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100 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Engineering Student Laptops 2018 | Top 10 Best Laptops for Engineering Students 2018

  1. Guys i am an engineering student and hoping if somebody can share his or her experience.
    Should I go with a gaming laptop or 2gb dedicated graphic is really enough for my next 7 semesters.
    I am really confused and dont wanna buy a gaming laptop only to realise that i dont need that much power.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Eh I'm a computer engineer what you want is either any MSI laptop they are all super godly. Or the Alienware m5 the new one. Every other Alienware is wack. Those two are amazing computers and look beautiful. Everything else on this list isn't worth it Imo. And 4 graphics cards what? How does that even fit?

  3. This video is so much informative and really helpful.
    Loved how you talk. And
    4:04 That Laugh is Priceless. 😍♥️

  4. I have a dell xps 15, and I have had SO MANY PROBLEMS WITH IT. The battery started swelling right after my warranty expired, costing me about $250 to get fixed. Now, when I plug in my laptop to charge, sparks and smoke come out of it! And Dell tech support is charging an absurd amount of money to fix it. My XPS 15 is only 2 year old, and SPARKS shot out of my laptop, and they refuse to fix it for free or replace it. I spent over $2000 on this piece of junk. Don't waste your money like I did.

  5. Hi, I have a Dell Inspiron i7. This computer has a problem with superheating when you use Ansys. I had to fix the processor because of that.

  6. I just discovered this channel and what a great video it is. As an aspiring electronics and computer engineer, it's awesome to see a fully fledged engineer take their time to help out the rest of us and whilst 🤓😎 still showing so love to the engineering profession. Go engines!

  7. Hi there,

    Nice video input and I have a question for you. I’m having trouble deciding which Surface Pro model to get 🙁 I’m currently doing my degree(Electrical Power Engineering) and I find it very hard for me to keep up with my notes that’s why I prefer to go paperless. My current Lenovo has i5 processor, 4gb of RAM, 256gb of ssd and the surface which I'm planning to get is a Surface Pro 6 with also an i5 processor but with 8gb of RAM and 128gb of ssd. My workloads for my second year later on would vary from Spice, MATLAB and etc. So my question is, will it be worth it to get the S6? or I should just get other older surface models but with higher specs, like Surface Pro 2017 or even Surface Pro 4? Bcus I’m finding a laptop worth using for another 3years(max). Also Apple products wouldn't be a choice for me as I find it very hard to work with the ppl in my circle. Thank you, your opinions are very much appreciated😊
    P.s money is a factor too 🙁 that’s why the option of older models is included in my question

  8. Hey, i m joining the aerospace engineering course and will an 8 gb of ram gonna be enough or will it slow down the processes? Please help me out

  9. Really awesome video. I want to ask what you think about Hp pavilion the Gaming Laptop of about 4gb Ram, gc; GeForce nvidia ….

  10. Something that i would recommend is getting a cheap laptop that you can bring around to class and type up reports on, then have a Desktop at home with a Quadro or AMD FirePro GPU to do the more intensive tasks like simulations in solidworks. just from experience with my GPU in my system (NVIDIA GTX760), Solidworks doesn't utilize these cards because they are meant for gaming, and this is going to happen with most of these laptops on the list above (except perhaps the dell precision because it has a Quadro built in). So if you can try to get a cheaper laptop and invest into a desktop to do your heavy workloads at home if you can!

  11. She doesn't really know what she is talking about, these laptops were gaming laptops that are huge and heavy. Additionally, she never owned any of them and some of them could have issues such as thermal problems. Look at Dave2D and other reviewers of laptops so you don't waste your money.

  12. just bought on sale a thinkpad x1 extreme 6 corr i7-8850H, 2×8 gb gddr4 ram and 2×256 gb pickle ssd with geforce gtx 1050ti 4gb, but its still expensive 😭 but I’m planning on having it for at least 5 years. My engineering college’s laptop requirement’s minimum specs were stronger than my 2.7 GHz quadcore macbook pro so now Ive got two laptops

  13. best laptop for E-Students hm..let me see.. i7 + 1060 + ssd compared with 965M+tablet+HDD – WAT??
    there a whole great canyon between the processing power of those..have you ever tried to do something besides internet sufing on tablet? i mean CAD or FEM or even Matlab Simulation. Work ergonomics of a tablet is always awful (those are just for another use cases). Please try to USE something you suggest at least few hours or ask someone who uses those devices every day. Do not compare shop specs. All of us can do so.

  14. Thank you lady
    I am looking a good laptop for my master in simulation science .
    I had cervical pain I desperately need good ,and lighter laptop.

  15. Your humor suggests mild megalomania…..micromania? Oh, and there are these crazy things call external drives. Way cheaper than upgrading to a larger internal one.

  16. a little off put by the intro, but this was just the video I was looking for, info from an engineering student themselves

  17. Heyyy! I want to by a MacBook Air for $356, I’m going to study electronic engineering, and I’m afraid I will miss windows because of all the programs, should I get it?

  18. So my question, if you had to go through it all again without the lab coms, what one would you go with? I’m in my first year.

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  20. I’m a software engineer student and I’m thinking of buying a Microsoft surface laptop or Microsoft surface book , which one should I buy !!

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