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Troops to Teachers

soldiers across the army commit themselves to bettering the world every day we willingly give our blood sweat
and tears to fight and win our nation’s Wars but what about when it’s time to
pack away our rucks and put down our weapons for the last time you once asked yourself do you have what it takes to serve it may be time to ask
yourself that again if when I was in the army they said and then one day you’ll
be a teacher no absolutely not I wasn’t somebody that anyone would say
oh she loves children she’ll be great at it I don’t think that’s what someone
would describe me as as long as it’s working in your mind that’s all that matters I was at Fort Bragg I was a military
police officer and I just adopted my daughter and we had been together not
not even quite a year and so I was like okay I’m getting out don’t like don’t carry that with you leave it in the past and when you certify again your gonna be good ok I think that’s more important and better
for us so my friend told me about teaching and I hadn’t even ever really
considered teaching that wasn’t on the short list by any means I was lost I knew I wanted to be a teacher because of the hours and the availability I just
didn’t know frankly I didn’t know anything and so I googled like every
smart person and I kept coming up with troops to teachers and that started my
journey (laugh) they drive me bonkers troops to teachers has been a very
successful program we’ve placed over 21,000 teachers into the classroom on a
daily basis we process applications we follow up with those people that are
seeking employment as teachers and we also reach out to states that have job
openings opening up the opportunity for them to be hired as teachers and if you
need to speak to anyone or contact we just shoot us an email or give us a call they explained everything they sent me an email that was super long but super
informative I mean I called they asked me for my email and boom I had all the
information to my fingertips (laugh) I was like what that’s impressive right teaching is a very
rewarding career just like being a service member and knowing that you’re a
part of making a change and a difference in the world
teaching is like that as well you’re making a difference if you make a
difference in one child’s life you’re making a huge difference in society good morning wildcats I like it wildcats (laughter) I’m that person when I was in uniform and they would thank me for my service it
just seemed like no way I’m so grateful for the military for the service they
gave me and it’s kind of the same with the teaching they’re the ones that
really keep teaching and growing me so if you look at your time in the military
as what it’s brought to you and teachings gonna be the same way Jack believe it or not you have learned a lot from me yes you know I heard once that the most sad
desperate lonely scared person in our country is a 15 year old girl and I
think I relate to that and I don’t want them to feel like that and so if I can
give them that belief that I picked up in the army and build them and encourage
them I think that’s what I’m supposed to do in that military career I don’t know
for sure but I’m gonna give it a try for as long as I believe in it

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