TOP 5 Elegant Summer Shoes That You Can Walk In (NOT Sneakers!)
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TOP 5 Elegant Summer Shoes That You Can Walk In (NOT Sneakers!)

My dear elegant ladies,
welcome back to my channel! Today is another video about fashion and how we can look more
sophisticated focusing now in summer. Because summer is here and we want to
look our best right? But today I’m going to talk about elegant but comfortable shoes to wear in summer. And the reason why I have to throw in comfortable is
because in summer, number one we’re a little bit more active, we tend to walk
more than when it’s cold, we also have more social gatherings during daytime. And also when we are on vacation, we are not stuck working from an office,
we actually have the whole day to enjoy. So for that reason, we need comfortable
shoes that can last us a whole day and that won’t hurt our feet. So for that reason,
we need to really think about comfort. And I can tell you one thing,
it is very difficult to find beautiful yet comfortable shoes. It’s like for some reason in our world, it is very very difficult to combine those both. We know that shoes that are very comfortable are usually not the most attractive ones and the very beautiful shoes tend to be not very comfortable. But there are shoes that are actually both and those are the shoes that
we’re going to focus on today. And also another thing to take into account in summer is that, of course, it’s hot. So we don’t want to necessarily wear sneakers. For that reason, I’ve actually
left out sneakers from the list today. I think sneakers already getting so much attention. I feel they’re a little bit overdone,
it’s great that we let our feet rest and so on. But sneakers in generally are not the most elegant shoe, although
there are some elegant sneakers. But we can take that conversation in another video. For those of you who are new to my channel,
a quick introduction, my name is Anna. I run an online finishing school where I teach women elegance and high society skills. If you’re interested
in doing that transformation, just visit So number one, this sandal. And I’m talking of course
about the low heel sandal, not the high heel one. I think the low heel sandal is
definitely a really good investment. I’m actually, I have one that I’m gonna show you. This can be a potential sandal. You can have different variations and different heels. This one has a very small heel. These are from Alya. I really like them.
They’re a bit like gladiator inspired and you can actually wear sandals like
flat sandals with a cute summer dress, short one, can also wear it with a
long maxi dress, works both beautifully or with shorts whatever. And it’s also good because it’s an open shoe so it lets your feet breathe. Now I don’t know if you can run miles or walk for miles in this shoe. But you can definitely
survive a few hours of sightseeing so very good investment and a must. Color-wise, I personally like to go something that is not too contrasting to your own
skin tone. That is just my preference because I feel like it elongates your
legs a little bit when you do that. If you wear for instance a black sandal and
especially like this one that goes a bit up, it cuts off your leg a bit so your
legs might look a little bit shorter than they are. So number two,
ballerina shoe First of all, it’s covering so if you’re somebody like me suffer with
flat feet issues, wearing sandals can actually be a little bit difficult
sometimes. But with the ballerina shoe, it’s covering all the way around. So if you have flat feet, then your feet will always look good in a pair of ballerinas. And the heel is low so very comfortable to walk around it. There are also ballerina shoes with a bit thicker heel and they’re obviously not going to be as
comfortable but like they at least feel a little bit more dressed up. If you feel like this is a bit too plain for whatever occasion that you are going to
wear these to. But I think the ballerina shoe is a perfect
also daytime shoe when you go to work, a perfect city shoe. Kate Moss is the one who really rocked this
shoe well and I think that it’s a nice shoe that is has a little bit of a preppiness to it. I know some people are not big fans of ballerina but I personally love them. I would personally get a pair of black ballerina shoes
first, because they look very chic. Then I would also get a pair of scheme color
that matches your skin color. If you really want to spend on ballerina shoes
then really spend on a pair of Chanel ballerinas because they
are very high quality inside information but Chanel actually does the most
quality shoes for that price range and that are still not too expensive. Of all the designers that create shoes, Chanel is actually one of the best, so very much recommended to spend a little bit extra If you don’t want to spend on Chanel
ballerinas, then you can get maybe something like this. These are from French Sole, I really think that they make really nice shoes that actually durable. These ones I’ve worn so many times so
they are a little bit now worn out. But I’m gonna get a new pair but they have lasted me years I think,
of wonderful years. So moving on, mules Now I don’t have mules to show you because
I don’t actually wear mules but I know Gucci I’m very popular for mules. When I say mules I’m not talking about those that we walk to the
swimming pool with that I’ve spoken about in my video. These shoes are not classy so go
and check out that video if you still haven’t. I’m actually talking about like proper leather mules, like Gucci like I said, like a loafer mule or something. It’s definitely going to make you look
elegant and comfortable. The only problem is, it’s a sliding shoe so it’s going to be a little bit
more challenging to walk. I think that since we’re talking about the mules, might as well just quickly talk about the Gucci loafer because that one is very popular as well. Now what the loaf of course is going to be a little bit more warm but
if you feel like the mule is going to be too uncomfortable to walk a bit longer
distance and definitely just get the classic Gucci loafer instead. Now what about when we want to be a little bit more dressed up and actually wear a heel
that also is comfortable because maybe we’ll be standing up quite a lot? First of all, unless you already know me saying this but we do not wear
stilettos during the day. So this is something that is a big no-no. Again in my video, These Shoes Are Not Classy, I’ve really spoken against like when you
wear it very extremely high heels because that’s not very elegant. I think you can sometimes
get away with wearing a stiletto in the evening. But if you really want to focus
on elegance then we don’t go higher than mid-heel. We tend to go maximum maybe
10, 11 centimeters but that is actually qualified as a high-heel. But for daytime events, 11 centimeters pair of heels might make you feel a bit more
uncomfortable and a little bit out of place. We want to definitely do low or
mid heel for daytime events. So a perfect daytime event shoe
that I’m going to show you is the Gucci Grandma Shoes. At least that’s how I like to call it. Now this is a very popular shoe and it’s been popular now for several years. Every blogger probably has this shoe. It’s most common in beige and black.
I have it all in black but to be quite honest with you, I need to speak a little bit about
this shoe. Because first of all men tend not to like it. My boyfriend, he’s like, no
don’t buy that shoe it’s so ugly and I said you know what I’m gonna get it
because it’s such a comfortable and convenient shoe to have for certain
events and especially when you have to walk a lot. So, in the end, yes it might
not be the most feminine shoe because truly it is a bit of a
grandma model. But what can you do? Sometimes you just can’t have it all. I even asked a few other men to validate if it’s just my boyfriend who
thinks they are horrible and apparently I did not get the response I wanted. All men that I asked did not like this shoe. So it is a tricky one ladies, but again,
we got to do what we got to do sometimes. And I personally love this shoe because
it really it works with everything, a dress, a skirt, sophisticated trousers,
you name it. And it’s just so versatile and you really can walk a lot in this shoe. Yet it makes you look dressed up, so that’s the beauty of it. You need something like this,
you need like a pump shoe or sandal shoe, a little bit of a heel but maybe a
bigger heel that is a bit more comfortable. Another variation
to that would actually be like, here I have one that is the kitten heel. This one is quite comfortable but you wouldn’t be able to walk around the
whole day in that in the city but it’s definitely perfect for when you don’t
want to look very dressed up. You can definitely arrive at an event or date,
some party wearing this shoe and with a nice skirt. I personally love wearing this shoe with my mid-length silk skirt and a nice silk cami top. It’s one of my favorite kind of looks
for when you don’t want to be too dressed up but you don’t also want to be
too dressed down. Now lastly, the espadrilles shoe that I have already
mentioned in my video, How to Look Elegant in Summer. Now some people were confused because they felt like espadrilles are also
grandma shoes as they call them. And maybe to some, perhaps it might be a
grandma shoe but it’s also a very good shoe for daytime when you are wearing
a little bit more kind of summer outfits and summer clothes. Yet because of the wedge here,
it’s a very comfortable shoe and it’s also not very high in heel so
this one you can definitely even walk in and be comfortable and you don’t feel
too dressed down in. But please be aware this is a very casual shoe. If it is more of a dressed-up event or doing the day, I wouldn’t come wearing this shoe. I would perhaps come wearing this shoe. So you really need to think about
exactly what is the dress code and what are the people gonna wear? I think what you must do is definitely to take this as a separate project because this is
a very important one. Elegant shoes that are comfortable that you can really wear
in dressed up occasions and also during casual events. But also for walking or even a little bit more
long-distance walking. All of this requires a good amount of shoes
and sometimes it also requires you to spend on shoes. I don’t think that feet is an area that we should save money on. So I know if you have a very limited budget it might be worth being patient and just buy one
pair of very versatile shoes that you can really invest in but are really high quality. Meaning, you’re not going to ruin your feet, you are going to be comfortable and you’re going to actually use these shoes. What happens many times is that we buy shoes that are cheaper and very uncomfortable and then
we end up spending much more on taxi when we could have perhaps walked if we
just had spent a little bit more on a pair of more expensive shoes. Now if you want to learn more about how to look expensive and maybe even a bit on a budget, then you must download my free cheat sheet that I have created for you. and downloaded,
it’s absolutely free of charge. And make sure you watch my video, These Shoes Are Not Classy because then we would really talk about those shoes that I say are a no-go. I hope you enjoyed this video and I will see you in the next one!

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