trump, someone tried getting near his fat ass while he was giving some bullshit speech in a airplane hanger and the fat bastard was terrified. He practically knocked over the podium in fear while grabbing onto his secret service for dear life and no one got within 20 fcking feet of him!!

  12. "Vicious videos… I don't know what this does to a young kid's mind…"
    Well, I for one can't wait to see the animated toon show 'Tom & Jerry' get a hard R rating for violence and suggestive body language! 😛

  13. Chill, everyone.
    This is just a show to make fun of Trump, it's not 100% serious.
    Anybody have the right to make fun of everyone, if they find it funny. I love this show, it's great fun.

  14. Once more old lady hukabee returned a can of Pillsbury biscuits because when she opened it the little man didn't jump out … she is just as ugly and as stupid as t rump..

  15. “Maybe we have to put a rating system on that”

    …..if you are American and reading this

    I’m sorry I’m just sorry for you you have THIS guy THIS guy leading your country I’m sorry just sorry 😂

  16. Honestly the principals scouting for the AP chemistry teachers is sometimes exactly how it feels. I’m in grade 12 and it is such a mood for some of my friends’ teachers.

  17. Dumpf is so dumb, he may possibly run into the wrong school and created another major faux pas. Dumpf's claim to victory would be that as soon as the criminal saw dumpf charge in he ran away!!! Dumpf would give himself an A+. The grade would be for stupidity and charging into the wrong school.

  18. I did teach for almost 8 years. None of us Teachers knew how we would react! Teachers want to protect the kids, but everybody is terrified when something happens.

  19. Everytime trump says something the media is over it like flied hits freshly laid dog crap. Making fun out of your potus. So called democracy. At least half of you are only democrats when it suits you. 8 years republicans kept quiet and went with the flow, now it is their time and what are you doing?

    You should be ashamed

  20. Yeah! Right! The five-times draft-dodging COWARD/TRAITOR-IN-CHIEF would have run into danger. The yellow (the only reason he tints himself orange is to diver attention fromt his neon-yellow true coloring–and it's easy to change with just a hint of red dye) quivering hero would have run the other way, even if the "shooter" was a five-year-old with a cap pistol.

  21. He would run into that school alright. He would have to stop half-way to catch his breath but he would run.

  22. Not a perfect solution ( because America will never ban guns…) but for good GRIEF! people should habitually wear armor. including children. from day to day activities. And no I don't mean chainmail or full plate. There are people who specialize in bullet proof clothing. Funnily enough like THE PRESIDENT!

     Seems a good idea when a world leader is involved, but it's the little people getting shot up all the time it seems.

    An expensive product. but I would like to stress without sounding to cheesy. that those kids getting gunned down are the future of America, can you really put a price on that?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQM6zLiSn1E <—- there's a link to a video showing an example. skip to the end if you want to see the good stuff 😛

  23. Funny how trump said he would run into school, to stop the gunman. but seeing trump duck so fast when he was giving a speech at are rally he hurd something like are gun going off trump was ducking for cover, protect me. So someone please replay that seen replay it and repeat over and over. Chicken shit. Just want to laugh again.

  24. In My Opinion; A Quick Treatise on the Criminal Mind
    People start finding themselves on the criminal side of the law who didn't expect to be there. They start the attitude that they don't get caught in their mind. They begin lying and creating a bandwagon of similar criminals. In their mind they begin embracing crime without acknowledging guilt. It's similar to the kind of reverse psychology where if you battle back, a person doesn't flee, they battle also. I feel sorry for hard-working product makers who begin to see a criminal element take over their, at first, respectable product. Criminal denial sets in like drug denial and are probably intertwined in most cases. In my opinion, crime begins when someone stops respecting or understanding the seriousness of the world, which can happen with drugs chemically. They don't take danger seriously or respect hard work because they are on top of the world. Crime then becomes two-fold as victims become confused on how to fight back and victims end up perpetrators. This leads to stereotyping and stigma battles and forms of flight.

  25. So just curious, what does anyone gain from the NRA? Do you just give them money and get a bumper sticker? I'm a gun owner and have no interest in being apart of that bullsh*t. They do nothing to help our country. Don't give me that 2nd amendment crap either, NO ONE IS GOING TO TAKE YOUR GUNS.

  26. one of my teachers hit children. one broke several kids bones. one sexually abused young girls from his class. one constantly assaulted kids and beat them up. All this, in conservative schools in a conservative state…

    NOOOOOOOO… I don't want teachers to have guns.

  27. F Y I.,.. during Trump's 2016 campaign, Trump was giving a rally. One of his paranoid supporters falsely screamed "gun" which resulted in a person being assaulted for no reason. But on screen, in front of the world, Trump shit his pants and became paralyzed and shook violently… he was so afraid, so shocked, so cowardly, that he couldn't even walk when the secret service attempted to get him off stage and had to basically drag him. So, no, don't tell me Trump isn't lying through his yellow teeth when he says he would go into the school. Trump is the kind of narcissistic bigot who would push a child toward the shooter in order to give himself time to escape.

  28. Remember when we thought these were the dumbest things he ever would have said?

    Still can’t fucking believe they voted in a man who wears fucking make up. You’d think that alone would have been enough to disqualify him from the party that thinks all liberals are sjw pussies.

  29. Y’all better readmit Russia ! Why is donny having bitter disagreements with the rest of the world ? Unspeakable !

  30. If he ran into the school, he would just soak up all the fire, through both the size of his body and how the shooter would probably aim to shoot him instead.

  31. Did everyone forget he said he was also on ground zero helping the injured on 7/11? ( and yes, he did say 7/11 instead of 9/11)

  32. Trump would never run–he would never run TOWARD a shooter–and never save a child or teacher. He would only be saving his OWN ass because he believes ths planet revolves around him. Only him. Pathetic!!

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