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100 thoughts on “Troy – Get’cha Head in the Game (From “High School Musical”)

  1. Getcha Getcha Head In The Game
    I Hope YouTube Recommends This To Him Too 😂😂😂
    Pity Our Heads Are One Way, Away From Our Hearts At Times. Time To Reminisce.

  2. Disney what is going on? Bringing up the best part of my childhood but I can’t take it anymore!!!! Why do you try to hurt me?😭❤️

  3. Disney 2009: nope
    Disney 2010: nope
    Disney 2011: nope
    Disney 2012: nope
    Disney 2013: nope
    Disney 2014: nope
    Disney 2015: nope
    Disney 2016: nope
    Disney 2017: nope
    Disney 2018: nope
    Disney 2019: Agora sim a gente posta no youtube!

  4. My life changed when I found out Zac Efron didn’t sing the songs originally and now I think about that every time I hear a HSM song

  5. Disney your 12 yrs. Late

    Heres your late pass

    Now since youve missed about 12 yrs.

    Zac Efron looks VERY different

    Vannessa didnt change

    And almost all of the cast is forgotten

    And no one knows where they are (at least me)

  6. It’s me and my friends watch the video for the whole time at school and at home because this is my very production of good time of my DVD of Disney Channel Original Movie High School Musical In 2006 and that’s my song from my movie too in 2019.

  7. 2009: no footage found from DisneyMusicVevo
    2019: let’s make sure that everyone knows about this. 😂❤️it’s never too late…….

  8. Me when high school musical game out:KEEP YOUR HEAD IN GHE GAME YEAH
    Me now:get'cha head in the game..oh God why did I think it was keep your head in the game

  9. Y’all they can’t list the artist as Zac Efron because he doesn’t sing any of the songs he participates on, they got a different person to sing all for he songs for him

  10. Dizney: Guess what guis? 2 & 3 is next, we know 13 years lateeurr.
    Everyone else: r u kidding me dizney? U post a KNockOFf SEries before the OGs. 😣What did we ever do for u to ruin our childhood like this? 😟🙄😣

  11. r u kidding me dizney? U post a kNockOFf SEriEs before the OGs. 😣What did we do Disney!!!? Why'd u have to ruin our childhood like this? 😟🙄😣

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