To Introduce Yoga and Mindfulness in the Classroom, This District Starts With Its Teachers
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To Introduce Yoga and Mindfulness in the Classroom, This District Starts With Its Teachers

(ding) – [Student] Pull the
string on top of your head. – [Tonya] I have been
bringing mindfulness and yoga into the classroom for
about four or five years. The classroom environment
has changed immensely since we started doing
yoga and mindfulness. Children are running on high all day long and they can be very reactive and impulsive with their feelings. I have noticed that as we’ve done more and more mindfulness in particular, they’re really able to
put that space between what they think or how they
feel, and how they act. And I think that that’s
been the most powerful thing mindfulness has done for my students. Do you know what I’m hearing
from all of these reflections? That mindfulness seems to be
really helpful for you guys to put space between – [Student] Your action and your feelings. – Your actions and your feelings. Adults I think need practice
with that just as much as children do, if not more sometimes. It’s certainly something I’m working on. – [Lisa] There’s a lot more
pressures on teachers today then there ever has been before. So unfortunately the burn out
rate for teachers is high, it’s really important that teachers have the emotional resilience to deal with the typical stressors
of the classroom day. – You know putting your
oxygen mask on first, what does that mean? It means we’re putting
breath in our own bodies so that we have strength in ourselves, so then we can offer it to
the kids, to our students. – [Lisa] What we’re actually doing here these next couple of days, are helping these teachers
who have already had some foundational training in this, to be able to take it back to their ten schools across this district and gain additional buy
in, so that school-wide implementation can maybe
become a real thing. Exhale back down, really feel the energy and the way of your
body go into your feet, go into your sitting bones, landing. We really work on okay, what’s
next, what happens next, how can this be something that
we’re doing across the school or across the district. So it becomes really
just part of what we do, and the everyday, and as well
becomes really sustainable. Shoulders come down on the ears, lets exhale to our right. Nice, a little side bend, crescent moon. Inhale up, and exhale to the left. I’ll do a little practice myself in the classroom before the bell rings, so that when the kids come I’m really, my mind isn’t anywhere but with them. And I find that on the days
when I’m able to have my mind in the classroom, in the
moment, in the task with them, I’m able to engage with
them more successfully and push their learning more successfully. Back through the steps,
so taking your branches and bringing them back,
down into the trunk, turning your knee forward.

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3 thoughts on “To Introduce Yoga and Mindfulness in the Classroom, This District Starts With Its Teachers

  1. You are showing the way, starting with you and then educating your proteges to live. This needs to happen across the world. Maybe replace the word with mindfulness with presence, right now, as you need to get the word mind and fullness out of it?

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