Timeline of Construction for New George Mason High School
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Timeline of Construction for New George Mason High School

As a part of the design phase we did draw all our stuff in Revit models so if you’re familiar with Technology that we’re currently using in design and so a lot of the output that you’ll see We’re pretty far down the road in terms of the design phase So we were able to create visualizations from the models that we’ve already created for the process so we’re first gonna walk through the timeline to give you a feel kind of the overall campus and how we approach some of The sight things that Dr. Noonan has already reviewed So this is just to give you a feel for what the existing condition of the campus looks like today so right now we’ve got the softball field the tennis courts and You’ll see as a part of the design, when the new high school gets built We are leaving the football and the baseball fields intact in their same footprint So the first summer we’re scheduled to start construction in June of 2019 or after school’s out I’m gonna pause there one second. That first summer is really critical for us because what we want to do when students are away from Campus and there’s not the congestion on campus, is really focus on the excavation getting we have a basically a sub-basement Two level sub-basement and so our focus that first summer is basically getting all the dirt off site So we’re able to do it again. This allows us to do all that heavy truck traffic We really focused on the summers doing those types of activities that are best handled when school is not in session So once that footprint of the sub-basement is created then we’ll be turning our attention You’ll see the timeline will slide at this point we’re basically returning, school’s back in and we’re creating the foundations and then the structure’s coming up. An Important thing to note here is we are building directly adjacent to the middle school. So it’s important for us during construction There’ll be a lot of provisions made To make sure that we’re providing Safe pathways for egress out of the Middle School and we’ll also be working very closely with both the principals from both schools as it Relates to noise mitigation and making sure that we’re not having any impact on any of the instructional learning during the school year But then once the steel is up We’re basically near the end of the year turning around the first of the year. So at this point we’re in 2020 So the goal is basically by the summer of 2020 that the building is enclosed. So you’ll see It’s kind of unclear how the time-lapse works within the video We’re just gonna spin around. So you’ll see that the skin is magically going up on the building in the video. So If you want to pause here One of the other important things to note is because of the school, where it’s being located, We are providing access to the football field and the baseball field throughout the construction So that purple line that you see on the video is basically showing a temporary pathway that we’ll be creating so that people will still be able to park in the parking lots and then safely go around the construction to access those two fields So the enclosure of the building, Substantially complete with the enclosure over the summer months and then another critical So now at this point, we’re in the summer of 2020 and so you want to pause here You’ll see that the the fence line is being pulled back. At this point We’re creating a significant portion of the new site work, a new bus turnaround And basically redoing all the parking that right now is adjacent to the middle school And we’re also creating that new loading dock that. Dr. Noonan had mentioned, so you’ll see up behind the fence line creating a new loading dock and we also are creating a new shared kitchen. So What we’ve proposed is that the high school and the middle school will now have a shared food Preparation and then have separate serving lines that feed age school This is also Allowing us to create a really nice connection between the high school and the middle school for those students that do travel back and forth Between, really creating more of a campus feel than two separate schools This is then, so through the summer Again, getting all that road work done while we don’t have a lot of cars parked on campus and then through the fall We’re really focusing on finishing the inside of the building. So all the interiors, system testing, mechanical, electrical systems, and Then really gearing up for in that winter months if you saw us here, magically the fence goes away So this is where we’ve proposed that the school can be done and ready for an early move in over the winter break What that would mean is over the fall, we’ll basically be completing all the work in front of the high school, the new high school But because you’ll see that the portion of the new site work is under the footprint of the existing high school So that would be a little bit of a temporary condition just until we’re able to complete the demolition of the High School So at this point we kind of sit for a couple months, you know There’s a transition, assuming that the transition does happen students would come back for campus at this point and then if you pause Basically starting in March is when we would start looking at doing the demolition of the existing high school it’s about four month timeframe to take down the existing school because we have both the abatement of hazardous materials, as well as the removal of the school, the foundations. There’s quite a bit of underground work that needs to come out as well when we do the demolition At that same point the school itself is already done and now in the spring months we’ll be completing all the remaining fields So you’ll see the new softball field the new tennis courts and the new multi-use field being placed in that complex So by the end of that summer when students come back in fall, all of the fields will be completed and ready for play So then what happens in the last summer You’ll see that the fence and the demolition of the existing high school happens and then if you pause here you’ll see the start of the new Plaza that’ll get created and Dirk will talk more about that when he shows the architectural renderings But you can see why it’s so important that the existing high school needs to be removed first in order for us to be able To complete all that parking work and so again This is all focused on doing this work over the summer, avoiding any disruptions while the students are on campus It just would be impossible to try to make that work over a school year setting So we’ve timed all that work so that we can get all that work done there And then at that point we’re also doing the renovations to the middle school So in order for us to, at this point, we’ve really just kind of like kissed up against the middle school We haven’t actually created the physical connection so that last summer is when we’ll actually break through We have a little bit of renovation to do in the middle school. We’ll move over the existing food service equipment There are some equipment that gets relocated over And so that way when students come back in the fall, the middle school is also renovated and ready And then this shows you what the final condition looks like. So you’ve got the bus parking Maintaining the parking, that was called for, and then you’ve got all the new athletic fields in play What becomes really nice about this athletic zone, it’s basically a fenced-in Athletic corridor so in the event of ticketed events, there’s a nice way to create, we called it Mustang Way There’s a nice kind of promenade that cuts through the field area that really provides a sense of athletic community when events are going on I think we were slower than that in the interview. I don’t know, we were running of time So this gives you kind of a, we did a lot looking at you know, vantage points of what it looks like during the day versus what the Facility looks like at night

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