Tips for Great Group Work in the Classroom
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Tips for Great Group Work in the Classroom

Collaboration. We all know it’s great for students’ learning but let’s get real about group work for a minute. It’s great in theory, but it never quite works out as planned. Some kids say they do all the work. Other kids feel left out. Nobody feels like they really have ownership over the learning. One way to help kids with group work is giving everyone different roles. It’s a good scaffold in theory, but a lot of times these roles tend to be more administrative. Instead, what if we structured group roles differently? When students share ownership of the learning, everyone has a few roles to play. All of them interdependent and all 100% connected to the learning goal. Everyone’s responsible for a unique piece of the work. Plus, they’ll support and assess a peer. Better yet, add self assessment. You can even simplify it for younger kids. Sure, it’ll take some extra planning. No matter what you’re learning about it’s best to break down the tasks ahead of time for students. But there are tons of online tools that can make this easier. Shared ownership centers everyone’s work around a common goal. And, it gives everybody a stake in the assignment. Want more tips on setting up effective group work? Plus all kinds of other teaching strategies? Check out Common Sense Education. you

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3 thoughts on “Tips for Great Group Work in the Classroom

  1. I'm sorry, but this is A GREAT IDEA as a student is see people that don't even do the work. This concept only works if every wants to work but the thing is certain students goof around. This forces others to do their work, I suggest group work will never work in a group of 3 or more

  2. I'm a junior in college. Groupwork is garbage. It What I've learned from it is that I end up doing the work of all my group members because they're lazy.

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