This One Trick Will Make Your College Resume Stand Out
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This One Trick Will Make Your College Resume Stand Out

Hi, everyone. This is Andy LaCivita, founder of milewalk
and the milewalk Academy, and award-winning author of The Hiring Prophecies, here with
this week’s episode. I am very excited to talk to the college students
and recent college graduates today. Today is about our resume. I want to tell you about one great trick that
you can do to really, really get noticed. If you didn’t see last week’s episode, it
was titled How to Build the Ultimate Professional Resume. I think it would be great for you to take
a look at that. I went through a lot of items in the resume
section-by-section. There’s a lot overlap between a professional’s
resume and your resume. I’ll put the link in the notes. I definitely suggest you check that out. One of the things that I think is really important
for you to understand is I recognize the world is very different today than when I went to
school, the way companies recruit. It is a lot more impersonal. It’s that much more difficult to get noticed. Your resume, among a pile of other resumes,
it’s going to be much, much more difficult, especially when they can’t see your smiling
face, and they can’t relate to you. You’ve got to ooze your personality. There are so many other things that you have
to project from a computer screen or a piece of paper. I’m going to talk to you about that today. I’ve seen over half a million resumes in my
lifetime. That’s enough resumes to look at for many
lifetimes. Many of them look the same. With the way that companies and busy employers
read them, it’s very, very difficult for you to get noticed right away. One of the things that I’d like to do is teach
you a trick that I think is a fantastic one that will get you started on the right foot
as soon as somebody looks at your resume. It’s going to help you overcome what I think
is one of the biggest resume mistakes that most college students and recent college graduates
make, but even a lot of professionals make. You’ve got to dump that objective statement. The resume is about what you offer not what
you want. An objective statement just wastes real estate
space on the resume to tell the employer what it is that you’re looking for. They are much more interested on what you
can offer them. What I suggest is starting out with a profile,
something that hits four major items, just at the very top. Call it profile or summary or whatever you
want, but it’s a couple or three or four sentences that really hit four main major areas: your
school; your major or area of studies or concentration; your work experience generalized, just what
type of work experience have you performed since you’ve been going to school, through
your summers or internships or whatever it might be. Then the fourth thing is what are those extra
curriculars that you do, your volunteer work, anything that you participated in your fraternities
or sororities or volunteer programs, whatever it is that you do that’s extra. If you download the template, you can follow
along here. I think this will go a little bit more effectively. Just to take the example from the resume template
that I’ve given you, you can go something like this: State University graduate with
a bachelor’s of science in marketing and a psychology minor. Held various summer jobs and internships focusing
on sales support activities. Served on several university and fraternal
committees. Built additional sales-related capabilities
via school fundraising activities and other volunteering efforts. Forty-three words that encapsulates and brings
you to life. It’s the first thing that they see after your
name and your contact information. You’re now giving them a nice little summary
of what they’re about to read. There are four benefits to doing this. It looks more professional than a collegiate,
and I think that that will make you stand above the crowd. The other thing it does is it screams maturity. It’s got a very, very nice polished presentation
to it. One of the biggest issues or complaints that
employers have with recent college graduates isn’t that you’re not smart or that you can’t
do the job. It’s the lack of readiness for the workforce,
especially as it relates to maturity levels. They’re not as concerned about your skills,
because they’re going to have to retrain you or train you on whatever it is they need you
to do. If you’ve gone to a good school and you’ve
got a good pedigree and you’ve worked hard, they know that they’re going to be able to
do that. They constantly ask me what I’m noticing about
recent college graduates and whether they’re ready for the workforce. I think this really will give you a leg up
on that. The third thing that it will do is will start
to build some excitement. They’ve skipped over the what-you-want or
the objective-statement type items that are up above. You’ve gone right into here’s who I am, here’s
what I’ve done, and I want you to get ready to read some really great achievements, accomplishments,
volunteering activities, and work that I’ve done. The fourth thing that it does is it makes
you unique. No one else does this. I’m so surprised that when I look at the world
today and all the great things that recent college are doing, you’re doing activities,
you’re participating in programs that give you the kind of accomplishments that you can
put on a resume that makes it look very professional, which a lot of college students decades ago
didn’t do. Some worked, but many just went to school. You’re doing so much more. Take advantage of that. Add it to the resume. I hope you liked this tip. I think it will really help set you apart. I strongly suggest you download the resume
template. There’s a lot of great instruction in it. If you check out the milewalk blog, I give
an interviewing book away. It’s called Interview Intervention: Communication
That Gets You Hired. I give an eBook to anybody that signs up. I’ve also created an entire interview intervention
experience that includes the eBook, the audio, chapter notes, guides, other helpful aides
for your job search. That’s on the milewalk Academy at Just click Learn More when you see Interview
Intervention and download the experience. Until next week, I hope you enjoyed this tip. Take care.

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43 thoughts on “This One Trick Will Make Your College Resume Stand Out

  1. Andrew, from another Andrew, how do you feel about cold calling the hiring manager to get your name in the door with a brief introduction?

  2. Hi can you show me how to write one when you have not worked. I have started college and in high school my parents wanted me to keep up all A's I did but now how can I show a company experience I don't have? Thank you.

  3. Hi Andrew, odd question. I'm a recent collage grad. When is it appropriate to add CPR and First Aid certifications to my resume? I've heard I always should and I never should.

  4. I've heard some say to omit an objective statement, others say to keep it. I don't think there's a clear cut answer, or that there's anything wrong with saying what you're looking for. A job is a two-way street.

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  6. Hi Andrew, I'd like to thank you for all the information you share in your channel because it is boosting my confidence towards future interviews.

    I would like to know your opinion about turning the objective statement into an OFFERING statement; in my case it looks like this:

    – "Quantity Surveyor Engineer with experience in managing civil engineering projects".

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  8. Sir if I don't have any real internship or any experience to put what should I put then? Should I do some of the Internships first then apply for jobs?

  9. Andrew, I have been following your videos and materials and they are awesome! Thank you very much. My situation is a little bit different and I´m lost. I´m a construction Project manager with over 15 years of experience and I left my country (Brazil) to start over in Canada. To do so, I needed to go back to school and I´m studying in a college in my field where I can only work part time. I´m feeling that this student status has been a barrier to get a job as a project manager, even with my experience. What would you suggest me? Keep the professional resume or make one that is a combination of the professional and the student resume? Thank you

  10. I feel this will give my clients the competitive edge they need in the work place.  I work at a community college and workforce development is an important asset of our college.

  11. i'm applying to an undergraduate business degree and i'm thinking of submitting a file of a project i've allready started (but couldn't complette it) ;it was a robot that cleans the floor (we made a business plan and we started getting to the technical part) should i do that?

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  14. Hello Andrew,
    Your information is very helpful. I am in an odd position. I was a stay at home mother for 30 years, raising three children. I recently attended college and pursued an Associate's Degree in Business Technology and a Diploma in Medical Office Assistant. I have applied to 28 positions since graduation in December last year. The only work experience I have is in daycare as a preschool teacher over the last 2 years. I have only been called to one interview. It is so difficult to get my resume out there in person for having to apply online to each and every job opportunity.

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