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53 thoughts on “Total Physical Response (TPR) – Teacher Training film no. 8

  1. Sorry, but that's at max a demonstration of how teachers should work with children (liked the joyful faces) but the method isn't getting clearly distinguished from others. They can reproduce the sentences in a different order? Please, it takes milliseconds to check out what the neighbour is doing and just copy that gesture. "You mom makes an ieeeky noise". Ieeeky is so clear, even a deaf person could read that from the teachers lips. So what's the advantage of TPR except that involves gestures?

  2. students are happy to learn in a comfortable environment, every one do the practice that he enjoed in without feeling bored……
    love this method ^_^

  3. You can check for comprehension after teaching the terms, you have them close their eyes and do the actions… you're constantly also repeating. Unlike some language classes where you might work on some long lists of vocabulary and then move on to the next chapter, with TPR, you're constantly practicing the old while adding the new. That's what distinguishes it: repetition for the brain to acquire.

  4. Eww are Eeek different interjections… The first is to show disgust, the second is fear+revulsion (like when seeing a cockroach).

  5. It is nice teaching like this but to children ,normal, like them. I am teaching in Spain and it is impossible to treat them like this. They can never be quiet, calm and obedient. I feel like I am teaching to some unrest creature, and ..finishing the class, I have no voice left!

  6. That sucks shekoof. Vietnam kids are fun and if you have the credentials International schools are incredible; there is a lot more discipline.

  7. Very significant. It is important to be used as an integral part of early beginning of teaching the target language. Teaching is a matter of fun.

  8. I have used this method once, but I asked the pupils for suggestions as to what movements we should do. Some got to decide and those were not necessarily the most gifted speakers, readers or writers, so that was a boost to their self confidence I guess. Anyway, we learned a poem by heart this way, and it was very popular. For weeks they asked me to do it again and so we did.

  9. Interesting video but just one thought to think about. Not every child has a mum, they might not have one or the child might be in care.

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