This School Bus Conversion is their Affordable Tiny Home
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This School Bus Conversion is their Affordable Tiny Home

Last weekend. I went to the first official bus fair
down in Oregon where I met a ton of amazing people and so many incredible
schoolies and this week’s video I’m featuring one couple, they’re adorable schooly and the story
of how bus life has changed their lives. I’m Tyler, I’m Lexi and
our bus is one wild ride. Well, we decided to build a bus because we
were paying outrageous amounts of rent in Southern California. I think we both never really saw a
lot of this country or most countries, but definitely a lot of our own country
and wanted to get out and explore what we were still young enough
to want to do it. I guess Tyler actually found this whole community
of people that had renovated old school buses and turned them into
homes and we kind of got obsessed. We were both bartending in LA. We lived in a one bedroom apartment that
had one window and probably the same size as our bus and we
were paying 1850 a month. We were just spending our money in
LA like we weren’t able to save. You constantly get cash, but then at the same time you’re
constantly spending it in LA. So we’ve actually saved more
money doing this lifestyle. We bought our bus for
10,000, which is a lot. You can get them on for a lot cheaper.
Um, but our bus was already painted gray. He had it registered as an
RV, did a lot of engine work, but it was still school bus inside. So
we had to do all the demo and stuff. And then we put about 15 into it. So we’re about 25 to 30,000 now with some
of the repairs we’ve had to do on it. So we sold everything and we kind of
budgeted out a year and we’ve gotten over that. So now we’ve done little things here
and there like odd jobs on Craigslist, like Tyler has done flooring. Um, he recently like re painted a deck
or something and like random stuff. The community of just tiny homes in
general, like, or nomads on the road, like it’s so amazing. You really connect with everyone and
get to hear other people’s stories. This festival that we’re at now, it’s like you meet so many other people
that are going through the same exact thing and they just wanted to get out of
their dead end job or corporate America or whatever and go out and
actually see some stuff. So, um, it’s really cool to meet all
the likeminded bus lifers. Welcome to the inside of One wild ride. We have a seven foot couch
custom couch cushions. The colors were not really picked by me, I guess
it’s more like mostly Lexi. We both agreed on burnt orange and didn’t
want it like too girly but also wanted a lot of bright colors. So orange was kind of like the perfect
compromise I think outside beings gray and dull, like looking like a prison bus. It kind of like brightens it up in here. You can move the pillows if someone did
want to sleep on it cause we didn’t do a like a guest that or a pullout
couch or anything like that. But it’s pretty much twin size.
It’s not the best to sleep on. But um, we don’t really
have guests over ever. So we have storage underneath. A lot of people do the layout
like dinette, then couch,
then some other seating. I mean we don’t host it that often,
but when we do have people in here, it’s kind of like a cool
little gathering area, so we have batteries under there
and then this side has our inverter Flooring we did home Depot laminate, it was I think 72 cents a
square foot or something. We bought a bunch of boxes, ended
up using a lot of it for trim, so in places like this and eventually
in the bedroom you’ll see the whole back wall is all flooring. Also, it’s a handicap bus so
it’s a little bit taller, so we didn’t need to do a roof
raise. We’re both pretty tall. I’m 6’2 she’s 5’11 and I still fit Into our kitchen. We went really
deep and wide with the counters. We got all this old bamboo, a buddy of ours found it for 80 bucks
or something from an old job site. We did pretty good size sink from
Ikea. It was on the cheap side. We have regular RV oven.
This is all propane. We keep a 20 gallon tank for this. And then another 20 gallon
tank for our hot water heater. We do 50 gallons of fresh water under
the bed and then a 45 gallon gray water tank under the bus. So 50 gallons for us will last like
quite a bit cause we try not to take too many showers in here either. All of our kitchen storage is just these
cabinets like we didn’t build shelves either. Um, over on the
other side we have our trash, a hot water heater, all the
plumbing, that kind of stuff. We’ve found these in
the trash, I think. Um, they were like dirty Brown with rusty
gold knobs and we just sanded and painted them and bought new knobs
and they weren’t super good for the skylight. We actually only
have one, which is really rare. Also we found it cause we’ve been in a
bunch of friends buses now and they have at least two. But yeah, we left this, it’s super cool to get like good airflow
and we’ll put this side down. Uh, and it’s kind of scoops in
here while we’re driving. All right guys, I’m gonna show you the back of the
bus. I’m back here we have our shower. I really wanted a wood shower.
I know that sounds crazy. A lot of people ask us if
it’s going to get moldy, but we’ve been in the bus for a
year and a half and it’s been fine. We just did Thompson’s water seal
on it. We barely shower in the bus. So like a lot of times we’ll stop at
like truck stops cause water’s limited. We ended up going with a
Lowe’s accordion door, and we ended up cutting them to size.
So we just cut the bottom off and just closed like that. And we put a shower curtain too to help
with water and then we just have bungees to hook them in place.
And then for the bathroom. And we actually, these ones go
together with magnets for privacy, with the rug and the police.
So they’ll just close like that. We work really well and they’re very
light. So we do have a nature’s head, which we love. Um, we haven’t had any
issues with it in the year and a half we’ve been using it so
highly recommend that. I think one thing we really wanted to
do was connect the liquids to our gray water tank. So that might be in
our future sometime. But yeah, so far really good. I just have this little mirror and I
sit in front and get ready that way. Before we started bus life, I was very
high maintenance. Living in LA, always getting my nails
done, my hair done. Being conservative on water was hard
to get used to and especially like the compost toilet I was a little
freaked out about in the beginning, but now I feel like I’m more relaxed
and this lifestyle’s taught me to really just enjoy and be in the moment.
Definitely in the moment. Yeah, just live life and not have to worry
about like the superficial things. The bus life is just way better. I don’t
even know how to like describe it. It’s just, yeah, it’s, I don’t ever
want to be like stationary in one spot. I feel like anymore, if you could do this and make something
that seems like your house and not feel like you’re on vacation but still kind
of feel like you’re on vacation all the time. It’s like the perfect balance. We have an apartment size fridge. Um,
it’s an energy star. We got it off Amazon, I believe it was like 300 bucks. And we use this to close
it. It’s a baby lock. So when we’re driving it won’t open. So that’s the one thing that
we’re drawing power all the time. I think it’s like 68 Watts. So, um, eventually we’ll want to get some more
batteries to run it cause sometimes we do get low from the fridge. And then back
here I insisted on having a closet. It’s mostly my clothes. Um, but yeah, so we did a full closet almost. And I got this Hanging thing from
Ikea to store more clothes. I think I have about
like four pairs of shoes. I feel like Tyler might have
more than me now. Um, but yeah, I did have to downsize a lot, but I
also brought a lot of clothes too. So these are wheel wells right here. And at first we didn’t know what to do
with them. We were kind of stuck on that. And um, we decided one,
let’s do the closet for sure. And then after getting the nature’s head
and placing it around and we thought it was the perfect place for
the toilet on the other side. So we got an RV rooftop
AC draws a lot of power. We can’t even run it with our generator, so we have to be plugged into shore
power. So we have 30 amp outside. So if we’re wanting to run
the AC, if it’s really hot, we have to go to an RV park
or a state park to plug in. We have our cat she’s actually
adjusted to bus life really well. The first day she got really car sick
and was like drooling and throwing up everywhere. And I was like, I don’t know if she’s going to be able
to make this lifestyle work the next day. She was totally fine roaming around
the bus while we were driving. And now she’s, we’re kind of letting
her outside and she’s loving it. She always comes back to the bus
and she’s a full wild bus cat now. We don’t have much lighting in the bus,
so we kept our original lights, um, our original bus lights and then back
here we just have Christmas lights for at night, which makes the ambience
like a lot better I think. And then we also have
a 32 inch TV back here. And Tyler’s PlayStation, he brought We actually left everything up here
original except for putting in a new switches and a backup camera. Original seat and super
uncomfortable. But it’s cool. Uh, I don’t have an arm rest, which
was also kind of annoying. That’s kinda one thing I
wanted to leave. Like, OG bus related up here was just keep it all
open and know a lot of people do the, um, like an RV door or
actually like a house door. Uh, but the whole fun part for me and
getting a bus was like the handle and the windows. And so we wanted it to
look super authentic, especially from the
front and from outside. Our cat box goes up here
when we uh, are parked. Normally it’ll sit in the shower when
we’re driving so that it doesn’t move all around. But uh, we try to get it as
far away from the bed area as possible. And we’re actually like
stationary for a bit. Well the bus is a 34 foot international. It’s a DT 466 E motor top
speed is like 60 so it’s pretty slow. And actually we got that adjusted up. Like we took it to a place that they
plugged into the computer and bumped the governor up to 60 but we
were doing 52 for the first, like seven months of our journey. I do pretty much 99% of the driving. Lexi’s driven it a couple of times, but it’s definitely scary when you’re
not used to driving something that’s 34 feet long. So this is our custom motorcycle rack. We were going to do a motorcycle
in the bus on the side door, but it just didn’t work
out with space. So, uh, I had a friend build this for us
and then we have a garage back here. This is what’s behind our bed. So have that generator, uh, extra water for if we’re really going
out for a long time. Um, I’ll fill up, that’s another 12 gallons I could dump
into the bus and then have a bike. So the handicap door now that we didn’t
use this whole part of the garage for the motorcycle, we ended up uh, loving that we didn’t do that because
we have pretty much like an awesome bedroom door now. So whenever
we’re parked somewhere cool, we can open it up and
get a cool view from bed. And now it’s like our favorite part. I couldn’t imagine not having the bedroom
door because every time we’re on like a cool beach or especially
when we did all of Baja, like pull it up right next to the
beach and opening that was like super awesome. After a year and a half, we still love
the bus life. I think we can do smaller, like eventually we’ll
probably do something smaller. I think once you do the
lifestyle for a few months, you realize that you
really don’t need a lot, and it’s just super refreshing to downsize
all of your old clothes and things. We don’t have anything back home except
for family, so everything’s just, it’s all on the table for
the bus life. I think.

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