This high school football team’s bond is a REAL LIFE Friday Night Lights
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This high school football team’s bond is a REAL LIFE Friday Night Lights

[Coach Kim] I’ve had a kid evicted
the night before a game. Didn’t show up for practice
and so I think about that and God that’s heartbreaking. – [Coach] gotta eat, guys. – When’s his next meal gonna be? He has to make enough
money to help pay the rent. He doesn’t know where his
next home is gonna be. Am I gonna have back to school clothes? He doesn’t, really allude
to any of his issues. If they run, boot that way and you’re here you gotta pick up the crosser. Okay, that’s easy. Here he is, trying to
play football which is an unbelievable amount of time to commit for and then he’s gotta work afterwards. And I can’t believe
that he has to do that. That shows me how mentally
tough that kid is. We selfishly ask your presence be with us to calm our nerves so
we can play this game to the best of our ability
but most importantly we ask when this game is over
tonight each and every member of this football team can say. I DID MY BEST! So Seneca Valley, (football team chanting) has had some, – Alright defense, here we go. difficulties, some challenges. (cheerleaders cheering) Well with the 2009 season
we went six and four which is one of the worse
records in Seneca Valley history believe it or not a winning record. Zack we gotta replace you there. You’re dropping back here look. At the exit interviews that’s
when everything sort of the light bulb went off it
just was oh my goodness really? Is that what was happening? Lack of commitment, poor character. – Here we go, here we go. Hey, hey, hey! Because I know we have some
kids that don’t have fathers or don’t have positive
role models, don’t have proper mentorship. [Neil] I never really had like a father. [Neil’s Mom] Most of his life I’ve
been a single parent. – Things got rough on
my mom so she was like just be ready to pack things
up and move… stuff like that. – No, I didn’t really know
much about Neil’s situation but I just knew that he
needed a place to stay. Just like any of my friends
I already told ’em like we got three couches in the basement. One’s always opened. – Everybody always
usually stayed down there. It’s kind of like the
hangout spot, the man cave. – Most of the time I spend
my time at my friend’s house. – He’s pretty much family to me. He’s another brother, like a lot of kids couldn’t through that. – Let’s go! (football players chanting) – I play linebacker on defense and I play kickoff, which is special teams. – Those who know his story, really do take him to heart and do learn from him. – Guys let’s go! Come on boys, let’s get it. – He’s a silent leader. – DAY BY DAY
– DAY BY DAY – [Coach] Alright here we
go defense, here we go. – Hey tear ’em up Moe. (singing) Let’s go Moe. – [Teammate] Prescot is
the type of person that he’ll mess up the coaches will get on him and he’ll just be quiet and
just fix it the next play. – Look again another pull, another pull. – [Neil] Let’s go, let’s go. – So when the coaches get on me I’m quiet and I just get
it right the next play. That’s how easily it is. – You gotta do a better job than that. Gotta do a better job than that. Come on let’s go! It’s third down! Will you marry me? (screaming and cheering) – The fact that Fred proposed to me at the concert in front of my students not only my students but
in front of my alumni. It was the coolest thing ever
just to have them see that and have them be a part of that experience. He will do anything for
the people that he loves and you know those football players some of them, that’s the only
positive figure that they have. – You gotta get over it man. No it won’t be, it won’t be. Change your attitude. It’s gone be a lot
different I promise you. I promise. You’re playing with
heart, desire, passion man that’s what I’m looking for. Energy, that’s what I need next week. Come on. I remember Bob Plante who was at that time the offensive line coach and he had a man Mat McCabe that he thought
would be perfect for our program and everything is about
character building. [Coach McCabe] For the rest of your life
you have an opportunity to let your attitude and
your level of enthusiasm write a different story for yourself. Tonight, we get to put it into practice on the football field. We are gonna have better body language and that’s how it works in life. That’s how it’s gonna work
some day when you have a job. – It makes me like think about
things twice before I do ’em. [Football Team] Valley on three one, two, three, Valley! – Character coaches are
like really motivational. – You know, serve the
community, serve the kids. – The ACE project with
which coach Ali started kind of came out of this. – With the ACE project
the intent there is to get them out in the community
learning the power of volunteerism and giving back without expecting anything in return. – We try to help the
community as much as we can. It takes us to another level about serving the community,
about being self-less not being about me but about us and about other people and I
think that’s made a difference. I would ask you guys to give
me a little bit more energy. We don’t care who we play because the most important team that
we have to play is ourselves. – We are beating ourselves. No one else is beating us but
ourselves ya’ll understand? – [Teammates] Yes. – Get ya’ll minds right and pay attention. – They’re good but they’re
not that good alright. They’re not better than us.
– They’re not. – We are definitely better. We try to tell them this
football team is your family. This is an extension of your family. – He’s my brother you know,
we’re not really related – Yeah
– but we dang near look like each other. – I started making friends
and stuff like that football and then that’s
where I spent most of my time. Basically I just love being at Seneca. I don’t know what it
is, it’s just the vibe and the friends everybody just treats each other like they love
each other as brothers. – Like C.K. he tells us about like giving it our all like our dominate will. – He basically teaches about our attitude about not just football but life. – Oh yeah I eat more than you. I’m half your size. – He just such a good person,
he’s got such a good heart. I’m gonna cry. You do and he’s good to everybody and he gives a thousand
percent to everybody and I look at the way
the players look at him and the connection that he has with them and he’s like their second father or their only father in some cases and he literally would just do anything for the people that he loves. – including giving passes
don’t… actually edit that. – For the class, yeah. (laughing) – Hey! – [Neil] C.K., Coach
Hadley my actual position coaches are like fathers to me. Go, go go! Football made me see
discipline and structure. – Neil is, he’s a great kid. Beautiful smile big heart as well. – He’s a great son and
a great kid overall. I mean I couldn’t expect anything more. – Bye mom. – Bye. – I’ve been helping him figure out what he wants to do with his next step. I have some connections
with a trade school that he’s very interested in and I can just see the sparkle in his eye of just wanting to go after it and I truly hope that one day he walks into my athletic training room gives me a big hug and says
“I made it Ms. Crowder”. He’s an awesome kid, he really is and I hope everybody here takes a little bit piece of Neil
and just keeps him close to their heart and can grow
and try to be like him as well.

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100 thoughts on “This high school football team’s bond is a REAL LIFE Friday Night Lights

  1. Coach Kim that's one hell of coach, did some research on him, made 14 consecutive state playoff appearances, 14 straight seasons with winning records…

  2. You can hear the brokenness in his heart. It’s sad how families break apart, it really is. Psalm 133:1 says “How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!”. Life is better with family. I hope this kid finds true happiness with relationships and football when he grows up. By the grace of God, he deserves it.

  3. I won’t ever one to know I’m not looking for no hand out I’m no different then y’all even if my life a strong I don’t won’t anybody’s money I didn’t ask for the video my coach won’t me two speak up for all kids to push them self no matter what their situation is by the way this is Neil Prescott in the Speaking for all the ppl that had negative comments I don’t won’t money I’m not playing ball because I got no offers so I’m going to job core in drum PA to learn a trade and to be come a plumber and hvac and after own my own business so god bless everyone that positive comment I appreciate.

  4. When I make my own plumbing business I’m giving back to my coaches and everyone one that look out for me- NEIL Prescott

  5. Coach CK, coach Hadley, coach Dj and my LB coach hunter from Seneca valley high school 2018 football team I would love to take u guys to dinner when I open my plumbing business this is your player -Neil Prescott

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  7. Whoever disliked this video is a garbage person. This video was so inspirational and perfectly made I hope that kid goes on to big places because he deserves it the most and props to the coach for just being more than a coach to some of these kids. I wish my school football team shared a bond like this one

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  9. Big ups to coach for dropping jewels about life and how to maintain humbleness, We all live as one 🌎💯

  10. Really wish my high school football team was like this 😔 this is what it’s supposed to be like, a family….

  11. Funny to think I’m checking football videos out and then I see Germantown Maryland which is like 5 minutes away from me!

  12. You know all through high school I hated the football kids because they acted like they were above everyone and I never wanted to support them or give them anything but if my highschool football team were as great as these kids I sure as hell would’ve worn their jersey with pride I have so much respect for these kids

  13. My coach one time let a kid stay over his house one time because he heard that he was having parent issues

  14. friday night lights was real
    odessa texas is real
    permian high school is real
    what happened was real

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  16. Sports aren’t always the way I remember high school football had so much bullying, didn’t seem like anyone cared either.

  17. I live right next to Germantown, and I had no idea of the truly beautiful bond Seneca Valley has together.

  18. I had a friend in this moment. So I set up a found and helped him. I thank god for this and everyone that donated. So I rlly like to set up on for him☺️!

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