The Value of a Degree from The University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy
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The Value of a Degree from The University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy

(country rap music) – I think the value in a degree from the University of Chicago is the way that it opens doors. – People recognize the
value of the degree. They know the university. They know the professors and the type of instruction that you get there. – The focus is on making sure you have the breadth of knowledge you need within the fundamentals of policy to be able to do whatever you want. – The beauty of having this particular kind of policy degree is that there’s versatility
that comes with that, so you’re able to leverage
whatever data skill set you have at different capacities, depending on what you
wanna do post Harris. – Taking the most advantage of all the courses that are available at Harris and University of Chicago both allows you to introduce
a lot of flexibility in your curriculum. – The path you take will be unexpected, but ultimately the degree that you get is going to be one that should prepare you
for all the potentialities. – I have built a strong foundation in policy analysis and statistics, and was really
afforded the opportunity to do some interdisciplinary learning across some of the schools
at the University of Chicago. – I always think that it’s important to build bridges between
different disciplines. I don’t think one single discipline has its answer to everything. – Having a well-rounded education helps you be a better thinker, because, in real life, no policy issue is one-dimensional. – One of the most important things I take away from the Harris education was really its focus on preparing people for anything. – The Harris school has prepared me for working anywhere around the world. (rock music)

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