This Is the Only School for Refugees in the U.S.
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This Is the Only School for Refugees in the U.S.

all right what’s the definition of
delicates all our students have spent some time in a refugee camp so some of
our students have seen war and never been in a school before but kids are
much more resilient and much more hopeful than adults
coach luma founded the Fugees academies the only school system for refugees in
the United States for her creating a school where displaced children to
thrive was very personal my name is luma muffler I’m CEO and
founder of the Fugees family and I’m an immigrant from Jordan my name is Minnie
Driver I am an actress a singer and I am an immigrant I believe nothing is more
American than its immigrants so I’m teaming up with great big story to
celebrate those that have come here and left their mark oh I think giving up my citizenship was
the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do I’m gay and Jordan you can get the death
penalty for being gay and the u.s. allows you to claim asylum to know that
a country you love doesn’t want you it’s really hard
coach luma moved to the United States in college she played soccer growing up so
when she met a group of young refugees playing the sport it reminded her of
home she decided to form a team for them that team name was the Fugees we’re
reclaiming the word refugee we want to be proud of it we don’t want it to have
the stigma of shame and it’s about finding a common identity for everybody
who’s had to leave there good as Lima grew to love these kids she soon
realized they weren’t getting the attention they needed in the public
school system their parents couldn’t help them with their homework because
most of them hadn’t received a high school education so they would ask luma
for help I quickly realized that if they’ve attended public school those
experiences were not positive I said you know if this was my child what would I
do in 2004 she created a school that catered to the needs of these children
and she named it the Fugees Academy looma recruited most of her students on
the soccer field and soon enough news of the school spread the Fugees academies
represent over 32 different ethnic groups we can’t do bilingual education
because we’d have to have over 30 languages represented the immersion
approach works I think it’s actually easier to teach English to people who
speak different languages because it’s commonality they’re also surrounded by
kids that have the same experience and so they’re not gonna be made fun of if
they don’t know the language or if they have an accent and the Fugees academies
take great pride in reaching the kids at that grade level regardless of their age in our sixth grade class you’ll see us
teaching what would typically be taught in a kindergarten first grade classroom
and then by seventh grade it’s third and fourth grade and then by eighth grade
they’re catching up to grade level our standard is very high for them because
we know what it takes to make it in this country
Lumis priority is to break the cycle of poverty for these families in the United
States we do really talk about the commonality of having to flee your
country and it’s very powerful and what we’re gonna see with their families and
the generations after is going to be incredible every year since 2016 over 95% of her
seniors graduate with a high school diploma a first for most of the families
in the audience I think their graduation day is a symbol of America for all our
families in some ways this might be the American dream – Ben I was born in
Anyang in refugee camp in Thailand my name is harnason eventually we’ll be
dr. Hirata son I’m the first in my family to finish elementary school
middle school high school and now attend college I’m the first in my village to
make it this far and I’ll keep on going I think it’s a very dangerous narrative
to feel sorry for refugees because the mere fact that they are here shows how
strong they are in 2018 luma opened a second school in Columbus Ohio
but it’s Loomis dream to have a school in every refugee resettlement hub in the
country if you create opportunities for them to thrive I mean they’re gonna
accomplish the impossible because look at what they’ve survived I think that’s
what a coach does is like you believe in the ability of that person may you start
believing that these things are possible you

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81 thoughts on “This Is the Only School for Refugees in the U.S.

  1. when that girl said “my name is har hassan. eventually it will be dr. har hassan,” at the podium, that reslly showed what the school is doing for its students.

  2. islam is a religion which legalizes, child marriage, wife-beating, incest. Along with killing of atheist/ex-muslims/LGBTQ, male and female genital mutilation, with no freedom of speech, expression and movement.

  3. Stories like these are one of the many reasons why the United States of America is the best country on the planet. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. It's the land of liberty. You can do whatever you want and be whoever you want. Most other countries don't allow you this basic Freedom that most young people in America take for granted. I'm proud to be an American. 🇺🇸

  4. Omfg this just made my day I wish I had a opportunity to go at the school like that Thank you so much for doing what you are !!!!

  5. Hey GBS, on your “Meet the Man Who Beat Pac-Man” video there is a ton of false information. Apollo Legend (another youtuber) debunked Billy’s fake score. Plus, he wasn’t even the first to beat pacman, that was Bill Bastable back in the 1980’s. Please update it and give Mr. Bastable the recognition he deserves

  6. I'm 16 and I've always wanted to be a teacher, but then changed my mind when I see that most children nowadays are disrespectful and the schooling system that puts everyone into a pigeon hole. But after seeing this, after seeing the smiles and the dedication, all I wanna do is open my own school like it

  7. The other refugees attend the other public schools. I see them. So it's not like theirs just one school. I wonder how other countries would equate for the same situation, I doubt they have schools for refugees.

  8. This is a wonderful idea! Education is SO important and especially for refugees. To be able to give them an education is a beautiful thing. I love it!

  9. Hmm the only school DESIGNED for refugees but many public schools have refugees aswell but this one is special because its made to teach them from the beggining but many public schools have programs to help refugees and immigrants?!?! Im now confused this video is looking more like advertisement for the school to me

  10. This is a great story but the headline is incorrect! Global Village Project is just down the road from Fugees in downtown Decatur GA and is a special purpose school for refugee girls. Please don't use a headline that is incorrect/misleading!

  11. I wanna go here 😭 so many white kids in my school, I don’t feel like I belong their cause nobody wanna be friend with a brown boy. I am also refugee but my parents force me to go to public school

  12. "I'm the first in my family to finish elementary school, middle school, high school and now attend college. I'm the first of my village to make it this far and I'll keep on going"

  13. God bless these kids , I came to this country as a refugee also . I’m from Somalia 🇸🇴❤️ one love one nation one God . One language

  14. I went to a school similar to this one in NYC, Liberty High School at 18th street between 7th and 8th Avenue, it was a great experience being there.

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