The Twelve Trees Of Christmas | Caitie’s Classroom
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The Twelve Trees Of Christmas | Caitie’s Classroom

(tranquil guitar strumming) (lively festive music) – [Caitie] Come on, let’s
go look for Christmas trees. Oh, there’s one. One. Can you spot the Christmas
tree way back there? Let’s get closer. This one has red and silver decorations. We’ve found two. Oh. That’s three. Going up. Number four. This tree is over 100 feet tall. Whoa. Mhm. Five. That is an interesting tree. Oh. I think I see another one. Let’s go see. Yep, this one has red
and blue decorations. That’s six. Hey, I see a tree over there. Christmas trees are everywhere. Oh, this one is sparkly and shiny. Number seven. Let’s find some more! Hm, maybe there are some this way. Let’s see. We found one. That’s eight. Look at the shapes on this one. Number nine. Wee! I see a tree. There it is. Number 10. Wow! Knock, knock. Do you see what I see? 11. And that’s 12. The 12 trees of Christmas. – [Kid] Whoa.

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