Toy School Escape Room Challenge
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Toy School Escape Room Challenge

– [Child] Tic Tac Toy! (upbeat music) – I can’t believe you left your homework at school again, Maya. – I know, it’s a good thing that Miss Lucy keeps the door unlocked.
– For sure. Let’s get the book and head out so we’re not late for our play date. – Okay, just one second. (upbeat music) Got it, the Tic Tac Toy All About Me book. Which pages do we need to fill out? – All of them.
– Awesome! (telephone ringing) – Why is the Toy School
phone ringing on a Saturday? – I don’t know, should we answer it? – I suppose so. Hello?
– Hello. This is the Toy Master.
– Oh, no! – [Toy Master] You’re going to want to put me on the speaker phone, Addy. (suspenseful music)
– This isn’t good, Maya. – [Toy Master] That’s better. Since we all had such a
wonderful time with my last Escape Room Challenge, I
thought we’d play again today. – Oh, no!
– I’m locking the doors of Toy School as we speak. (lock clicking) It will be up to you two
to follow a series of clues that will lead you to an escape button. Press the button and
the doors will unlock. – Maya, at least we’re in
this together this time. – That’s right, we could work together. – [Toy Master] Not so fast. I want to make this a
little more interesting. – I have a feeling we’re
not going to like this. – You’ll take turns
working through the clues. When one of you is working,
the other will be sitting in the soundproof Pikmi Pops
chamber and wearing earmuffs. – I don’t like this one bit. – [Toy Master] When you hear
a chime, you’ll switch places. The person working on the
clues will move to the chamber and the one sitting in the chamber will then work through my clues. – Okay, anything else we need to know? – [Toy Master] Yes. I’d suggest you work
as quickly as possible. Every minute that passes will mean one toy disappears from your bedroom. – Oh no!
– Maya, you’ll play first. Addy, you need to enter the
Pikmi Pops soundproof chamber immediately.
– Okay. Good luck Maya, we can do this. Just work as quickly as you can. – Okay, Addy. (funky upbeat music) Okay Toy Master, I’m ready to begin. What’s my first clue? – [Toy Master] Your
first clue can be found in your Tic Tac Toy All About Me book. The clock is starting now, good luck. (suspenseful music)
Okay. Clue, clue, looking for a clue. (suspenseful music) I don’t see anything out
of the ordinary here. Wait, wait a minute, why is
this letter S highlighted here? That doesn’t seem right,
maybe I should write it down. (upbeat music) I wonder if there’s any
other letters highlighted. (upbeat music)
(gasps) An E! The E in pet is highlighted. I better write that one, too. (upbeat music) I found one! The L in like.
(upbeat music) Gotta be more in here. Ooh, an M! (upbeat music) Any others, any others. Ah, there’s a little I. I almost missed that one. Better write that on down, too. (upbeat music)
Alright, any more? I think that’s it. I think I got them all, but
what do all these letters mean? I wish Addy was here to help me. – I hope Maya’s doing okay. I’m sure a couple minutes
have already passed which means we probably lost
a couple toys from our rooms. – Okay, these letters
must spell something. And whatever they spell
must be the next clue. (funky upbeat music) Wait a minute, I think that I got it. Smile, wait, but what clue is that? Am I supposed to smile? Nothing’s happening. Oh, emojis, they’re smiley faces. And there’s one on the whiteboard. I don’t see any clue on it. What am I missing?
(chime rings) That’s the chime!
– You have 10 seconds to switch places, move quickly. – Oh no! Hurry Addy, we have 10
seconds to switch places. – What do I need to know, Maya? – I had to unscramble
some letters on my desk and I think it spelled
smile, but I don’t know what it means.
– Okay, thanks! – Good luck. – Smile, smile, what in
the world could that mean? Wait a minute, these
letters also spell slime! And I know Miss Lucy keeps a
slime refrigerator in the room. (upbeat music) Okay, let’s see what we have here. Whoa, there’s so much slime. Or food, no, it’s definitely slime. Or slime that looks like food. Okay, I’m guessing there
has to be a clue inside one of these so I better
start opening them. Chocolate Mint Ice Cream Slime? (funky upbeat music) I don’t see any clues in here. On to the next slime. Marshmallow Slime? It feels and smells
like marshmallows, too. I don’t feel any clues in her though. On to the next one. Spaghetti Slime. Nothing in here but spaghetti noodles. Icing Slime with Sprinkles. Smells delicious, feels cool, but no clue. Time for the Egg Slime. Time to crack this egg.
(upbeat music) There’s even a yolk. But no clue again. I’m getting worried that I
haven’t found anything yet. I wonder if I should be
doing something different. (upbeat music) Maybe I’ll try the Hot Fudge Slime next. This really looks like hot fudge! But there’s no clue in here, either. (upbeat music) Let’s try Lemon Lime Soda. Wait a minute, this must be a clue! There’s fish in it! These are from the Playmobil
Aquarium at the activity table. I bet my next clue’s over there. (upbeat music) Now this is odd, it looks like the aquarium’s filled with water beads. I know it wasn’t like this yesterday. It’s always filled with water. And there’s this pitcher of
water just sitting here, too. I know this wasn’t here yesterday, either. (chime rings)
That’s the chime! – [Toy Master] You have 10
seconds to switch places. – What do I need to know, Addy? Something with the Playmobil Aquarium. Try pouring the water into it.
– Okay, thanks. Okay, wow, what is all this in here? Well, Addy said to pour the water in so I might as well give that a try. (upbeat music) Whoa! Wow, you can’t even see
the water beads anymore. There’s fish and seashells
and what’s this thing? There’s like shapes on here. This is odd, there’s a square, a rectangle, a cylinder, a
triangle, and a pentagon. This must be some sort of code. I have an idea! – Come on Maya, find that
escape button, time is ticking! – Okay, square starts with the letter S. Rectangle starts with R. Cylinder starts with a C. Triangle starts with a T. And pentagon starts with a P. So that spells srctp, nothing. Well that didn’t (gasps), maybe I need to find shapes in the classroom. I know there’s magnet tiles somewhere. I think they’re back here. (upbeat music) Okay, there’s triangles
and squares in here but not clues that I could see. Where else do we have
shapes in our classroom? Oh, the poster over there! Hmm, hmm hmmm. I don’t see anything that could be a clue. Maybe on the back. (gasps) Bingo. It looks like I have a
key to decode my message. Okay, a square is a T. A rectangle stands for an R. A cylinder is A. A triangle is an S and a pentagon is an H. Trash.
(chime rings) It’s time to switch again. – [Toy Master] You have 10
seconds to switch places. – It’s time to switch, Addy! – Great, where did you leave off? – I decoded something that said trash so I’d check the trashcans. – Okay, thanks. It looks like a bunch
of papers were shredded. And I’m guessing I’m gonna have to put it back together to get the next clue. Oh wow, it looks like there’s something on both sides actually. One side has pictures and the
other side it has like words. Maybe some sort of message. I think it would be easier to put the picture together first though. (upbeat music) Okay, Miss Lucy’s desk is the
perfect place for a puzzle. (upbeat music) Definitely looks like some Cutie Cars. I think maybe that one,
okay, and it’s Cutie Cars. Done! Cutie Cars Shopkins. Okay, I really need to see the message on the back, but how do I do that? Wait a minute, this is a glass tabletop. “The number of Cutie Cars in the classroom “is the number you must dial “on the phone for your next clue.” Okay, Cutie Cars. They’re over on Stella’s desk. Okay, one, two, three, four, five. That’s easy, five Cutie Cars. (upbeat music)
(electronic beep) Nothing’s happening, I
must have the wrong number. (chime rings) – Okay, Maya can figure
this one out for sure. – [Toy Master] You have 10
seconds to switch places. – Okay Maya, you have to
count how many Cutie Cars are in the classroom then
dial that number on the phone. – Okay, sounds easy enough. – I already tried five and that wasn’t it. – Okay, thanks.
(upbeat music) One, two, three, four, five. Okay, Addy said five wasn’t
the answer which must mean that there’s more Cutie
Cars in the room somewhere. Six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, there’s more over there! Two new Color Changers, 13, 14! I want to open these soon. Maybe that’s the answer. (upbeat music) (electronic beeps) – [Toy Master] No matter
how far you travel or hike, you’ll never find two
flakes of this alike. – Huh? What kind of a clue is that? I’m gonna need to hear that one again. (electronic beeps) – [Toy Master] No matter
how far you travel or hike, you’ll never find two
flakes of this alike. – Okay, I can do this. Flakes seem to be important,
but what does that mean though? – I’m getting so sick of sitting in here. I really hope we switch places soon. Or better yet, I really hope
she finds that escape button. – Snow, maybe? (gasps) Yeah, I think that works! Miss Lucy told us that no
two snowflakes are alike. But if snow is the answer,
what does that mean? We don’t have snow in Toy School. I got it, we don’t have
real snow in Toy School but we love to make pretend
snowballs with Floof! (upbeat music) The next clue has to be in Floof bin. (upbeat music) I found the button, I found it! It’s the escape button, yes! (upbeat music)
I found it, Addy, I found it! – Awesome Maya, press it
before we lose another toy! – Yeah, come on! Three, two, one!
– Three, two, one! (electronic sounds)
(door unlocking) – [Toy Master]
Congratulations, Addy and Maya. The doors around now
unlocked, you are free to go. However, it took you 17
minutes to press the button so I hope you weren’t too
attached to these 17 toys that are now missing from your rooms. – Aw, man! – What a bummer. – Luckily, we know a toy
scientist, a toy doctor, a toy school teacher,
and a toy store owner. – You’re right, we’ve got
some serious connections and I bet we’re gonna be alright. (upbeat music)

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