This teacher’s heartbreaking story teaches his students the true meaning of life. | Wright’s Law
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This teacher’s heartbreaking story teaches his students the true meaning of life. | Wright’s Law

pandasage Test Question Alert Test Question Alert Note from the big giant head I don’t fall asleep in his class I just don’t. And it’s weird because I can remember falling asleep in every other class. I’ve never had a teacher like him, at all. Like Calculus… every day, i’d just… I’d pass out. Like he’s probably one of the teachers, like probably when I’m
75 years old That I’ll still remember that falls in their own time they used
is the epitome of what I think is teachers should be how do you know what
okay okay go ahead and do defense a little bit
Missouri has a key to the city yeah I just tend to fall asleep a lot I it’s a
bad thing but I do when this class did see me interested so there’s no room for
napping because you’re learning okay just crazy just exploding with fun you see a huge fireball burning Monyetta
and go up to the ceiling and a whole matter i’m not going to have any kids
sleeping and every one of those people are out there asking how how as soon as
you get the kid askin how or why i could rope them in and get that intrigue going
what’s good is a love of money he says i could care less about Newton’s third law
I want to teach something for you to take outside of school that’s what he’s
told us before so it really it makes me feel like he really cares about me and I
know he does he’s a good man that he will stick go
out his way for you right less worse you love it more than you know two schools have them for six hours a
day and then they the kids go home and whatever atmosphere they have around for
the other 18 affects them and so you know if schools can change a lot but we
also have to realize that they’d go home to a completely different environment I
think you tell with me like that I had stuff going on so he like kind of
reached out to me first and first I was like dude here teacher like I’m not
going to talk to you right but I did what I went home to when I was young is
very different than what some of these kids go home to or they don’t have a mom
and dad or some of these kids I hear them talk about all the time whenever
gunshots a night I’d have a hard time sleeper studying if I never got that
sucker I’ve pretty much been on my own since I was like 15 so yeah I mean I
talked to him about a lot of stuff like at home and Stephanie he works with me I
mean I’ve had everything from mr. right were pregnant to up and
abortion – I have ran away and here’s what I’m saying
my father is beating me and here’s pictures of the holes in the walls and
you can see where the makeup is trying to cover bruises I mean it’s yeah and it
is just very different and we’re sending the rest of the far that’s why one size
fits all doesn’t work every day to this come on even a brawny musong simulator there’s a little Korean Allah looking
for degrees I guess should your battery season is perfect in every way she’s up
actually 15 not 14 to 15 going on 25 she you know what these people I can’t
stand her dad can we keep it so but not see and so forth so I love I love her to
death when Adam came along though we didn’t think it was going to be a boy
and all of a sudden a boy pops out and I’m thinking loud this is cool now I got
a girl and a boy and not that I really going to be going to baseball games or
three not any good at sports like I am will be going to plays or something like
there whatever it be yeah I’m going to be there for my little butt okay no now
we have to give her our address oh so what is our address and friends
you know you know go so does so well anyway the nurse comes out and says is
your boy and I get ready to holding you see so we got to take him back and I’m
thinking what’s going on she said he’s breathing really fast it was breathing a
hundred and eighty times a minute about three times a second till to this day
breeze about 60 times a minute next once a second about bringing that
back you get pretty tired after Arlene get all your homework done yes he breathes a little better now I said
help his help right can you get a good head of hair love you how do you find music that was
fine time inside music okay music okay we then found out he was completely
blind he was born with something called Joubert syndrome only 417 people in the
whole world have it and what it is is it’s an auto autosomal recessive
disorder where my wife has to have a gene and I had to have a gene that puts
it together and it causes this to happen so I have a completely intelligent
little boy but he can’t control with his body ducks even though his body is
completely functional in fact it right now your butt’s on that
chair your butt tells your brain which way up is just bring down to that so the
mere fact that you can sit down and sit up is a miracle all right now he is
extremely colors and if you get scared or he gets upset go to start taking
assistant County it’s a fun song if he wakes up and he gets scared and
I’m not there he’ll roll out of bed and start pounding his face on the floor constantly take his legs and pound them
on wheels we solve grooves and bloody so when I am sorry getting a laugh on what
all this is about all those dreams of ever watching it my son not go home run
a defense went away and talked about getting pissed at God I was pissed
because you know the whole thing about where we universe me from I didn’t care
what I care about is why and you can pick on me all you want but when you
pick on my little boys on a totally innocent little baby and you’re making
him do that I sort of ask myself what was the point you Oh for everyone through all this it was a
be that fuller taught me why one day a larger limb and she had em in the middle
of all of her dolls I’m thinking what are you doing
she then playing little brother I’m thinking you’re not a play and she said
adamant she said like a me a dollar something he just smacked it and I’m
thinking later that if you smack that he can see when did you find out he can see
he’s like I don’t know he just starts mic and all I’m thinking holy Mac and so
then we started working with him and Charlie teaching the little sign
language and there was nothing more incredible than the day you see this what’s that mean daddy I love you so
cool that’s what I knew it didn’t care about how things work anymore
it’s the reason why things work it’s because of love so there’s something a
lot greater than energy there’s something a lot greater than entropy
it’s the fact that what’s the greatest thing that’s what makes it all the while
is so with that great big universe that we
have with all those stars who cares somebody cares about you long long to
care about each other that’s what we go yeah I know
arnar okay worried about you yesterday yeah I see
yeah wait done you think this maybe she can play it huh simply move
away huh what did you play poor left the left huh you go back all
right let’s would improve me all right ready
I’m gonna carry what are you grabbing for Mohan one pick up below he pulled
the dirty old rag from his pocket and threw it up in the air the rate would
shoot down and grab the riders beach good boy horse well I’ll give it back no
just forcefully supposed to return eternity but he could not get the Ravens
attention and total questions

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100 thoughts on “This teacher’s heartbreaking story teaches his students the true meaning of life. | Wright’s Law

  1. I just realized that I almost had this teacher but I went to eastern instead of male which is the school he works at

  2. Why doesn't he just euthanise the son? Much more merciful for everyone involved, also logical, as the son will never become a productive member of society.

  3. Not sure if this was on purpose or not but at 9:49 when the teacher says "love" the guy on the left looks over to the girl

  4. The thing is that the more you care about and the more you love. Not to give a meaning in your life but just experience the magic of carying about someone else. The energy that comes to you just at the moment you need it, that's just incredible.
    God bless this man and his family, God always gives you the chance to be better than you are, just dont miss the opportunity, andnif it doesnt come, go out and get it.

  5. The dislikes are from people who will burn in the worst pit of Hell, but first, will suffer the worst death imaginable where they slowly burn to death over weeks of time and won’t be able to stop it.

  6. 6 hours a day in school? You're the lucky one! In Belgium it's 8 hours a day! No I'm not a student anymore, aargh too old for that. I can't even lie about my age anymore.

  7. I have seen many Omeleto shorts, this one will be hard to beat. As an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher, I am truly inspired.

  8. we are so blessed…and we take it for granted every….single…….thank god for everything in your life. esp your family and friends..because they can be gone in an INSTANT…..don't worry about what you don't have…be GRATEFUL for what you do have…and no matter how BAD you THINK you have it in this old world..somebody out there has it worse…i can GUARANTEE that my friends…GOD BLESS

  9. Now that’s a REAL man. An incredible person. Seeing people like that in the world makes me question my deficiencies. It’s humbling and inspiring.

  10. Why on earth would someone dislike this…even if you don't like it, why don't you just go on to a different video…

  11. Someone please explain to me why there are 566 dislikes on this video because this is the most heartwarming thing in the while world

  12. Amazing story of a dad, teacher, man, everything is so so moving 👌🏼♥️♥️♥️ we all need a teacher like this..

  13. My teacher told us this story but it was about her and the class was crying so much. She was telling us that all she wanted to hear from his mouth was"mum" i started crying so much and now i am crying so much more cause i know that this can happen to anyone. Inshallah nobody has to suffer this(inshallah hope that something does not happen in the future to anyone.)Thanks for reading.Have a wonderful life ! 🙁

  14. I had so many teachers that treated their students like dirt including myself. Visibly hated their job, would humiliate students in front of everyone etc. to see a teacher like this that not only loves his job, but loves his students is heartwarming.

  15. This is such a heart warming story and it makes me cry how some ppl take advantage of what they have while they are ppl who dont have that advantage. This truly made me cry and melted my heart about how kind and caring he is and how he treats ppl

  16. I'm not a strong enough human to be able to raise a child like this. This man has more strength of mind, and is a better than nearly 7.6 billion other humans.

    He's one of the bravest men I've ever seen, and his son is even more courageous.

  17. Adam reminds me of the little girl I help take care of. Her birth mother tried to abort her, but by some miracle she survived, however her body was ravaged. She is blind, mute, partially deaf, has a feeding tube and her adoptive parents were told that she would never do more than sit in a bed. She is a teenager now and while she is still very dependent; she can walk and use a white cane (for the blind), she can feed herself, and dress herself with a little help. She goes to school, and has learned some sign language. In the past year she has started signing in full sentences, "I want music please." "I want to eat." She has the happiest, sweetest personality and gives the best hugs of anyone I've ever known.

  18. Much, Much, Much love to him. I absolutely respect what he's doing. He is a very great Person. Hope he'll keep going and never give up due to energy or something like that. Much love from Germany to this man

  19. 180 times a minute, three times a second, who else tried to see how fast it was and was short of breath after about five seconds?

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