Top 7 Art & Design Schools in the World
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Top 7 Art & Design Schools in the World

(upbeat music) – Hey everybody. I’m Gus with Crimson Education
and anybody who has tried to make art knows that
talent is not enough. It takes hard work and
training to master the skills needed to become a great artist. One of the best ways to hone these skills is to get a professional art degree, but if you’re gonna put
your time and your money into pursuing an arts
degree, you wanna make sure you’re going to the best school
for your artistic future. So today, we’re gonna
break down the top seven art and design schools in the world. (upbeat music) – Our number seven school is the School of the Art
Institute of Chicago. The institute offers both
undergraduate and graduate art degrees, and attracts a
big international student body, with about 1,000 students
coming every year from outside the U.S. And, in addition to being
one of the best art schools in the world, the institute
also has one of the highest acceptance rates on our list, over 70%. But don’t be fooled into thinking
that it’s easy to get in. The institute expects a
full portfolio of your best and most recent work. Number six on our list
is the Pratt Institute, which has campuses in
Manhattan and Brooklyn, which allows students to take advantage of the amazing New York City art scene. Pratt is perfect if you’re
not sure what kind of art you want to pursue during college. You have the option to apply as undecided and then continue
exploring once you arrive. Number five takes us across the pond to the University of the Arts in London. UAL attracts an
exceptionally diverse crowd from over 130 countries,
and it also encourages all sorts of creatives to
apply, since the university has six colleges specializing
in different fields, including fashion, media,
communication, performing arts, and of course, art and design. You get all the benefits
of a specialized program, but with a much bigger,
broader community attached. Number four is the
Parsons School of Design at the New School,
located in New York City. Considered the number one art
school in the world in 2015, Parsons is an amazing place for people who like to challenge the status quo. The New School, as the name would suggest, is all about breaking with tradition and becoming active members
in a rapidly changing world. But if you’re looking for
an amazing arts school outside of a giant urban
center, our number three school, RISD, might be your top choice. The Rhode Island School
of Design is located in Providence, Rhode
Island, up on College Hill, with beautiful Brown
University right next door. RISD students have the option
to take many classes at Brown, and vice versa. The most popular majors at
RISD include industrial design, graphic design, and film and animation, which makes a lot of sense,
since Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy, went there. – What would Stewie say about RISD? Wonderful, wonderful place
to learn about the fine arts, and to learn about your own sexuality and how to grapple with
certain uncertainties. – (laughs) That’s terrible.
Oh God. Our number two art school in the world is the Massachusetts
Institute of Technology, which may be a surprise for some people, because MIT tends to have
a reputation as a place with a lot of computers
and robots, and yeah, it has technology in the name. But MIT has an amazing artistic scene, especially with the
Center for Arts, Science, and Technology, aka MIT CAST,
where artists work together with engineers and scientists
to collaborate across fields. It’s very difficult to get into MIT, but the art programs
are worth it if you can. And the number one art and
design school on our list, is the Royal College of Art in London. Entirely for graduate students,
the RCA has six schools, with focuses on architecture,
design, fine art, humanities, communication, and material. It is the place to go if you
are looking to support yourself professionally as an artist. Over 93% of their graduates professionally support themselves working in
the art and design industries, which, as anybody who
has tried can tell you, is a very difficult accomplishment. All right, well that’s
our list for top seven art and design schools in the world. If you have questions or if
you disagree with our rankings, please hit us up in the comments section, or send us an email, at
[email protected], and mention this video. Please like and subscribe. I’m Gus with Crimson Education. You guys take care. (upbeat music)

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48 thoughts on “Top 7 Art & Design Schools in the World

  1. I do enjoy your videos and hate to leave this comment but if SAIC is on this list…. why wasn't SCAD on this list?? SCAD is known to have one of the most reputable art schools in this country.

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    Crimson Education is the world leader in global admissions consulting.

  3. Hi, Can you suggest me Top Art Schools for M.A. or M.F.A. in Contemporary Fine Art Practice in the World?

  4. I remember getting a recommendation letter from #6 on the list. I think art is REALLY fun even though I’m not very good.

  5. I am an aspirant of study fine arts as a professional programe, but am from India, so is it affordable for me there tution fees, accommodation etc

  6. When i get older i wanted to learn to be a doctor but an art school it's sound fun i hope i have a an art school in malaysia

  7. I know it's more industrial design, but how come Umeå Institute of Design is not on the list?
    It's been ranked number one quite a few times in the past years…
    I go there and we win more design awards than any other university in the world 🙂

    Here's just a few articles:–again_5813317/

    Also missing Art Centre LA,

  8. Go to Angoulême in France, the capital of french and belgic comics also known as "BD". Heure u can find some of the best schools in the World (just as popular as The GOBELINS)

  9. My photography teachers always said “a degree is just a piece of paper…. you need talent and passion and a little luck to be an artist…”

    to make it even weirder… this was at two different times in my life and two different teachers who didn’t know each other said this to the class😂😂

  10. Art Center College of Design in Pasadena is not even in the list!.. and is the best of the best!…

  11. I loathe how no Parsons or SAIC faculty ever told students to keep all of their artworks to make an archive, cursing students with lecture phrases such as "the starving artist". I even loathe how the instructors never told students to sign all of their works before selling at the college art sale. I even loathe how SAIC had a school art sale to begin with. I even thought it was a waste of time and my precious money at classes such as SAIC's art enterpreneur class in which 2 faculties (including 1 male lawyer) barely talked about copyright protection and instead edited our resumes, no i mean artist statements. "The best US art school" treated its art students like ready-made-failures. There was one SAIC Sound(yep sound not rotten) male instructor whom i only had a 1 day lecture with my classmates who told us to keep our electronics and don't throw them away.

  12. Hey dude I’m studying bachelors in fine arts at Chandigarh University India and I wanna go London for further studies , I’m Pershing applied nowadays

  13. Want to go to Rhode Island's School of Design. I'm 14 going into high school later this year. I'm want to start evolving my art early on.

  14. Well its a very conservative perspective so I have extreme doubts as to the validity of this evaluation on a planetary scale…

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