The world as classroom: study abroad experiences
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The world as classroom: study abroad experiences

I feel a lot more confident and a lot more
self-assured because, for me, I had never left eastern Canada before that, so going
and living in Uganda for a year and not going with anybody I knew and just it being a totally
new experience just made me really confident and comfortable, and I felt like I could conquer
anything after that. The experience that you feel in and of yourself
in being there, I don’t want to say it’s eye-opening, it’s – it’s impactful. It’s a different way of understanding that
is really true to oneself and I would have never had that had I not travelled internationally. It is really important that you don’t just
learn things from a book because then someone’s kind of spoon-feeding you and you don’t
really get the opportunity to form your own opinions or really see things through your
own perspective. So I think it’s really important just to
go out there and experience it for yourself and then you can make those sort of judgments. C’est un investissement, l’un des meilleurs
qu’on peut faire pour soi-même, non seulement du côté personnel, mais également du côté
professionnel parce qu’on se démarque, on se découvre et on permet aussi d’avoir
de meilleurs horizons. Notre vision de vie, ça grandit, ça approfondit,
et ça nous permet aussi de voir peut-être d’autres qualités ou d’autres compétences
qu’on croyait pas avoir mais que l’on possède. It puts you in a position and it offers you
an experience that you can never have at another period in your life. Never again can you take five months and completely
remove yourself from your academic setting, from everything that you’re used to at home
and you can concentrate solely on learning more about yourself, learning more about another
part of the world and making wonderful connections from all parts of the globe. Le fait de pouvoir étudier dans une université
qui était bien coté là-bas, ça m’a permis d’avoir beaucoup de contacts avec le monde
des affaires. Donc j’ai fait beaucoup de projets en partenariat
avec l’industrie, beaucoup de visites industrielles, beaucoup d’études de cas qui ont été
montées en collaboration avec des compagnies là-bas. Donc ça m’a permis de comprendre c’est
quoi le climat d’affaires en Inde puis de comprendre toute la culture aussi, c’est
quoi la culture familiale puis les relations interpersonnelles là-bas aussi. Whenever I talk to students about the value
of studying abroad, I just basically tell them that studying abroad is the best experience
you’ll ever have in your life.

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