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Top 5 Christmas Films | Student Life VLOGMAS DAY 11 | University of Lincoln

[Music] it is officially the 21st of December which means we are only four days away from the big day from Christmas Day itself so I thought what better way to celebrate that then speaking about the best Christmas movies of all time but this video I put together a list of five of my top favorite Christmas movies and I’ll be going through them from five to one and explaining why I like them so in number five we have a bit of a weird movie that I know not a lot of people have actually heard of gremlins is this weed movie from the 80s that is basically about these pets / toy things that come with a really specific set of instructions and a boy gets giving them for Christmas and when you don’t follow these instructions they turn into these little monster creatures and they wreak havoc everywhere it’s just a really fun heartwarming movie it’s really funny at points when I was younger I used to be absolutely scared of it but as I got older I let to see that it was actually quite funny in it number four is so the holiday is a movie starring for absolute Hollywood juggernauts Jack Black Jude Law Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet and it’s basically about this weird sort of house exchange thing that happens during Christmas time so Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz and swap houses and they like find love and it’s a proper rom-com cheesy Christmas rom-com movie it’s super easy watching his movie is so cheesy and so amazing it just really lifts your spirits and I think it’s a really good one to watch in number three is an incredibly controversial one now I know what you’re thinking not know for Christmas is a Halloween movie of course it’s a Halloween movie it’s about the town called Halloween Town but why can’t it also be a Christmas movie i watch this every single year for Christmas it is like a tradition for me basically it is about this town and they are foot and he supernatural creatures who are all about Halloween you know all about scaring people don’t have a wing that is until their leader Jack Skellington decides that he wants to do Christmas this year so he goes about setting this town up for Christmas decorating it and sort of watching how humans do Christmas in order to figure out how to do it for Halloween town as well it’s a Tim Burton movie so it is a bit creepy there are some songs in it which really fun and really catchy it is a really fun and interesting movie in at number two is home alone is such a classic movie I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like it I mean I always wanted to be Kevin McCallister in that movie and come up with all these sort of booby traps and stuff like that that was really fun the movie is funny and light-hearted and again really super easy watching I think that’s what I enjoy about a Christmas movie is that it’s easy watching I don’t have to concentrate too much I can just sit back relax have a cup of hot chocolate and just let my mind be distracted by the movie coming in and at number one is the Grinch or more specifically how the Grinch Stole Christmas and talking about the 2000 version with Jim Carrey not there any of the animated ones not that they’re bad and just prefer the live-action version this movie is a bit of a 50/50 among my friends some of them absolutely hate the movie because they think that Jim Carrey is a bit of an over actor but some of them completely love it I personally love this movie I think it’s such a fun sort of quirky movie Jim Carrey is hilarious and in my opinion the way he portrays the Grinch like his characterization and everything is superb is really funny there is an absolute meme of all moments in it I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of my favorite Christmas movies let me know if you agree or disagree with any of them and what would be on your list thank you for watching and have an amazing Christmas and a Happy New Year [Music]

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