The Wallace High School – Brexit: What does it mean to you?
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The Wallace High School – Brexit: What does it mean to you?

It’s our Brexit too. It’s our future, and it does affect us. [Voice of Theresa May] There is no solution
that will resolve the Northern Ireland border which is not based on the frictionless movement
of goods. [Voice of young man] The Good Friday Agreement
of 1990 brought peace to Northern Ireland after 30+ years of violence. The Good Friday Agreement is then threatened
by the possibility of a hard border. The compromise of the Good Friday Agreement
was that Northern Ireland would technically remain in the UK but have no hard border between north and south. No checks, no security forces. As Brexit continues, there’s still no answer
to the border. [Voice of Stephen Pound] Before you know where you are, you’ve got the uniformed
UKBA or customs officers on the border. If you do that, then — I’m not being hysterical
about this — but the peace process is finished. The minute you have uniformed troops on that
border, if the peace process is finished, then peace in the island, on the island of
Ireland, is under huge threat. [Voicemail greeting] There is currently no
one available to take your call at the Stormont Estate Parliament Building. Brexit is paramount to our future. We need to be represented at the highest level. It’s time for Stormont to step up. [Various voices] Brexit affects our border. An armed border creates a hole in the peace
process. We are the post-conflict generation. We want to look forward, not backwards. There are 282 crossings at the border daily. The border that Brexit creates doesn’t affect
just a handful. It affects all of us.

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