The Try Guys Test High Driving
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The Try Guys Test High Driving

(upbeat jazzy music) – Over the course of this series, we are going to drive under
the influence four times. – We’re gettin’ drunk,
we’re getting stoned, we’re gettin’ sleepy, and
we’re gonna be textin’. – In this video, we’re gonna drive while high. – Oh, no. – We’ve set up a closed course
that is a traffic simulation. -Yesterday, we drove the course sober as a control for our experiment. – I’m actually really curious to see if we can push
this to the limit today, and find out, what is the threshold for stoned driving? – I’m worried about how
I’m going to act today. I’m more worried about
how Ned is going to act. – I don’t do like drug stuff. Really not at all. (Try Guys talking belligerently) (car engine starts) (liquid bubbling)
(engine racing) (whistle) (guitar music) – Driving high. We’re in this place where, in California, and a lot of states, you can buy marijuana legally.
– [All] Yeah. – You just walk in and buy it? – It’s a legal thing now. Because it’s a new legalized thing, we don’t know how it effects
you when you’re driving. – The few times that I’ve done it, I’ve had a wide variety of reactions. Ow! Ow! Ow! Fuck! – Don’t drop the fire in your hand. – I’ve probably smoked like
five times total in my life. And four of those times were with Keith. – I-I-I’ve smoked some weed before. It’s legal. I’m an adult. – I like smoking weed. I think it’s nice. It’s relaxing. There are different types of getting high. – I don’t actually partake
in marijuana very often. (coughing) It’s just not something I do. Maybe because I’m drinking so much. – And, why is it okay to get on camera and say, yeah, I can
drink a 12 pack of beer, but if you get on camera and say that you’ll smoke a joint, suddenly, you’re a villain. It’s been proven that it’s safer. – So, we’re just learning now, more about driving while high on marijuana because there hasn’t been a
lot of really good research. – Okay, I’m gonna put it in park. Let’s assess the situation. – So, In the state of California, it’s legal to use recreational marijuana. However, it’s not legal to
drive after consuming cannabis, because the obvious dangers of possibly being involved
in a traffic collision. – Oh!
– Wow. – Oh my god, is it okay?
– No. – Did I kill it? – I just don’t do it. I don’t like doing it. I shouldn’t do it, clearly. But, today, we’re gonna do it, man. (mid tempo music) – [Zach Modulated Voiceover]
You guys watch Riverdale? – [Eugene Modulated Voiceover] You know, I saw the first episode in an airplane, and I landed right as the two
characters were in the closet. I’m like, what the hell, man. – You gotta get it inside of yourself. – [Try Guys Repeat] You gotta
get it inside of yourself. – You gotta take a deep
look inside of yourself. – How do we know when we’re high? – I’m already a little high. – Really?
– Yeah. – Do you guys have ants at your house? – Pretty, pretty princess. – [Try Guys Repeat]
Pretty, pretty princess. – Keith, you ever thought about how this is just your car that we’re gonna– (giggles) – Yeah, have I ever thought about it? Yeah, I’ve thought about it. – It’s clearly a cat
on top of a second cat. Look there’s the two tails. – Oh, okay. – [Zach] Are they facing out?
– [Eugene] No. – [Zach] Are they tummy-to-tummy? – Alright. Well, we’re high now. (giggles) – Snack time? – We have these cannabinoid
receptors in our brain. Throughout our brain. Throughout our central nervous system, where marijuana activates, but we still don’t really understand exactly how that happens
and how it impairs judgment. – Where does all this
orange stuff come from? – I have the worst cotton-mouth
I think I’ve ever had. – The old saying, if you
have cotton in your mouth, (laughing) Jesus is trying to give you kisses. – What? (laughing) – What? What are you talking about? – [Eugene] It’s a saying from the south. – I would let Jesus kiss me. – Doritos. Doritos. Doritos. Doritos. – [All Try Guys] Doritos. (laughing) – I think the Try Guys are
going to be interesting. We’re gonna be able to see
the differences between driving on marijuana
versus driving on alcohol. In general, I think it’s
unsafe to do either. I really wish them good luck. – Police car. (siren wails) – If you get pulled over, stoned, how do they prove it? – There’s no weed breathalyzer. There’s no way to know. – We do have drug recognition experts. There are many indicators that we look at to determine what types of drugs they may be under the influence of. – [Officer Jenny] Good morning, sir. – Police. – Good afternoon, sir. – Good afternoon, Officer Jenny. (laughing) – Don’t make up things. Don’t start with lies. – How are you doing today? – Feeling good. How are you? – How good you feelin’? – How are you? – When you stop them, we look to see how their
reacting to our questions. – Do you have any substances
in your system today? – How should I answer that? – She seems nice. – You answer. – I haven’t thought about that. Yes, ma’am. – No, no ma’am. – No. None? – No. Yes. (giggling)
– Yeah. Alright, well, let’s see
how you’re doing then. – You were up there with us. You saw us smoking a lot of weed, Rachel. – Sure did. – We look at their face. We look at their eyes. We look in the manner of
which they’re speaking. As such as marijuana, they
may be somewhat reserved. Their eyes may be red. Slow to react. A person is gonna walk the line, heel-to-toe, heel-to-toe, while maintaining their
hands close to their body. – And a four, five. – I feel like I’m in the Greatest Showman. – [Ned] Five, six. – [Eugene] Seven.
– [Ned] Wow. – Eight, nine. Bossy. Yeah. – Sassy. Alright. – Also, there is a finger-to-nose. Everybody knows where their nose is. They shouldn’t have a
problem touching their nose. – [Female Officer] Right.
– Boom. – [Female Officer] Left. Left. Right. (laughing) – But at the end, the common factor is that we’re gonna make
a decision if the person is gonna be deemed to be under the influence of drugs or not. – Alright, thank you very much. Thank you so much. I’m getting in the car. – Yay. We have set up 538 cones in
a complicated, closed course that is a traffic simulation, designed to challenge the driver. No, oh no. – I’m trying to phrase it as like, me and my buddies, we wanted
to get some Taco Bell. This is just how we get to Taco Bell. There’s potholes, there’s intersections, there’s school zones. Oh no, dead end. How are we gonna get out of it? It’s perfect. Then, we have to parallel
park when we get back home. It’s just a trip to Taco Bell. – Driving while stoned. Yes, I have done that. – I’ve been a little high
and I’ve driven a few blocks. It’s fine, I feel like it’s fine. – We do know that
driving on any substance, including marijuana, is
dangerous, and is not recommended. – Yeah, we’re good. Okay, here we go, alright guys. – I just smoked a lot of
weed and now I’m gonna drive. This is not safe. Oh, you guys got snacks. – Yeah. (chips crunching) – I can do this. I feel like I can do this. – Click it, click it, click it, click it. – [Try Guys] We’re clicked. – Let’s go. – Alright. Oh, I went two, one too many. – You got this, Zach. – How do you feel, Keith? – I feel a little stoned. Whoa, what’s going on with this road? Why is it all stupid? – Wow, oh wow. Oh wow. – You’re doing great. You’re doing great. – What fucking Doctor Seuss shit is this? – [Eugene] Oh no. – [Keith] You’re crushing it, bro. – Some people actually,
who are high on marijuana, go to the opposite extreme. – [Ned] Easy. Too fast. Too fast. Oh, my god. – [Keith] You gotta keep driving, Ned. You can’t stop in the road. – So bad. – When they smoke and
they get behind the wheel, they want to be extra careful. They’ll go extra slowly, or they’ll give themselves room behind the car in front of them. – That is common, to
see people drive slow, because they’re trying
to be over cautious. They know they’ve been
consuming marijuana. – It also, can impair coordination. (sounds of dismay) – No. No. No. No. No. The few times I’ve smoked weed, I’ve turned into a crazy person. – [Eugene] What are we driving over? – I think. I think it was a cone. (car honks)
(squealing) – So, I have less
experience with smoking pot. Lord only knows what’s gonna happen today. This is my Keith impression. So, Keith touches every car. (singing) The American gymnasts are always so sweet. Like, figure skaters do. They always paint Russian figure skaters as if they’re really cold,
but I think eight years ago. – What are you talking about? – I’m telling you who I am. I said, who are you? And, I was like, Aliya Mustafina, the crown jewel of Russian gymnastics. One time when I got
high, I stripped naked, I stole my friends dog, I climbed up a tree, and proclaimed myself the wolf king. That was one time. – California weed, it fucks ya up. – Pass a little nana to your friends. – Man, you gotta go. – [Zach] It’s bite, bite, pass. What am I like when I’m high? – [Try Guys] Oh!
– What? – We got something. Didn’t you hear that thump? We thumped something. – What are you taking about? I’m giggly. (giggling) I certainly get paranoid when I’m high. – [Keith] What’s happening with you? – [Zach] I think I was
about to hit something. – For some people, marijuana
can definitely affect their perception of time. (laughing) (chattering) Sometimes for some
people, high on marijuana, time can slow down. Again, if you’re driving and you’re not really sure the time, that can affect your coordination. Your ability to judge how far something is from something else and,
again, can be quite dangerous. – Jesus! – [Keith] Oh my god. Whoa, who’s that? – It’s Miles Bonsignore. (laughing) – Go, Ned, you gotta go! – Okay, okay. (singing) I feel like we were going too fast. – Oh, what the fart? – Three way hazard. (muffled chattering) – Oh my goodness, time to back that up. (laughing) – [Ned] Back it up. – Can you read? Can you actually read, Zach? – Yeah, I can read. – Prove to the audience
that you know how to read. – What’s it say?
– What’s it say? Closed. Don’t come this way. – That’s not what is says. What does it actually say? Stop being funny. (laughing) – You told him! You told him, Keith.
(laughing) – Well, if someone is high on marijuana, they may not be able to
calculate depth perception. – I don’t have a backup camera. – Can you see out the back window? – It was high anxiety while driving. I was very concerned about everything. A little over concerned
probably, at times. – [Ned] Oh, please be careful, Keith. – Also, tough visibility with
three big heads in the back. – [Try Guys] Oh. (laughing) – Have I not been talking
about how people look sexy when they’re backing up? Look at this.
– [Keith] You look pretty hot. How do I look.
– [Ned] Pretty hot. – [Keith] Oh, you look good. You’re doing such a good job. (mumbling) – Marijuana, depending on
the patients experience with marijuana can also impair judgment. (car horn honking) – [Try Guys] Whoa! Whoa!
Oh. – Okay, hold on. We’re gonna go back to where we started. – [Try Guys] Zach. Zach.
Oh my god. (laughing) – [Keith] You can’t do that. – You looked at me and told me, oh shit, I’m getting too close. – Once I started to realize I was starting to knock over cones, I got so freaked out that, what if I was actually on a road? I would be so screwed. – You got this man. – Guys, I’m freaking out. – [Zach] Yeah, that’s clear. – I made so many mistakes. This is horrible. – Some indicators that
tell us that the person is not driving safely: Speeding or such as, running red lights. – I feel great. I feel great. I feel fantastic. I’m trying to take you somewhere fun. – What?
– So don’t critique. (laughing) – What does that mean? (laughing and whooping) – [Eugene] I’m taking you to the river. – This is that part of
San Francisco, right? – [Eugene] Lombard Street. – Lombard James. – We do know that it
decreases our inhibitions. We’re more likely, again,
to make some decisions we may not make, when we’re sober. – I’m gonna try it. – Speeding or weaving
tell us that the person is not driving safely
or under the influence of some type of substance. (screaming) (car horn honks)
– We got this. We got this. (car horn honking) – [Ned] Maybe you can get it. – [Keith] No, I don’t think so. Maybe you can get it. – I could have done it. – No, you couldn’t have.
– {Eugene] No. – Driving high is extremely dangerous because they contribute
to traffic collisions where people are injured
or lose their lives. – Now, I’ve been through
this part of town before. (laughing) It always sucks. There’s just so many people parked on it. – Especially in figure skating. I feel like it’s always the young American girl getting gold. I feel like other countries
have worked really hard too. (laughing)
Why is no one– – You’re gonna be impossible to edit. You’re so high.
– [Try Guys] Oh no. – Zach, you just hit the parking garage. – You told me to read. (screaming) (collision clamor) – [Eugene] Hit the giant briefcase. Not my briefcase! (intense music) Yeah, Keith. – [Keith] Wow. – It also can slow reflexes down. (dramatic music) – [Keith] Whoa! Oh!
– [Zach] Oh! (dog barking) I almost hit that skateboard and dog. (laughing) – [Zach] Oh, boy. – Watch out it’s that stupid fucking dog. (screaming) (laughing) – I think that there’s
other deserving athletes. (screaming) – [Keith] Is it okay? – Did I… Did I kill it?
– [Keith] Oh, no. (yelling) – Are you serious? Why is the crew– – No. – No!
– No. – No.
– No! – Oh no, he’s okay. – [Ned] Oh god, no!
– He’s okay. He’s okay. – What is he doing on that skateboard? – He had so much more to give. – Did I kill it? Could someone tell me
how hard I hit the dog? Take my dog. – Why was he skateboarding
so late at night? He should know better. – [Eugene] I don’t care anymore. I hit a dog. – [Keith] Eugene, no. – I hit a dog. – [Keith] Just pull forward. – No, I hit a dog. I hit a dog. (car honks) I’m sad. – [Keith] Oh no. – Was it a tap, or did I break it’s neck? – For most of that, I
thought I did it right. – [Keith] You are crushing this. – [Eugene] Oh, perfect. – I guess the thing that I forgot, is you just make stupid mistakes. – [Keith] Don’t go too far back. – [Eugene] Don’t go.
Stop, stop, you’re good. You’re good
Yeah. – I can’t see! I’m driving blind. (car honks) That’s good enough. Let’s get inside, guys.
(clapping) (dramatic music) – Oh man. Wow, I got pretty high. – Try Guys have never been the High Guys, but that was a first. – I though that I would be perfect. I knocked over a wall. (laughing) If that were my garage wall, I’d be looking at thousands
of dollars of damage. – My mental state was highly anxious. Then, when I had to do the reverse, I was just so confused. I screwed it all up.
I screwed it all up. You temporarily forget
which way your wheel is supposed to go when
you’re driving in reverse. I think everybody kind of
experiences that at some time, when they’re first driving. Like, wait do I– It was like I was
experiencing that over again. – Certainly didn’t have
confidence to drive while high. I thought it was a bad idea. I knew it was a bad idea. I knew I didn’t want to be outside. – We do think that marijuana can be a little bit safer than alcohol. There have been fewer crashes reported with someone high on marijuana, than with alcohol. – I personally think that
drunk driving is worse than stoned driving. It doesn’t mean that
stoned driving is good. – The four of us were very
different types of high. I was really fixated on things. I think I was talking about Russia a lot. – I don’t want the message to be, Keith was high and was able to do it, because Ned was high, and he wasn’t. You don’t know how it will affect you. It’s best to just err
on the side of caution. – Your perception of how you drive, under these influences is not the reality. It just isn’t. – We’re still at the infancy
of understanding how much marijuana has to be in
you blood to be determined to be impaired while driving. It gets very confusing, because if someone is a
chronic marijuana user, those levels may be very high, but they may not actually be impaired. They may be as sober as the next person. We still need to find better tools to determine if someone is impaired while using marijuana while driving. – After this experience,
I would never drive high. All of my reaction times were way slower, and my obsessive mind was focusing on everything besides the road. – We got two more videos. Come back next week and
we are going to drive while wildly sleep deprived. Then, we’re going to drive while texting. (upbeat music) (laughing) – Sorry, we made our banana peels kiss. (laughing)

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100 thoughts on “The Try Guys Test High Driving

  1. I'm almost 16 but I know I'm not fit to get my license. I know I'm too anxious and paranoid to drive. And if I somehow got pulled over and had to do the drunk test I would probably fail because I have terrible balance!

    See there's anxiety about driving. I can't do it!!

  2. Take four already uncoordinated guys, get them high, put em in a car and call it data🙄
    I’m a great drunk driver, but people like this is why it’s illegal to do it…the minority that can’t will always ruin it for everyone else

  3. How many marijuana causes deaths per year:0
    How many alchohol related deaths per year 88,000

    And yet marijuana is villanized while people act like alchohol is some great thing???

  4. I would love to sesh with Zach and Keith. I feel like talking to them about life while stoned could change my life.

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  8. Aren't most people really hungry when they're high too? I heard about that somewhere and the Try Guys seem to be eating a lot of snacks too.

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  11. I love the quote about it being safer and it's not a bad thing, helps so much with everything from stress to depression, thanks guys. 💕🔥✌️
    Forever a stoner. ❤️

  12. Some people I know actually drive BETTER when high and crash a lot when sober🤷‍♀️ I guess it can be different for everyone's mental and physical.

  13. I wonder if during a pre-production meeting it was decided that everyone must make mistakes even if they wouldn't normally to exaggerate the danger of driving while high. Also, the obstacle course in no way mimics real world driving conditions of mostly wide straight roads without technical turns.

  14. 2:14 “after alcohol, marijuana is the second most frequently detected drug in crash Dash involved drivers”…
    You might want to take a look at the efficiency of police drug testing kits. I recently found a group that did various experiments on drug testing kits and found that a marijuana testing kit that is provided to many police departments in The United States had a marijuana drug screening kit that tested positive 70% of the time when you are not testing marijuana.

    Here’s the info: Unfortunately, though the NARK II field drug tests are considered inexpensive (around $15-20 per box of ten), they have demonstrated a high level of false positives which have led to several wrongful arrests. The NARK II drug tests have mistaken motor oil for heroin, vitamin powder for amphetamines, sage for marijuana, breath mints for crack, and jolly ranchers as meth. Researchers interested in the extent to which false positives were the outcome of the field tests alleged that of 42 non-marijuana substances tested by the test, 70 percent tested positive for marijuana.

    So many factors involved in actually having an honest recording of a high driving experiment.

    That’s why these guys rule👍

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