Trailer: Education Week 2018 promo (social media version)
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Trailer: Education Week 2018 promo (social media version)

(LIVELY UPBEAT MUSIC) GIRL: Our team is the first
all-girls robotics team in the Southern Hemisphere. We are at Mercedes-Benz
Fashion Week Australia and we’re running a workshop –
we call it a Micro-School – for high school students
from New South Wales to learn more about
the creative industries. I’m Brooke Harris
at Junee High School, and I’m a part of the
Empower Energy Efficiency Project. The future is skills-based and we want our spaces
to reflect this and empower those students
with the skills they’re going to need in the future. BOY: We love our culture,
and we love to keep it alive, pass it on to other people and that. MAN: “Bruz, sis, you can be whatever
you need to be, at any time.” We’re helping our kids
to build a better future.

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