Top 10 Back to School Supplies
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Top 10 Back to School Supplies

Back-to-school season is here, so we’re rounding up our top ten school supplies for 2018. Keep watching to see what’s on our
back-to-school shopping list. The large Doughnut Macaroon is our top backpack pick. It has a roomy interior, plenty of compartments, and even a padded pocket that fits most 15-inch laptops. It’s made from durable cordura nylon fabric, which is sturdy enough for the backpack to last the entire school year. The Macaroon comes in two other sizes as well. Be sure to watch our dedicated video to see an in-depth size comparison. The Maruman Kurufit it is a slim and
lightweight binder option for students who like keeping their subjects in separate places. The flexible cover makes it easy to slip the binder into any bag or backpack, and it’s available in a variety of stylish translucent colors. Opening the rings is simple: just unhook the white tab at the bottom and they’ll
slide apart. You can fill the binder with Maruman paper or any compatible refill, including the Kokuyo Campus dividers for more organization. For other binder options, watch our top binders video in the card above. To keep students’ backpacks from getting too heavy, Kokuyo came out with the Smart Campus Notebook. It’s slightly thinner and lighter than the regular Campus Notebook but the paper quality isn’t sacrificed at all. Like other Kokuyo Campus Notebooks, the paper is printed with the unique dotted rule style. This is handy for writing organized notes, drawing diagrams, and making sections. To see more of our favorite notebooks, click the card to see our Top Notebooks Video. The Cubix Round Zip Box Pen Case combines two types of storage into one. The side pocket acts as a pen organizer
that lays flat when opened, with mesh pockets and elastic straps to keep your items in place. The main pouch is nice and spacious,
perfect for keeping larger things or pen sets. The pen case is comfortably padded to protect everything inside so students can toss it into their backpacks without worry. It comes in a variety of bright and neutral colors. The latest addition to the Sarasa family, the Mark On, promises to be smudge-free under highlighter. The Zebra Sarasa line of fast-drying gel pens has been a top recommendation for years. We put it to the test, and the verdict? A+. It holds up well under the Mildliner, which is notorious for smudging gel ink. The Uni Jetstream 4 Multi Pen is our favorite multi pen for students who often need more than one type of writing tool. The Jetstream has one of the best ballpoint ink formulas on the market. It’s super smooth, fast-drying, and even
waterproof. With the Jetstream 4, you can have four colors in one, or have an added mechanical pencil in the 4&1 version. Multi pens combine two or more refills in one pen body, so you don’t have to dig around your bag for a different color or pen. The Stabilo Boss Pastel Highlighter features six beautiful soft shades. The chisel tip has an extra 2 mm edge that is excellent for underlining important words. Plus, they have a four hour dry out
protection, just in case you forget to cap them. If you want a thinner highlighter, the Stabilo Swing Cool Highlighter offers the same soft colors as the Pastel Boss. The Pilot Delful is a great shaker pencil to start with. It has a wide and comfortable grip, and the tip retracts into the body, making it safe to carry in a pocket or bag. We like recommending shaker pencils to
students because they’re so convenient to use. Simply give the pencil a slight shake to advance the lead. That way, you don’t have to regrip and interrupt your writing. You can’t go wrong with any of Sakura’s
erasers. But since it can get messy in a student’s pen case, we picked the retractable Sumo Grip. The plastic case keeps the eraser protected and pristine inside a pencil case. The Sumo Grip erases cleanly with minimal pressure, making it easy on your hands and gentle on the paper. Its long thin shape ensures that you will always have a sharp edge or corner for a precise erase. Whether it’s for a geometry class or an art project, the Kutsuwa Stad Ruler Set has everything a student needs. The black rulers and protractor have a slip-resistant backing, so they’ll stay in place while you use them. The measurements on the black rulers start at the very edge of the ruler, getting rid of that gap that can get in the way of measuring some items. We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing our recommendations to help get you through the school year. What’s on your back-to-school shopping
list? Check out all of our picks at Thanks for watching!

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100 thoughts on “Top 10 Back to School Supplies

  1. Has highlighters that doesn't have a dark spot of ink when u lift the highlighter not been invented yet….. It's so annoying

  2. In my school some girls go to the shop and buy like the fanciest art supplies and come to school and show it off while I'm begging my mom to buy a new pencil pouch

  3. The Doughnut Macaroon is the same as the Himawari. I prefer the latter bc it’s the same product for a better price

  4. Thank you! I needed to get this cause I like researching new things during the summer since I don't have much to do. But I like researching about history, biographies, or just writing in general. I definitely need to check these out tomorrow! I love to write and draw! Thanks again

  5. I’m watching this 2 weeks before summer I’m sooo nervous for 6th grade watching BACK TO SCHOOL STUFF AND ITS NOT EVEN SUMMER YET😭😭

  6. 英語ばっかだぁ…とか当たり前のこと思ってたけど、4:38の「蛍光ペンを引いても滲まない!」の日本語に癒された。日本語ありがとう。

  7. Hi jet pens I hope you answer I have the doughnut macaron backpack but I lost one of the straps on the front little pocket where can o get another one

  8. Those book bags are expensive as hell (I’ve seen them like 200-500$ CAD) I rather get a Kanken (how ever you spell it they’re like 100$ CAD)

  9. Just found this channel, going into 8th soon, first time using your stuff, probably gonna save up my summer money for this! 🥴👀👌

  10. I hate shaker pencils, because it takes effort to shake the pencil. Maybe it's just because I have long fingers, but I don't need to readjust my hands when I push the thing to make the lead come out.

  11. My school had mad bullshit rules on what stationary you needed and they would be grilling on you if you didn't have it. Making you carry a big ass bulky 2 inch binder on top of other binders. Another reason why I love college. I can organize to my style

  12. I would like all of these but like my mom buys all my school supplies and it’s all the generic cheep shit

    But at least I’m fortunate enough for her to actually get me them. Luv ya mom

  13. I don't know if it's just my school or what but the school I went to we didn't carry around note books or binders, we had one note book for each lesson and we don't take them home (as some people didn't bring them in the next day).

  14. Sooo i just wanna tell you guys something important… if you are left handed you will agree with me.
    Remember that this comment is made by a left handed so i know how it feels like.
    The books with rings are super annoying because your hand isn’t comfortable at all!! You just can’t rest your hand without any pain in your hands keep that in mind!!

  15. All this stuff are amzing. Probably gonna by it when i'm in college. Why?
    Because, my school provide… EVERYTHING. Like notebooks, binder, folder, textbooks, stationary, coloring stuff, measuring ruler, and even a backpack that you could buy. So all we need to do is just to buy a backpack. And DONE. But i don't like it that much because we can't customize our stuff that we have. But its way more money friendly. Ok baii

  16. I never felt as old as when I started reading “ugh, I hate going back to school” and I thought “How can you hate going back to school, I wish I could go back to school” 🤣🤣🤣

  17. Can someone give me the dimensions for the large doughnut macaroon, because I bought one but it’s standard size, I just want to compare.

  18. Hi, I’m from germany and I would love to order some things because my summer holidays are barely over. Does anyone have some experiences with shipping to the EU or could tell me if I had to pay much money for the shipping which would be very sad? I am soo in love in stationary😅☺️

  19. You guys ever try to write notes like the ones in the video but end up writing like a monkey being attacked by a swarm of bees

  20. Back to school supplies are the only thing that convince me to go to school … or is it because of my friend group

  21. I'm back to school tomorrow wish me luck! I use the textsurfer highlighter from you website and I REALLY like it!

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