The Try Guys Test Sleep-Deprived Driving
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The Try Guys Test Sleep-Deprived Driving

– [Eugene] 36 hours. Zero sleep. (Keith crying) – [Keith] Ugh, I feel awful! – We are going to be driving
while sleep deprived. – Yeah, I’ve, I’ve done that one. Whoopsie doopsie! – [Ned] Now this isn’t
something you think of as like an intoxication, right? – Out of all the things we’re testing, I know this is the one that I’ve actually come close to crashing. – So, we’ve designed a course with twists and turns and surprises and we’re going to test ourselves to see how do we do under four different influences. – I have no idea how
this is gonna turn out. (upbeat rock music) (crash) – [Keith] Oh wow. – Oh wow. (upbeat trumpet music) (yawning) (sirens) (screaming) – Oh my god! – Sleep deprived driving, I think is as dangerous as driving while impaired with any alcohol or other substance. – [Detective Bill] And it’s a very big problem in the United States. In the year 2016, 824 people died as a consequence of driving drowsy. – If you deprive yourself from sleeping for twenty four hours, it’s almost the same as
if you were at a point one in an alcohol breathalyzer test. My advice is, don’t drive
if you’re sleep deprived. – That said, we’re going to do it. – Ah, sleepover time! – Sleepover time! – To get sleepy, we are
having the first ever Try Guys official sleepover party! – My wife is out of town and she took the baby and the dog with her. Got a little chickie, cheep, cheep! – Things are about to get weird! We’re gonna wear onesies, we’re gonna have a pillow fight, we’re gonna draw a dick on
whoever falls asleep first, but first we’re gonna dance! (upbeat techno music) – Then turn around. (laughing) (crash) – When I’m sleepy I get
a little more manic. Mainly because I’m also taking large amounts of caffeine. – [Keith] Wow! There you have a butt slap. – [Ned] Oh, boys. – [Keith] So you can fuck each other while dressed as tigers, obviously. – I’m notorious for pulling a lot of all nighters and it’s bad, it’s dangerous. – Well it’s commonly
known as drowsy driving. If somebody gets involved
in a traffic collision, they might have a civil implication in the state of California. It’s legal, but it’s not safe. – Keith wake up!
– Oh, god. – No sleeping tonight! – Sleepy Keith is the full on monster. I just suck at everything. I don’t think I could do math. I love math! (crash) – I become a giant
baby-man, when I’m sleepy and I knew, some of you were thinking I’m a giant baby-man to begin with, go, go right and fuck
yourself right in the, right in the face. – Go turtle, go turtle go! (screaming) – Being a new father, I’m not getting much sleep these days. – We see people who are
involved in traffic collisions because a family had a brand new baby and they’re deprived from sleeping that culminated in terrible consequences. – [Ned] I probably average
about four, five hours of sleep a night. – Seven to eight hours of sleep is ideal for most people for proper functioning of our health, our judgment. – [Eugene] Were you sleeping? – No. (crash) – Video games keep me awake. – [Eugene] Yeah, yeah,
flex, work that butt girl. She a robot but she dangerous. – I’m a car playing soccer. (crash) – Don’t, don’t! – We have chemicals in
our brain that help us stay awake at the right time and then we have chemicals in our brain that get released to tell us, you know what, it’s time to go to
sleep and make us sleepy and when we start altering our behavior to change those chemicals
we can definitely get into trouble and that can
impair our driving on the road. (crash) – [Eugene] Yeah! – [Keith] That is so scary. – Now we’re watching a scary movie. – [Eugene] Ned doesn’t like scary movies. – Ned has never seen The Conjuring, we told him it’s a delightful romp. – [Eugene] You’re with
us, Ariel isn’t here. We’re watching The Conjuring. – This is the worst night of my life. (laughs) Oh, Jesus. (laughs) (crash) (gasp) – Oh shit. – This is gonna get merked. (crash) – [Eugene] How sleepy are you? – On a scale of one to 10? 10. (laughs) – [Eugene] Where did Ned go? (crash) – My little chickie, do you guys want to see
how I take care of Wes in the middle of the night? – We have a homeostatic
mechanism kind of like an air conditioning system
where the more we stay awake, the more our body wants to sleep. So our brain starts sending chemicals to us saying, “go to sleep,
go to sleep, go to sleep.” – There we are in the nursery! A fresh diaper! Wipe, wipe, wipe our little chickie! It’s your diaper! (laughs) [Eugene] You’re not gonna put a diaper on a (words drowned out by laughter.) – The ability to focus is
impaired by sleep deprivation, the ability to concentrate, the ability to make good
judgments is also impaired. (laughs) – [Keith] This is so scary. (laughs) – [Ned] Get out, lets get
out, lets get out of here. (gasps followed by mocked screams) (crash) (crash) – I guess this seems like a good place to lay down my foundation! (laughs) (backwards speaking) – It’s my house. (crash) (fake cryin) – I feel awful. (laughs) (creepy children singing
with multiple animal noises) (dramatic, suspenseful music) – Oh, my god.
– Sorry. – You just smashed my dick. (laughs) – [Lady On A Bull Horn] Kieth
it’s time to get up and drive. – But Zach is so cute! (sirens)
(Keith and Zach screaming) (sirens over music) (Keith screaming) – Six-one-thousand. – [Lady On A Bullhorn] Let’s
walk, heel toe, heel toe. You think this is a joke? – I’m not sure, it’s very loud. – How do you like it? (laughs) (dramatic music) – [Ned] We have set up 538 cones in a complicated traffic course. Since this is science, two
days ago we did a control where we each drove the course sober, but today we haven’t slept for 36 hours. – My strategy is I drank
a shit-ton of caffeine. There’s a lot of people out
there that wake up really early, drink a lot of coffee,
that’s what I’m representing. I do this all the time. – What’s the difference
between staying up all night and waking up all night with a baby? – I just wanna get this over
with so I can go back to bed. (laughs) (sirens)
(screams) – Ready to fuck up this course. – Do you want me to go?
Do you want me to go? Do you want me to go?
Do you want me to go? Do you want me to go? Okay. – Okay, lets go. Ohh, I’m driving a car. – [Together] Yay! There he goes! – (sighs) okay, just a normal
evening with me following my golf cart friend home. – I just said that I didn’t
think I was that tired, but then I got into this car
and I got ready to drive, and I’m pretty tired. – Easy does it, easy, easy. – [Keith] Oh, this is tough. Oh, was there just a dip in the road? – This is nonsense. – [Eugene] This is easy. (mumbles,) I’ve done this a million times. Here we go, perfect. (exhales) – Oh, fuck! Fuck! – [Together] Ohhhh. – If you’re sleep deprived, you’re really not able to pay attention. It almost acts like a central
nervous system depressant. – [Eugene] Oh, shit. – That was an early wake up call. – You’re not able to concentrate, so even if you’re awake, the ability to focus is
impaired by sleep deprivation, the ability to concentrate, the ability to make good
judgments is also impaired. – Ohhhh. (honking) – Dog. – I drive sleepy so often, and once I get coffee in I’m like, “I can do anything! I can take over the world!” – Drinking coffee may have an effect. – This is a trenta sized coffee, that’s the equivalent of
an entire wine bottle. – But also, it may only be good
for a short amount of time. – Okay, oh shit. – And he completely blew a stop sign. – And the danger in that is
that you may have a micro-nap. – Oh, sorry. – Oh, that’s too much caffeine. Okay, oh fuck, okay. – They can culminate
in a traffic collision. – Fuck. – Oh, fuck, that was the stop sign. Whoopsy doopsy! – I wonder if I can just pull off to the side of the road here
and take a quick little nap. – Where the fuck is Ned going? – He’s left the course. – Oh, no. – So if someone wants to take a nap, I recommend a nap between
30 minutes and an hour. I think that’s enough to get a little bit better judgment, a little
bit more feelings of awake, – To arrive alive is to sleep. Sleep before you go. – He’s totally out of the course. Why’d he do that? – I don’t know, Ned was really sleepy. – It’s illegal to park on the freeways, on the side of the road, unless there was an emergency. (sirens) – Oh, fuck. Oh my god. (laughs) oh my god. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Okay, okay, for science. Oh, parking breaks on, oh my god. – (moaning and groaning)
alright, I got this. I got this. – Ohh, look at me driving. – [Ned] This is fun. – [Officer] The indicators
may be that they’re weaving. – I can’t really see what I’m doing. Okay, I’m like forgetting where to look. Oh, there’s a cone! – [Officer] They’re
driving sometimes too slow, sometimes too fast. – Ohh, he’s flying. – Oh boy, that boy’s got wings. – Oh, now let’s barely turn. Oh, my! (honk)
almost. – We were pretty good. (honk)
I’m hitting cones, I can’t see them, I keep losing them. – (yawn) driving is so whatever. Did I make it? I think I made it. Wow, wow, that was pretty good. I don’t think I fucking hit it at all. (dog barking) what was that? (screams) Oh, I did a bad thing. – [Keith] I did it, I’m the
best driver in the world! (dog barking) Whoa there, a dog! Fuck this dog! Oh my god, this dog! Oh my god, that fucking dog. Fucking crazy, they think
their dogs are their children, they think their children are their pets. – Driving- (dog barks) Oh my gosh, what’d I just hit? No, no, no, no, oh my god. Oh no, oh my god, ohhhh. Oh my god, no. No, oh my god, no, no, no! – Anything can happen that can contribute to a traffic collision. The recommendation is to
please, get enough sleep. You’re putting your life in jeopardy, those you love inside the vehicle, and everybody else on the roadway. – Responsibili-dog,
responsibili-dog, responsibili-dog. Is he dead? You just sit right here, nothing
bad’s gonna happen to you. – Oh shit, okay. (exhales) – Oh, man this is tight. – Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit. – Okay, I got this. Mother fucker. – Oh, come on. – Just pull the mirror in. (mumbles) – Oh, I just want a nap! – Fuck these boxes, I’m just
gonna go right through them. (laughs) well that didn’t work
out as well as I hoped. – When you start driving
and you’re sleep deprived, I’m concerned that you might actually fall asleep at the wheel. – It feels like my head weighs
20 more pounds right now. – Oh, my god. – I have to parallel
park, are you kidding me? I’m not hitting Zach, no way, no how. – [Keith] He’s got it, he’s got it. – That you may not step on the break when you should, or it’s
going to be too late, and you may run into
a car in front of you. – [Keith] Ohhh. – [The Try Guys, Together] No! (screaming) – [Zach] Watch out, watch out, watch out, watch out, watch out! (screaming)
(Keith laughing) – Where’s the dog? What if that were Bean? What if that were Wes? – Unfortunately we have
conducted investigations of traffic collisions where people have driven off the road into a
pole, and lost their lives. – I seriously do not remember
much from the sleepy drive. You know what, that’s, it’s fine. – Yeah, that fucked me up good. – 82, I’d say that’s a B minus. – The answer is, do not drive if you’re drowsy because it’s not safe. – Nailed it, bam, boosh. (upbeat music) – I felt more drunk than when I was drunk. – Driving drowsy was some of the most irresponsible driving
I’ve ever done (laughs.) – I was just a mess. This one hits really close to home for me because apposed to drunk, where
I know I’m doing something really bad, I force myself
to drive sleepy a lot. – My body wanted to sleep so much that my brain turned off. If you let your focus
drift for just a second, something horrible is going to happen. – What I did was totally legal, in fact, I could’ve driven
home after that shoot and I would’ve been like, “yeah,
I’m not breaking the law.” fuck. – And then, when the
dog went in front of me, I was furious. Fuck this dog! I didn’t want to do the video, I was like it’s hot, I’m
in this stupid onesie, I’m so warm, I’m so tired,
I haven’t had coffee, I’ve baked in the sun on a
slowly deflating mattress, it was just a miserable
experience (laughs.) – I only hope that other people out there who stay up late and wake
up early for work or school, really think twice
about the value of sleep before you get behind the wheel. – I am going to warn you
right now, don’t drive sleepy. – Don’t drive if you’re sleep deprived. – Next time on The Try Guys’ DUI series! – [Zach] Texting while driving,
something that we all do. – [Ned] How dangerous is it? – We gon’ find out. (upbeat music) – [Keith] Oh my god, this dog! – You think Keith is like, sleepy angry? – What’d I just say? – Sleepy angry Keith,
do not fuck with him. – Oh my god. – (yawn) oh your shirt is soft. – No, don’t, god, okay.

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100 thoughts on “The Try Guys Test Sleep-Deprived Driving

  1. You know why most sleep related accidents are from people 25 years or under simple answer:
    Their most likely still at school.

  2. So happy to see them include sleep deprivation in this series. I feel many people truly underestimate just how horribly dangerous it is because unlike driving intoxicated, it's legal (presumably because it would be nearly impossible to enforce). I've driven sleepy after work many times, I had night shifts at a UPS warehouse that would end around 2am-3am. I actually got pulled over once, presumably because the cop thought I was drunk- he said I was weaving a bit and such- but when I told him it was cus I was tired he was just like "ok good luck :)" and let me go without even a warning…seems insane to me now that I look back at it. When the doctor in the video said that driving sleep deprived can have the same effect as having 0.10 BAC I wasn't even surprised, I've driven intoxicated on alcohol (not proud and I don't do it anymore, I was definitely an even bigger moron in the past than I am right now) and it's a very similar feeling. I still drive sleepy at times but very rarely because I know how dangerous it is, I've slept at friends houses unplanned because I figured it was safer to just stay there and at least nap before trying to drive home.

  3. Damn.. I go like 1-4 days without sleep and then drive sometimes and I can't even use caffeine to wake me up cuz it doesn't have that effect on me. And yeah its hard to keep your eyes open and keep track of stuff and even figure out how to turn the car on and off and put it in drive sometimes. But dang Ned destroyed that dog….

  4. Damn you guys are fucking weird when you're sleep deprived. I have insomnia so I get tired but my body won't fall asleep. So a lot of the time I'm really drowsy and sleepy but I'm not like this.

    There was one time where I couldn't sleep at night at all and I had to go to school the next day. I remember the whole day being in slow motion and I passed out by 9 pm. I made myself stay awake until my bed time just to make sure I slept all night because I could very well just sleep for a few hours and wake up just fine!

    My brain is weird because I can be tired and sleepy all day but as soon as it turns night I will be full of energy! It's really really hard to force myself to go to sleep. I have to take melatonin (a sleeping pill) to try to help me sleep but I might need something stronger.

    Also it's 4 am when I'm writing this and I am wide awake. So that prove it. I know I need help but there's not much I know I can do

  5. man ned says it the best. "what if that was bean. What if that were wes!" thats the litteral gravity of the issue. im ashamed to say i drive half asleep every day, but ya know life is messy we gotta work. We gotta take care of the kids in the middle of the night. We've got to work late sometimes. its life its a fact.

  6. My brother's best friend crashed his car because he fell asleep while driving. He was so lucky to walk out of that unharmed

  7. I drove sleep deprived a lot in high school when I would babysit before school and I fell asleep at the wheel and crossed over the center line and woke up to the car driving head on at me honking and I swerved over into my lane.

  8. I've driven long distances while sleep deprived and literally not remembered anything about it. Who knows what happened or what could have happened. I actually think it's a lot worse than driving buzzed/tipsy.

  9. 10 and 12PM? cmon thats pretty light, and im 12 yrs old, 2 Am isnt too bad either but 4am is pretty hard for me, i go to sleep at 3 am probably latest

  10. You should have done this test at midnight, alone in a car and on a highway. Im pretty sure not all of you would have made it…

  11. The box walls were definitely too close together for this one. Both mirrors were hitting the sides at the same time. Doesn't make it any less safe, just pointing it out.

  12. My dad did this with me a lot. Almost crashed multiple times. I usually sat in the passenger seat, meaning I could see the cars coming at us when he swerved. I was about 11-12 when they mainly happened… Guess who now has ptsd!

  13. I see the point, but…. Consider ~insomnia~ mixed with work, school, or ~responsibility~ It sucks, but it's sometimes necessary….. And it sucks!!! It's 5:41am rn…. I'm tired….. And i gotta go to school…..

  14. Lol this is me at 4:30 am knowing I have to be up at 8 so I can mow the lawn, write on my book, and then be at work for 7 hours. And yes I drive………..fuck

  15. Most dads get as much sleep as possible when their wife takes their baby out of town for the weekend. Need stays up for 36 hours and then drives a car

  16. Why am I so much Like Eugene? I was born american but my parents are mexican but the rest is similar,I am also notorious for pulling all nighters(it is 3 Am right now) I live in Texas,My Haircut is Based on some insecurities,I used to have his hair but moved on to another insecurity haircut,I drink coffee alot,I have a Deer,Tiger,And Monkey Pajama,I just realised He came for Korea or his parents are korean and now he lives in the US Like my parents moved from Mexico to The US,I basically kind of have the same skin color as him,My friends call me a crazy Mofo,Mainly Because I climbed a ladder went on the roof and jumped off while screaming "IM A NOCTURNAL FLYING CREATURE CAW CAW" (I said this kind of fast) My friends also call me crazy because I like killing people?(Not in real life)Video games and Vr Games where you can kill or knock people out is just so satisfying,and I dont know why. Although they do call me crazy,They say Im the really nice in real life,Well thats all that I am aware of.

  17. I think the one improvement, as I clearly assume days were taken off in between if not longer, but it would be that you changed the course up. Depending on the familiarity of the route does actually play an external factor I am not sure considered aka make each challenge of the 4 impairments with different routes maybe.

  18. I once pulled an all nighter on a trip to Germany and we pulled an all nighter, I was like Ned with the chick in the middle of the night all morning, I felt great. Then we had a 17 hours drive and ferry journey back to our school. I fell asleep on the coach and was legit bouncing around like I was possessed. I don’t recommend all nighters😂 people don’t react well😂

  19. 36 hours your week I dont sleep more than like 8 hours total on weekdays because fuck school it's currently 230 am

  20. Lol. A nurse here. I can now conlcude that I can pull an all nighter less weird than the try guys😂😂😂😂

  21. I've been in two accidents with my mom cause she fell asleep. I have so much anxiety any time I ride with her now, just because she's put me in numerous accidents from other things

  22. Rewatching this and realizing they should have replaced the second dog with a toy baby for Ned to make it extra gut-wrenching for him 🙂

  23. Eugene: "… value sleeping"
    me: "try telling my school to not be so early and not have so much flipping homework"
    8th grade was hell glad to be graduated but not glad for high school

  24. Try not sleeping for 48-72hours…….hehehe. Basic Training….$/0;&20 femooNdosla.

    I also remember a few times I had been sleep deprived I would fall asleep on the road for like a few seconds and immediately wake up. Once, while only five to ten minutes from my house, I pulled over and took a nap. My mom saw me when she was on her way to the store. 😂

  25. I get that it's dangerous, but you can't just "not drive" when you're sleepy. The doctor kind of pissed me off lol. People have to go to work in the morning sometimes whether they want to or not, and in suburban areas public transportation is just non-existent. Not everyone has someone to carpool with, even then your driver can be sleep deprived.

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